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April 28, 2022


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Nothing that is written in any book is a TRUTH in or of itself.

The contents of any book is no more than a collection of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions or views of the person who wrote it, or contributed to a collective effort.
Books may contain informational data that was factually correct and supported by credible (not anecdotal) sources when it was written.
However, because of the nature of causality none of that data can be a TRUTH in or of itself. If we remain attached to the content, as being TRUTH, the mind closes to the on-going learning experience that causality offers to the human experience.

Don’t be an ass. If you carry fixed beliefs on your back or in your head you are in danger of becoming an ass-hole. I’m Human, and capable of making mistakes.


Alrighty then…

It’s true, one shouldn’t close their mind to learning. I feel like most people shut down more and more to the wonderful realm of possibilities as they age. Whatever belief system they have seems to become more fixed and rigid in old age. I’m not sure why. The brain shrinks as we age… it’s a strange thing. Maybe for some it just feels safer to stick with what they know—what their familiar with. But it makes life somewhat boring.

But whatever. To each his own I guess.

Lost is the magic and wonder of youth…

What happens to our brains as we age:

There’s no reason to feel guilty about getting angry but it’s good to find ways to manage anger.

The Angry Brain


Anger happens. Emotions happen. they are a part of our experience. But indulging in anger, thinking that anger should be perpetuated, or that expressions of anger to anyone else are helpful, is a slippery slope, and usually it's just making excuses for our own lack of understanding. And the result is often a worse situation.

Nothing would ever make us angry if we had no needs or expectations. But we do have these. We do need a space in which to live and often must set boundaries. So if someone violates our boundaries, we can get angry. If our expectations aren't met, the tire is flat on the day we need to get to an important meeting, we can get angry.

Anger is nothing more than energy, just like lust, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy, fear.

Emotions are just energy.

But they are overflow and often have no constructive place to go.

it is incumbant upon each of us to

1. Recognize and accept this energy within you.
2. Transform it into deeper insight (which requires energy and focus to obtain) ...and..or
3. Right Action (which could be dealing directly with the cause of the anger, or simply with the anger itself, if there is no functional step for us to take....even accepting is an action, and it also requires energy.

None of that is suppression or denial. Everything starts with acceptance and introspection, then a broader view, from a place outside ourselves, our personality.

So, Anger is fine. It's energy. We shouldn't push against it, we should channel it upward.

Should is a lovely word also, but again, how to do this?

Hence the necessity of practice, meditation practice. And of those the one I prefer is internal worship of my Guru.

Water puts out fire. Divine water is a sheer joy. And bathing in that, I feel vindicated in the effort to go from anger to here.

@ Sonya and Spence,

Well said ...................

Hi Brian,
I'm glad that I came across your blog,your work is really amazing. I practice Yoga, meditate and work on my spirituality. I have following spiritual blogs like https://www.mindbodygreen.com/ https://angelnumber.me/ https://tinybuddha.com/. I've been working on my spirituality and mental specially are the pandemic. I'm really glad to find your blog.

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