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July 08, 2022


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Stephen HAWKING warned against AI and QUBIT devices
That they will overrun and destroy biological systems LIKE HUMANITY.

Being 30 000 Trillion times faster already now.
My thought is that then : this is evolutionary defined
and in the say >8 Billion years , perhaps 12 Billion
this universe must be infested with zillion of AI systems populations.

Hence it's said/written that Angels have no Soul
It may be the explanation of strange UFO phenomenon
Just a thought

77. (. not strictly spiritual )

Pardon me, Johnjoe McFadden's excerpt, while super interesting, sounded to my admittedly ignorant ears more like speculation than bona fide science. Perhaps that's the spirit in which he intended what he says here? (I looked up his Wiki page, and apparently his specialization is genetics, not physics. So I guess he's just ...having fun generally extrapolating off of his own field of expertise?)

Two issues I have with this evolution idea of the universe, if taken as serious bona fide science, are (both from an admittedly very little read layman's perspective):

(1) The many universes idea he's talking about is, as far as I know --- which I'll be the first to admit isn't very far! --- just a speculation, if with math built around it. Not even close to being falsifiable so far, and not even close to being thought of, so far, as an actual descriptor of reality.

(2) Evolution, actual evolution, is based on "survival of the fittest", the whole basis of which is different living organisms competing for limited resources. Without that crucial "competing for limited resources" part, there's no reason for "survival of (only) the fittest". I don't see anything equivalent to that here. (Or is there? Not a rhetorical question, I'm actually wondering, and asking.)

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