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March 11, 2022


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@ Brian [ Each of us is capable of so much more strength and courage than we normally are aware of. It shouldn't take an invasion to remind us of this, but with Ukraine, that shock has opened my eyes to a latent power within me ]

Thanks for a beautiful reminder, Brian.

I have every sympathy with Ukraine and feel genuinely sad, angry and even almost disbelief that people can behave this way toward one another with such atrocities. They murder thousands of people, destroy homes, towns and cities and generally end the relatively peaceful lives of millions. One of the most exasperating things during such times is the amount of dis-information that (usually) the violators put out. They disseminate so much propaganda that many of their own people are convinced of their lies and distortions throwing lives into vacuums of fear and doubt.

Putin and his regime do not appear clever (or genius) to me, they just seem to be people who fear the West and its ways and believe that having Ukraine as part of the ‘greater Russia’ (along with Crimea) will act like a ‘buffer’ to the ‘nasty’ Western powers.

Sadly though, human beings seem to have a huge proclivity toward war and violence. Whether that is perpetuated by psychopathic, power-hungry leaders, ideologies of politics or beliefs, I couldn’t say – maybe in the future it will be land, resources and food?

Perhaps it is a wrong parallel to draw but I was relatively disturbed by the Jan 6th riots in Washington. Also, during the 'Covid' pandemic, people in many western countries (who for some reason?) ripped peoples face marks off, demonstrated with health workers and ran smear campaigns to discredit health measures, scientists and even vaccines. If ordinary usual folks’ resort to such acts toward one another – well, is there a future for the human race?

My views on Ukraine:

(I'm travelling, and on my phone. Don't normally post over phone, but since you ask, here goes. Complex , layered issue; my views are correspondingly layered, mixed; and posting from phone's cumbersome; hence I'll reasort to using not-very-pretty staccato bullets.)

1. One feels terrible for the people there. That, first and foremost.

2. How they're fighting back, against all odds, and with little regard for personal survival, is super inspiring.

3. Sobering thought: Chances are it'll be in vain. One hopes not, but them's the odds, since no one else will commit to fighting.

4. This isn't Russia vs Ukraine. It's crazy dick-tator vs Ukraine. Take out the dick, and all's well. But that's fantasy territory.

5. Yep. Hitleresque, absolutely. (Pardon the Godwin, but the reference was unavoidable.)

That said:

6. The US is in no position to pretend to high moral ground. Because Cuba. And because, for instance, Iraq.

7. The focusing of world opinion there is warranted, because of the chance of WW3. But -- and not to take away from the horror they're living through, but still -- the especial focus on the horror is somewhat ironic, given lots others have faced as much, and some of those at the hands of the US. That this is Europe and Europeans, is likely part of why. (In general, with everybody, I mean, and not you personally!!! And repeat: This is not to take away one jot from the horror. The imagination does boggle at how they're living through this. All sympathy, absolutely.)

8. As far as Hitler, let's not forget, why he's so abhorred, is (a) WW2; (b) The extreme overt excess cruelty; and most importantly, (c) He lost !!! Otherwise history is replete with scumbags not unlike Hitler that got away, and indeed are celebrated. The fat slob that led the Brits to glorious victory comes to mind: that asshole is as much a scumbag as Hitler, except he won.


In short, complex issue. Not quite B&W.

On the other hand, if you look to the proximate cause alone, and ignore the layers, then sure it's B&W.

And above all, and one more time, one's sympathies and prayers are with the brave Ukrainians. May they prevail, and soon! (One wishes. But the chance of that looks slim, unfortunately. Unless someone takes out Hitler.)

So long as we refuse to offer to withdraw NATO missile sites the from Ukrainian / Russian boarder, (that we have installed over the last five years) , on condition of Ukraine 's independence, we are complicit in escalating the arms raise and the death count.

We are raising the profits of the military industrial market at the cost of both Ukrainian and Russian human beings.

Shame on us for taking sides when we brought in the kindling and the gasoline to fuel the fire.

Should Putin refuse these terms, then we can say this prolonged conflict has moral ground.

But until we make the offer, as the Gorilla in the room, we have no moral ground.

So how do I feel? Horrified by crazy Putin, and ashamed of the United States' actions and inaction that purposely threatens a crazy dictator into desperate action.

I agree fully with the solution you suggest, Spence. Absolutely, that might be the one way out for those unfortunate souls there. If only the world leaders had the sense to think of and to actually implement what you're suggesting. It's a solution that's simply brilliant in its directness and its simplicity.


However, there's nothing "shameful", not even remotely, in "purposely threatening the crazy dictator", as you word it. Ukraine is a sovereign country, and should they want to join the EU and/or the NATO, then there's no (moral, ethical, or legal) reason why "we" shouldn't oblige them. Putin's totally in the wrong here, without a shadow of a doubt. Sure, I agree the US and the NATO should still back off, but that's no more than a pragmatic bending-over-backwards solution; not as redress for a shameful wrong, as you label it. The shame is Putin's, and his alone.

Yes, there's enough cause for the US to feel shame. The biggest reason would be Iraq, et al --- all of which was no different, at all, than what's happening in Ukraine. Another reason would be Cuba. A third reason would be the double standards, Cuba vis-a-vis Ukraine. A fourth would be the arms industry that, and as you say, goes around profiting from death and destruction around the world.

