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March 09, 2022


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Very nice this Brian..

I do actually the same..
Sometimes I forget it..;)

Itś a very fine way to ´be´..

I am the ´do´er´and I am not..

Itś fine..

We are only free to be thankful when we aren't reacting negatively. And thankfulness is a wonderful place of peace and happiness.

Observation can help us see a slightly larger perspective. Dispassionate observation can help us get there.

Giving everything to God is a method, continuous prayer is a method to release reactivity and become more authentically in the moment. He is far greater than our reactions and He is managing the many moments of creation perfectly. Or you can start by accepting that the moments of creation proceed in their cause and effect relationships in a perfect balance, hence no point in reacting.

Then, instead of seeing a guy on his cell phone wasting our time, we just see the moment our turn comes as it's own inevitable place in exactly the moment it was always going to be.

And if we practice this returning our reactivity to Mother Nature....

We may one day look beyond ourselves to see another human being on his cell phone struggling to find a moment of peace amidst a sea of turmoil.

Then reactivity, now replaced with calm centered acceptance, becomes a response of understanding, empathy, warmth and compassion. All the things "being a good human being" can be.

Nice Spence!
Be the observer.. of ourselves and everything happening..
Then even´ being shy´ can maybe disapear..
;0) I struggle with it.

Hi S*

I just listened to Thich Nhat Hanh answer a question, "How do we stay in the moment when it is unbearable?"

His answer was that, returning to the present is returning home. He described just being in the present as being home. And not being in the present, being beset with concerns, a distance from home, the actual unbearable condition.

He said "Returning home to the present has many pleasant experiences in it."

Sant mat doesn't teach that we're not responsible for the decisions we make. It teaches that everything that happens to us is a result of our karma (our actions), the experience of which can be eased by surrender to the Guru or God.

Yes Spence,very nice to be ´home´ in ourselves..then automatically circumstances are also ´home´.

I dońt like the karma=guild thing for a long time now.
Things are happening ..and we can ´react´ or not..is also reaction..
Surrender is a very fine thing to do..
I do a video of a Sick..
I think itś nice actually.

Any suggestions on how to distinguish between the subconscious and the unconscious?? These two terms seem to interchange from time to time.

"Today I experimented now and then with feeling less like a doer of my actions and more of an observer of them. On the whole, it was a pleasant experience. Life goes more smoothly when I'm not anxiously trying to make everything happen the way I want."

Would churchy people call it "surrender?" I guess that's what bothers me about religious culture, so melodramatic!

@ Roger : [ Any suggestions on how to distinguish between the subconscious and the unconscious?? These two terms seem to interchange from time to time. ]

I believe they're loosely the same but both signify stored
data/memory unavailable to consciousness for intervals
of time. Some of it remains buried for a lifetime for sundry
reasons. Other info we may recall it easily and repetitively
on the other hand. I think personally we tend to opt for the
word "subconscious" when the emphasis is just on a data
store with retrievable items and "unconscious" when we
intend to stress the mechanics of the brain as the alleged
creator of thought.

Thanks Dungeness ...................

Superconscious >> conscious >> subconscious >> unconscious >> dead. Downward spiral.

How do you know that those “unconscious” processes are not part of your will in action? Can you gradually make those unconscious processes conscious? Is the surface you the same as the underlying layers? Almost seems like the answer is hidden in your book on Plotinus. I also don’t think your asking enough questions and applying critical pressure to this now atheism you have adopted. Are you now surrendering your judgment to one thing instead of another so you don’t need to do the heavy lifting yourself?

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