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March 13, 2022


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Fear of death is probably behind most fear.

Fear of want, fear of injury, fear of pain, fear of losing status, fear of losing relationship, fear of losing home, fear of losing job, fear of offending those wet love, fear of offending those with power greater than our own.

There is no end to it.

But a clear conscience goes a long way to thinking and acting without fear.

And if that drives selfless service to our neighbors here and abroad, then purpose, service can also drive us past fear.

But I say it starts with a clear conscience. And that is an internal audit, an internal discussion, and submission to that greater power that can help us, give us real strength to overcome.

The first way to wisely overcome fear is to acknowldge those things superior to ourselves in power, and our own limitations. Then to find strength within to move forward anyway.

Fear of losing a child....
After having already lost one tragically in an automobile accident.
So that it's real. So that it isn't just something that happens to other people.

For that, you need heavy duty strength. That's when the love of Christ comes in.

If you could practice dying while living, then death would hold no fear for you.
This operates on a few layers.
First, just the experience. If you know what if feels like to withdraw your consciousness so that your whole body is numb, so that you are no longer your limbs, entirely separated, then when that happens for the last time it is just one more time.
Second, your attachments. If the practice of dying while living only works when you let go your other fears, angers, lusts, attachments, then practicing that daily, making progress in that daily is one less source of pain upon death.
When death holds no fear other things aren't so scary either. Not to say we are over all our conditioning. We still need to function, still must live with who we are. But now there is a doorway to enter for a while to get away from all that. And that simply undercuts the roots of fear. Fear can't last long if you have a doorway to escape for a while. And a Friend helping you.
And escaping, when you return all things that may have caused fear, anger, etc, now have a much smaller perspective. Like visiting your elementary school as an adult. Everything is smaller than you remembered, especially all the things you reacted to before.

So when you see yourself reacting, you can, with a little refocus, gain that higher intelligence to view it dispassionately, and make better strategic decisions.

Dear God.
Is today the day? I'm ready!...
What, no answer?
Clever, very clever. I get it.
OK, one more day.

@ ""Feel the Fear...and Do it Anyway: [ The only way to feel better about yourself is to go out and…do it!
With each little step you take into unknown territory, a pattern of strength develops. You begin feeling stronger and stronger and stronger. ]

A mystic talks about 'little steps': "Again, suppose you've taken out a cigarette. Put it back in
the case, then smoke it after 5 minutes. Such small victories over the mind go a long way
toward subduing it completely." From: Call of the Great Master by D. Kapoor

And here's a cinematic take on combating fear itself in small steps:
---------------MRS. W. --------------
Hm, it reminds me so much of that
first moment I saw families forced
on boxcars. "Let others help them,
I'm not that strong", I told myself.
"Dammit, yes you are!" a voice
answered back. "Take a small step.
Now...take one more... take one
------(closes eyes briefly )
"You get stronger with every step."

I like and use the meta meditation taught by Dipa Ma:

May I be free from enemies
May I be free from danger
May I be free from mental anxieties
May I live this life with a good body and a happy mind

Dipa Ma (Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein's teacher) often told students to do this metta meditation before doing vipassana, especially if they were having emotional issues.

Each phrase when repeated takes on new and deeper meaning. I find it one of the most effective meditations.

"May all be happy.
May all be safe.
May all be healthy.
May all be at peace.
May all be free of fear."

"May I be free from enemies
May I be free from danger
May I be free from mental anxieties
May I live this life with a good body and a happy mind"

Whom are you speaking to?

Who has the power to do all these things you are asking for?

"May I...."
"May all. .."

Whose permission are you asking for?

By what authority do you grant permission?

I'm seeing garden gnomes in these made up prayers....
Maybe a wish granting unicorn or two.

RSSB is by Gurinder Singh Dhillon own admission a fear based cult. People are trapped by fear and guilt of disappointing the so called perfect living Master ( in this case the circus clown) that they cannot enjoy their lives anymore. Conformity to RSSB cult rules and being part of the blind, being sheepish and subservient to slavery , aka seva, is the only enjoyment the sangat are allowed. Fear creates control, and an easily manipulated group who are made to crave the attention of the fake ass guru. Dhillon the villain, lucifer in disguise, convieniantly falls outside the RSSB control system rules. Gurinder singh dhillon is allowed to be a billionaire; to be fraudulent; to be a womanizer; to be an angry control freak, to lie, to be a complete hypocrite and he's allowed to murder. Its one rule for him and another for the sheep. GSD (kaal) your days are numbered, truth can never remain hidden no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks.

Fear is hatred in disguise. We’re all guilty… until we learn to love ourselves.

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