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February 02, 2022


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Totally agree.

You say what Sam Harris said and sam Harris said what a friend had said about his experience.

But what about you?
Do you take MDMA etc?
What is your personal experience?

Given my brain's propensity for spiritual experience, I really don't think drugs would be a good idea for me.

That would be like pouring gasoline on a flame!

It's one thing to have a gas stove that cooks really well. It's another to have the entire stove and the house it is within engulfed in flames.

Hippies discover drugs
Hippies think drugs will provide spiritual enlightenment
Hippies then find out that drugs actually made every department of their lives worse
Hippies then turn to Eastern religion, meditation, and eschew drugs.
Hippies then abandon Eastern religion and meditation and say let's try drugs again, they are the answer.

I think drugs won that war.

Thank fuck.

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