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March 23, 2022


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If you can let everything go, that's fantastic, and filled with joy.

There is a kind of faith, maybe the Faith underneath all faith, that we see in Zen, that there is more to the moment than we understand, and by accepting and opening ourselves to the situation as it is, there is a wisdom beyond our own that we can apprehend,, seeing differently now, acting differently, even creating something new, or being led to it, not by force, not by having to have someone prove their point of view, but by accepting something outside of what we thought we wanted.

Faith that a better way exists beyond our limited thinking, greater than ourselves, when we simply give up that thinking and accept and receive all that great mystery we do not understand within each moment.

Yes, that is also Faith.

@ Brian/Spence [ If you can let everything go, that's fantastic, and filled with joy. ]

A trampoline is a great metaphor for letting go and, er, enjoying the "bounce". My
memory's associative train flashed back to a hilarious scene of a nun (or was it a
troop of nuns) in full habit bouncing on a trampoline ("Bedazzled" starring Dudley

Lovely 💕 It’s like living in the moment takes power away from the ego.

Beautiful view too. 😊

Nice!! Good idea such a small good trampoline!!

@ “So, when I need some inspiration, I don't look nearly as often to people with supposed answers to life's mysteries as I used to. Instead, I resonate with people who focus on facts rather than faith, and probing questions rather than superficial answers.”

What makes me smile is the way Zen always points to the reality that there is no me to discover anything, no me to improve or get anywhere, to get enlightened or to drop anything, although we can talk about it and discus it (its’ fun!), yet it makes no difference – it’s a mind-game we play. Apparently though, to just see (realise) this mind in action is all that is needed – and reality, ‘just this’ is there; as it always (was) is.

Zen points out that we spend much of our life chasing this illusive something, this present moment reality, while it is just 'this' that is doing the chasing. No matter whether we are looking at facts or settling down in some sort of faith, this that we search for permeates all this. Facts and faith then, are both mind props that appear to fill the void. And, perhaps the void or emptiness is what we are.

I’ve read Susan Blackmore’s book and also enjoyed her ‘Meme Machine’ – the term she got from Dawkins. She still studies Zen – in the Chan tradition.

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