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April 16, 2022


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You know that one person's reality is another's propaganda

But the fact is that there has never been peace on this planet its been ravaged by wars and human abuse and atrocities over others ever since God said to Abraham 'kill me a son' and very long before that.

Throughout nature there has never been peace, its kill or be killed and eat or be eaten, is the law of the jungle, and humanity isn't further from meting out injury and suffering on our own species any different from animals, in many cases far worse.

We're callous cold hearted vengeful creatures who inflict injury and injustice for the sake of our supposed security to guard our survival.

The dinosaurs ate one another as do every specie on the planet inflict death and suffering on another. If our precious self preservation is at stake, or we feel threatened by insecurity, or have the need to project dominance and power over those we deem to be of lesser importance and value to our own person or tribe or nations needs.

I believe there is a higher purpose getting people out of trouble if only they could see the bigger picture. For instance, how did I manage to escape from the clutches of the satan, Gurinder Singh Dhillon and RSSB cult after being trapped in this false reality and path for decades. I was absolutly brainwashed into it as like many, I thought I had found the living jesus christ. But I was wrong, something inside did sit right about GSD and RSSB illusion. I was tipped off by someone in the know , and could have ignored it but my instinct to find the truth pushed me to do my own independent research and very quickly find the truth of this self serving greedy and dirty old man, gurinder and how he abused his position for personal gain. So my point is how many times have other brainwashed sangat been in a similar position and have had messages about the false reality of RSSB, and chose to take a blind eye to the elephant in the room. But there is no doubt GSDs time is running out - the shite has hit the fan as all the information is out on the internet. Gurinder and his agents can't keep hiding it and deleting it, distorting and manipulating it. Karma for them will be served.

I think the traditional Eastern Philosophy approach to karma is sort of a cop out. It’s a way of not taking responsibility and playing the victim.

Sure, I believe in cause and effect, but that’s not the same as karmic retribution.

When people feel helpless or victimized they often blame it on their karma instead of doing the right thing—changing their perspective.

We have to change the way we think. Sadly, very few people on this planet understand the tremendous power of thought. The mind never sleeps. Thought is the greatest power in the physical world. It can heal or destroy. And it’s our critical that we as human beings to take responsibility for our thoughts.

Projection makes perception. Our view of the world, especially those closest to us, says more about how we feel about ourselves than it says about the other person.

Some Mystics say that thoughts don’t create karma. The truth is Thoughts are the building blocks of your reality. Thoughts created the material world. Thoughts are quantum.

If you “see” a person’s “karma”, you fail to see the spirit. You fail to see them as God sees them.

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