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February 25, 2022


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Lovely metaphors. The ideas discussed aren't really new, but the the use of Capitals and lower case serves as a very handy verbal shortcut; and I loved how he's used the metaphor of the fall from "Grace".

I've employed a humble metaphor of my own, and put " Grace" within scare quotes to indicate that it amounts to no more than an animalistic worldview, ignorant and simplistic and, ultimately, plain wrong.

What I'm getting at is, the Eastern religions' emphasis on returning to a similar state of "Grace" -- albeit without the gibbering fairy tales of Christian theology -- is that necessarily a "good" thing? I'd raised this issue during the Alan Watts discussion, and the U G Krishnamoorty and Sam Harris discussions as well, and also when talking with our resident mystics here, raising the possibility that the Grace they promise may be really "Grace", within scare quotes. To be studied, like everything else, certainly; but not unquestioningly embraced or idolized as necessarily something good, something desirable, something to be sought. Even assuming such states aren't BS, but they may actually be a step down rather than a step up, whether in perceptual terms, as in psychosis, or in terms of how we view the world, which latter is what you quote Chalmers as discussing here. I'm not saying they necessarily are -- a step down, I mean, in either sense -- but that we need to be aware of the possibility that they might be.


Humanity fell from the garden of eden - a paradise. The snake in eden was possessed with a demonic entity that caused Eve and then Adam to fall after a temptation and the rest is history. The snake is likened to a fake guru possessed with an evil entity, disguised as love and light. To tempt you with magic, its radiant form, or appears in dreams...etc the innocent soul, gets trapped by evil entities power and leads you astray to a life of pain and suffering - nothing but hell. This is where RSSB leads you - right to the belly of the beast. The satanic names, which you are given, the first of which is JOT NIRANJAN, literally means the light of the devil and this is your biggest clue. You only need to step out of the fantasy box, and do a simple Google search on Gurinder Singh dhillon news to discover that this guru is a fake, a narcissist, and a fraudster. Wake up sangat, there is still time to come out of satans web of lies and deception, there is still time to step back into eden.

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