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March 07, 2022


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British Mafia , False Language and American Scoundrel is reality not fiction.

What makes reading any spiritual writings great is to see their principles very much alive in our own lives, and within ourselves.

Then they are alive for us. They teach only to the extent they resonate within us.

The Holy Bible, for example, is filled with stories that can only be allegorical. They happened so long ago, what can they teach us? What matters there only matters to the extent we see something useful here, within ourselves.

The inner journey proceeds and the mind can participate suspending its constant and blinkered disbelief.

No one enjoys fiction thinking "that can't be".

I agree with your wife that good fiction has to possess verisimilitude. Mark Twain illustrated this in his famous piece, an excellent tutorial for writers, that ripped James F. Cooper's fiction for its sloppiness, such as depicting events that didn't correspond to the laws of physics: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/3172/3172-h/3172-h.htm

Sometimes lack of verisimilitude can have a literary charm all its own but with even the tallest sci-fil tales the details matter.

As for the religious sphere, what is truth? One of the books I'm currently reading is the Book of Mormon, and I'm determined to get it despite it being the most tedious work of literature I've ever read, while at the same time practically shouting "fake" on every page. The Book of Mormon may be a hodgepodge of bold claims and biblical tropes written or stolen by a textbook cult leader, but millions not only say this work changed their lives but it created one of the most objectively vibrant, ethical, and moral human communities in history. The same can't be said of any secular work, none that come to my mind anyway.

The biggest fiction is indeed RSSB science of the soul. This is because past, fake gurus, described the journey of the soul through sound and light, through a moon, stars, sun, then through braham, then to par braham, and so called 5,6,7...12 th regions (laughable) , and the final destination is satnam - where Lucifer himself resides. This is now described as fiction and bullshit, as the modern guru, gurinder singh dhillon has himself said rip all the past books. Fake ass Gurinder is now promoting a one stop RSSB shop, and accepts anyone, even satanists and paedophiles. All this donkey requires is his disciples to be sheepish, submissive and foolishly enough keep repeating the satanic mantra and do pointless meditation - banging your head on a wall is more rewarding. We all know the first word, jot nirunjan, means light of the devil. This 5 word satanic mantra leads to a transe like state, where your mind becomes an empty vessel, for an entities to enter and show you a sound and light show for a momentary orgasm. But there are consequences. Your living life gets worse, you attract more trouble, more stress and go into depression and anxiety - caused by these entities. So you are told to do more satanic meditation and so your life sinks down further and further and you get unhappier and more depressed. Wake up, think out the box, just may be the remedy, your satanic meditation, is the root cause. This is why Gurinder, the devil himself disguised as love and light , wants you to keep repeating his devilish mantra. Gurinder you are exposed, all those false promises are turned to waste.

Harry S. Truman… there’s a story.

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