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May 08, 2022


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Try reading the first Sherlock Holmes mystery, "A Study In Scarlet" to get a blistering criticism of Mormonism, depicted as a cult of mysogonysts willing to enslave and murder women, led by the vile and gruesome Joseph Smith. Published in Beaton's Christmas annual!

And yet, and yet,... Mormons I've known (not the polygamists) have been the most generous of spirit, and most stable and earnest.

Sometimes the message of devotion to a higher good, and a better reality, resonates with an unencumbered purity in the hearts of others without any infection from the failures and faults of the messenger or their organization.

Such belief has led those of pure heart to hold their colleagues accountable.

Justice is a responsibility for all of us, even when it comes to acknowledging when we ourselves have been short of the mark.

Faith gives many the strength to do so, and to rise above.

RSSB is definitely a cult for the blind with many cultish behaviours. The so called chosen RSSB agents and influences (brainwashed crowd pullers) think that they are superior and special and believe they have a ticket to RSSB heaven. Hypocritically they preach be humble to the lower cast others of the cult, who live in fear of the judgment of the circus clown Gurinder singh dhillon. Little do they know that they infact have a 1 way ticket to hell to see their master, kaal , jot niranjan , Lucifer or satan. Gurinder has been hiding his true nature of kaals puppet but just look at his actions and u can work out his true intentions of disception , lies and secret life of a Jakle and hide bent baba of beas.

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