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February 17, 2022


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In a related story, many Americans are continuing to wear masks without any clear idea of why they're doing so. Experts have sourced the origin of this strange social phenomenon to the mask wearer's leader, who also wears a mask even while outside, yet takes it off when he speaks to reporters. Some have theorized that the mask-wearing movement bears a distinct likeness to a religion or cult: a mindless deference to authority in the hopes of salvation from an invisible virus. Some scientists have pointed out that masks have no real effect on stopping virus transmission, and that 2 years of forced mask-wearing has shown no impact on virus transmission. Fortunately, the spokespersons of such evil science misinformation are under attack by aging rock stars, ever-reliable and sage watchdogs of free speech, except when free speech is bad and must be crushed.

Wally Wokenburg: "Religion is illogical, it's madness, it's harmful to society, it encourages social disfunction, even war! Religion encourages people to do terrible things to other people."

Me: "Yes, I can agree with that, though some religions are worse than others. For example, studies https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/
have shown that Islam has encouraged violence for many hundreds of years, and even today there's a clear link between Islamic belief and violence."

Wall Wokenburg: 'YOU RACIST!!! You can't say that about the Muslim people!!"

Me: "Huh"?

It s all about money
Much more honest are
and 999 similar streamers


Wokenburg??? Seriously? Why are Jews always to blame?

What the actual fuck. That video ...one is left speechless. The term ROFLMAO comes to mind, not to mention LOL. Except I wasn't laughing, what I was is aghast. Not so much as that crazy Bond/Expendables cartoon villain, as at the thought of the absolutely pathetic people that are gulled by this transparent piece of charlatanry.

On the other hand, this is far from the only one. I mean, Scientology? Are those people who're gulled by the Dianetics bullshit any less pathetic? Or the Mormon crazies? But then, is the regular larger Mo-cult any less pathetic, their beliefs any less crazy? For that matter the Jesus-cultists? I mean, virgin birth, guy comes back after three days, God equals Son equals Ghost equals Unity equals Trinity equals gobbledegook? Is that last any less pathetic, any and every flavor of it?


But one positive note, in the midst of this not-hilarious-because-so-sad dance party: Of the many crimes that the weirdo has been charged with, I don't see blasphemy there. That's good news, in my book.

I'm not familiar with the politics of Turkey. My very sketchy idea is that this used to be a country steeped in religious superstitions, and then Kemal Ataturk dragged them out by their flea-ridden beards and forced them to modernize, but then Ataturk got thrown out and the Mullah brigade came in again (or maybe the entered the scene after the man, Ataturk I mean, passed away peacefully in his sleep, or whatever). And the country descended back into the superstitious religious hell-hole-hood that most of those Islamic countries straddle. Except, it seems I'm wrong. In a country like Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, someone like this would be hauled up for blasphemy and have their hands or legs cut off, maybe even decapitated, or lynched maybe. The blasphemy part, in their estimate, would be far far worse a crime than trifles like fraud and theft and all the rest of it. Clearly Turkey's above at least that. Which is good news, I guess. This crazy religious session, while it's crazy, but it would fit right in the land of the brave and the free. You can almost see Trump getting up at the end of it and blathering on about drinking bleach to cure Covid, while the crazy preacher anoints him the Chosen One and exhorts his pathetic flock to vote for him, or something.

Thank you a lot Mr. Hines.

Very enjoyable info.

What I have discovered so far:

1) Perhaps, the sexiest female dance ever. Maximum sensual expression of female body. Great find!

2) Theoretically and not in a serious mode: The one cult that I could follow and practice as a virile male. The benefits are obvious. ;-)
That's a cult .

3) I have finally rediscovered, the only legitimate and ethically acceptable use of a mask for a HUMAN Being (female being) in a social circle. This is not strictly a mask but a face cover, patch, called yasmak .
Excellent accessory for female submissive role playing games..
Any other use is a symbol of oppression.

Yours in freedom,

True Spartan.

PS.. I feel existential discomfort and experience serious problems with slavery of fear, of mind and body.. I am Greek you know.. My ancestors fought for centuries against barbaric oppression and tyrrany of any form.

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