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March 28, 2022


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@ Brian : [ So the audience should have sat in their chairs and given Smith some polite applause. What's galling to me is that no award winner or presenter spoke up about the horrendous damage Putin is doing to Ukraine, shelling residential areas, killing women and children, destroying entire cities. ]

Agreed. Much more tepid, even perfunctory, applause would have
seemed appropriate. The only counterpoint I see is that the Ukraine
war has created a numbness... a reaction to the non-stop terror and
suffering depicted in the news. It results in the embrace of a feel-
good movie about a protective father because it shuts out, however
briefly, the pain of what's occurred - both inside and outside the
Oscar auditorium.

Yeah, that was kinda nuts.

I mean, wow. 😳 A sense of humor requires a certain amount of humility.

As technology moves to streaming, and people prefer to get more familiar with their favorite characters through several hours of a series vs individual one shot movies, we will see the decline and death of "motion pictures" continue. Oscar viewers are in decline.

Movies are big ticket items that add substantial profit and make people famous overnight. "Television" actors must work for their fame and fortune: 12 hour days, 6-7 days per week for months on end to produce a season. Kate Mulligrew, "Captain Janeway" From Star Trek Voyager lamented the loss of time with her two young children, and their resentment towards her now as adults, because of the seven years of her life she gave to Voyager. Her fame was earned, and her fortune much less spectacular than "Movie Stars".

It's a better system that produces better actors.

Still in any system it is not uncommon, particularly in acting, to see narcissism.

Will Smith has never in the past engaged in violence of any kind in public. There is no record of it, no evidence of it.

This was a one-off incident. Not because his wife's head was shaved. Not even because she was suffering a condition that makes this necessary. And not even because of Chris Rock's joke, which Smith found only mildly insulting.

It was the laughter of the audience at his wife's expense that triggered a violent reaction, and his shame at letting that happen to her, to be mocked and then laughed at by all her friends and peers in the hollywood community. They weren't laughing with her. They were laughing at her. She did nothing to be publicly humiliated in this way.

As for Chris Rock, he had no idea, he even claimed this was just a light joke, with a smile. He was oblivious of the harm his joke caused, not by the joke itself, but by humiliation from the audiences' laughter at Jada.

Rock responded very professionally. He responded heroically to his own misdeed, and Smith's. And last night, when he was here in Boston performing, the audience also gave Chris a prolonged and standing ovation that seemed to go on for ever, until he began to cry. Ticket prices climbed from $300 for the top seats to $1,400 overnight.

There is no real harm here at all.

These feelings can be mended. No one should behave violently. No one. Ever. But it happens. The point is to learn, acknowledge the harm we have done, make amends as best we can, forgive, forget and move on.

That challenge is on each of us as human beings.

Why waste so much time over a slap at a award function? Surely, many other better things to ponder about in life!

Jada could could wear wigs if she wanted too—trending. But she’s always had super short hair. It’s all vanity when you think about it. What a silly thing to get upset about. And a total delayed anger reaction. That’s what kinda made it seem fake. I mean Will Smith was laughing at first and then his wife gives him a look and he goes and slaps a guy in public, on stage, on TV — knows it’s going to viral…

I was really impressed with Chris Rock’s reaction though. He was very cool. Definitely makes Chris look like the good guy.

As it turns out, Chris Rock is contemptible in his own right...

Will Smith thinks God called on him to slap Chris Rock

A crazy night of fun n fiasco ending in a melodramatic drama

Making sense of what happened is a lost cause as God is blamed again n again in God's name

Take Gurinder Singh Dhillion he has abused God's name hundreds of times in the same manner just not a physical slap of sorts but nothing less of in the way he creates a self profiteering religious cult and gets abusing the Millions of innocent individuals to make them worship him as a self proclaimed greedy God.

In God's name many a things happen but you should always hold accountable the person in God's name who carries out these hideous acts as Gurinder Singh Dhillion does fully aware and is accountable for his selfish actions in misleading the world just so you could be something that you were never capable off, remembering the waitor days in Spain thats who you will always be.

Don't even try to apologise like Will Smith

You are going to pay and karmas a coming soon...no Oscar for you either on your act of a fake n fraudulent baba

Wtf has God got to do with it?

God didn’t bitch slap Chris Rock, it was fresh prince wee willy wonker smith who done it.

Like most of these stars with pots of money that are hero worshipped in the US, Smith has lost touch with reality - the dude has become a huge fkup who takes his grand old great self way too seriously.

@ Posted by: Getting Jiggy Wid It | April 07, 2022 at 04:06 PM

Why do you have to be like this?

Being rich and famous and beautiful isn’t as easy as it looks.

LOL (I’m not even trying to make a real point—the whole thing is absurd)

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