There's cause enough for shame, for the US I mean, but driving Putin to this madness by having the NATO ready to move to Ukraine isn't one of those (many) causes. Easing off from there is the right step, I agree with you; but that's like giving in to the terrorist's demands, or the kidnapper's demands, or the bully's demands: it's a purely pragmatic option, made not so much for ethical or moral reasons but for pragmatic reasons, and in the interests of peace, even if at the cost of fairness (fairness in terms of the general principle of it, and specifically fairness to the Ukrainians). The story is a layered one, very much so; but that much at least is fully black and white, and the fault and the shame for what's happening are Putin's alone.

The political machine is playing games with the innocent people lives who are told to fight each other, to stand for an idea. But beware that you don't become disillusioned by just one perspective be that the BBC, or sky...etc. Notice the propaganda reported in the west is more or less same - there is no real journalism anymore. Open your eyes, and look at different news, at fox, RT, and importantly social media, and then try and fill in the gaps - like why are certain news hasn't appeared on so called mass media? Fairly quickly you would come to a more balanced view, and nearer the truth. This is rather like people being sucked into RSSB literature, and being surrounded by RSSB indoctrinated people, be it your family or so called RSSB agents /fake friends who just want to shove the RSSB agenda down your throat. Realise that all they want to do is propagate their lie, they've never questioned, and spread and repeat it like a virus, and create some kind of a RSSB utopia - kind of like a religious new world order with the narsasist , greedy, womaniser Gurinder Singh Dhillon at the helm. Do your research and you will find out how much of a hypocrite GSD is, how much he is hiding, and how he is deceiving the blind - while he lives a lavish lifestyle with politicians and bollywood stars, with tax payers z listed security. You need to find out who to point the finger at and get justice for how much he has destroyed your presicious life opportunity.

Uchit about Baba Gurinder..I dońt know much what he is doing...
I think it must be terrible for his nephews and Nimmy , daughter of Maharaji.
How can he live like this knowing that many people know a bit of this and he never talks about this..
How strange this is..!!
I dońt like the teachings soo...

What you tell about politics I totaly agree with you.
It is scary how News is lying to the people just to rule over them. them (us)!!
People are divided also all around ..
All these scary things like Injections,war,overrulling lies..
Itś not a peacefull place this earth.

We only can try find peace inward in ourselves..
Doing things mindfull..and seek peace and stillness inside

Information... who needs it, who asks it, who gives it, who makes it seen as it is who does the opposite etc etc.

Information Gathering
Information prosessing.
Information digesting.

How did I come to drink tea and coffee?

What I always have known, is the existence of "Thirst" and when I got some water to drink that feeling went away and was replaced by another feeling, a pleasurable that could be described with many different adjectives.

No need of an teacher, expert.
No need to believe, understand or verify a thing.
Everything was as clear as the cloudless sky and the sun shining

Then I was told about tea.
About how it would taste.
What tea was the "best"
How to prepare it
etc etc etc.
And I ...I ended up in a quagmire.from which it is difficult to get myself out again.
I was served tea an coffee by experts.
Some of these experiences were according my liking but most did not.
What was wrong?
Were they FAKE experts
Was the tea of bad quality
Or was there something wrong with me?
Or was it caused by aliens, people from atlantis.
Or was it the vacine, the corona?
Or was it caused by science.
Or was everything a complot a matrix.

Maybe I should just drink water when tirsty.

But these days that is also a problem as water can be manipulated by THE elite and al sorts of secret societies that are planning to subdue me and te rest of the world or is it Satan in disguise .... hahahaha

But I HAVE to drink otherwise the body will protest.

Tea's not worth the effort, sure. But coffee, um? That's sacrilege! Imagine if we'd been content to slake our thirst with water, and not known the simple but elemental pleasure of a good cup of coffee! That would be the stuff of tragedy, um, no less!

Hahahaha AR

But .. remind yourself in earlier days having been outdoors playing with friends and your whole body screaming for something to drink ... what was that you used?!

Probably water or in your case maybe an softdrink.

Do you want to make yourself believe that coffee is the ultimate drink to slake thirst?

But when people forget these simple natural things, the next best is ... COFFEE

That said ... having been a fervent coffee drinker, these days the coffee doesn't taste as good anymore as it has done for decades. So together with the books that are no longer read I have just have some water during the day and have a walk in the forest if I need some distraction.

Hahaha ... so many ways of preparing coffee. So many qualities and the regional circumstances that influence the taste of drinking coffee

Hahaha the espresso only tastes as espresso in Italy hahahaha

Coffee is like worldviews and religions after all.

In short USA and NATO have used Ukraine in their fight against the former Soviet Union .
Remember the Cuba Saga during Kennedy's presidency.Cuba is long way from USA but it felt threatened.
Or we are forgetting more than million killed in Iraq and big numbers in Korea, Vietnam and all around the world .
No fan of Putin but Ukraine has been misused by USA.Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher trained bin Laden in Scotland/UK hill's to fight Soviet's in Afghanistan when Soviet's left Afghanistan Bin Laden turned against it's master's.Sadam Hussain was also planted by USA to serve USA but when he decided to serve Iraq USA did not like it.

Me of Indian origin in UK who have an Italian friend who has a specialist shop in famous London Marylebone street.He witnessed an incident about 10 year's ago with Putin walking down Marylebone Road with gang of Russians carrying AK 47,s .Rumour was that Putin owned block of shop's and he went there to evict the occupier's.This Italian guy also owned holiday villa in remote part of France where Putin and oligarchs Land their private plane's often . London and Paris is awashed with Russian dirty money and politicians are happy to receive party donations.

There are no victors in war. Everyone loses.

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