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January 08, 2022


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Some sort of land dispute, typical sort of Indian petty disputes. Unpleasant claims being made about gurinder, about him selling some land without permission and gurinder is denying the claims.

Not great audio, and, my local punjabi isn't great, but it's not a pleasant or spiritual discussion by any means. At one point gurinder states we can either play nice, or we can fight. The title of the video is translated as the leader of beas derailleur gets scared.

Hopefully someone will be bothered enough to fully listen and translate as well as provide context.

Happy New Year folks!!

Why do they need so much land?? The video is some dispute (seems to be from 2013) over land. The villagers had filed an FIR against RSSB even though they previously had agreed to some sort of deal. GSD is pissed, very angry that they went against their word. "Either you're with me or against me". Then goes on to quote some saints from the GGS. Villagers get very scared. Video ends.

Typical land mafia behaviour. Make no mistake, this is a cult and a religion. It's no "way of life", "path", and sure as heck isn't a "science". All these babas and gurus are getting arrested left and right. I don't know if others agree with my interpretation of the video.

Earlier today, I was on this website, and I noticed a post explaining that Charan Singh did not give satsang for some time after he was appointed as the successor to Jagat Singh. Also included was the first satsang Charan Singh gave. Now I can't find the post. If someone can re-post it, that would be great.

“A psychopath is born, a sociopath is made.”
—Dr. Ramani

Psycho/sociopaths are all driven by the same thing—power and the desire to dominate others.

More specifically, the primary desire of a psychopath’s is to “get one over” on others. They feel empowered when they rob someone else of their power.

They are the original vampires.

Threatening villagers in a not so saintly language.

Alot goes on Secretly in Gurinder Singh Dhillions little Secret abode, called the dera.

Here we can get a glimpse into the life and times of crime which Gurinders Saintly presona and his priceless bullying tactics have exposed for us all to see again

Some more poor farmers have been ripped off by greedy Gurinder who has underpaid and taken advantage off them by misleading them about they're land sale and has taken it all falsely.

They haven't got a leg to stand on, there goes they're lively hoods.

Pure God like attributes by his truly one n only begotten son Gurinder Singh Dhillion

Nothing new Gurinders done many a person over and sat right back on his pearch like nothing has ever happened

Now we know why Gurinders always been somewhat camera shy as there is so much to expose about his villainous lifestyle which if ever one was to see it, it would be curtains for goody too shoes Gurinder Singh Dhillion

The so called Epstein baba of beas on his little island thinks he can do and get away with anything. But the worlds a watching and we all know the truth, even if you think we don't


Drop dead Dhillion the world would be such a happier place for us all


It's been common of Sant mat gurus that there's a gap between them being named successor and their giving of satsangs and/or initiations. Such was the case with Sawan Singh btw. Much could be said of the reasons for these haituses (sp?), whether they're done out of respect for the last guru, for political reasons, or other factors.

About 'RSSB LAND GRABS" The legality of land ownership in India sometimes isn't as clear and indisputable as it is in the West. Better to let the courts rule than to conclude that land is being "stolen."

Dirty dhillon, the punjab mafia ring leaders true colours coming out as a ruthless land mafia god father. Tell me would would God rip people off for their hard earned land passed down for generations? NO... the intentions of Gurinder are self gain, ruthless, heartless and no remorse which are attributes of the devil / lucifer / satan. GSD , you sick narcissist, you have been caught out, and the truth cannot be hidden. Your days of hiding as a fake guru are over.

About 'RSSB LAND GRABS" The legality of land ownership in India sometimes isn't as clear and indisputable as it is in the West. Better to let the courts rule than to conclude that land is being "stolen."

Posted by: Tendzin | January 09, 2022 at 01:15 PM

It’s not about legality, it’s about the common human decency a “Saint” should uphold. Yes, India treats the lower classes very poorly and gets away with it, but you would expect something totally different from a so called Saint. He should be setting a good example. Instead he’s using the system to take advantage of these poor people. Not saintly. Not even

I’m surprised no one has noticed the great amount of contempt he has for lower castes in India.

Effing disgraceful.

But remember what the magic virgin-born wunderkind had to say about beams and eyes. Let no one who gives the slightest credence or respect to the barbaric Old Testament dare to raise voice in criticism, or who swears by the murderous Mo (PBUH), or the trebly murderous RCC, or for that matter the utterly warlike Sikh Gurus as well ---- at least, not unless you wish to be shown up as a shameless hypocrite. The Son of God uttered loads of bull, and in any case never existed, but this at least he got bang on target.

Back to the greedy hoodlum of a GIHF, this is simply ridiculous. Not that the man should be up to shenanigans like these, because why not? I mean, conmen and cheats are a dime a dozen. What's ridiculous is how people keep on groveling and genuflecting at the man's feet despite all indications that he's ...let's say, not particularly holy.

Which --- to branch off into another digression, but probably unavoidably so, given the specific thrust of my comment --- is exactly how it's no surprise that a lying cheating utterly repulsive imbecile like Trump should crawl out from under the rock, but what's ridiculous, and pathetic, is how so many people keep supporting said lowlife, to said lowlife's profit and to their own detriment.

There's no hope for mankind as long as brain-dead fools walk the earth that support people like Trump and GSD. No, Trump and GSD aren't the problem. The problem is the mass of fools that cannot see through them, despite these clowns wriggling their ugly bottoms all naked and in plain view. The problem is the mass of fools that enable the Trumps and GSDs of this world.

@ AR

About those millions that are labeled by you as "brain-dead fools"

If, in polished countries, the lowest of the people are rude and uncivil,[ Brain dead fools] it is not merely because they are poor and ignorant[Brain dead and fools] but that, being so, they are in daily contact with rich and enlightened men.[As daily to be seen on the media]

The sight of their own hard lot and of their weakness, which is daily contrasted with the happiness and power of some of their fellow-creatures, excites in their hearts at the same time the sentiments of anger and of fear: the consciousness of their inferiority and of their dependence irritates while it humiliates them.[Just to mention the cities that had once great industries and now have nothing for the laborers to make a daily living]

This state of mind displays itself in their manners and language; they are at once insolent and servile. [following those who come with "easy" solutions]

The truth of this is easily proved by observation; the people are more rude in aristocratic countries than elsewhere, in opulent cities than in rural districts. In those places where the rich and powerful are assembled together the weak and the indigent feel themselves oppressed by their inferior condition. Unable to perceive a single chance of regaining their equality, they give up to despair, and allow themselves to fall below the dignity of human nature.

This unfortunate effect of the disparity of conditions is not observable in savage life ...etc.

De Tocqueville


If humans have the opportunity to survive as individual in nature ... AND .... culture, they will never run after people for help, become servile criminal etc

They will proudly stand on their own feet.

Have a look on and in you slums and ask if those who live there created these slums or those who look down upon them and despise them.?

If Trump would have been an accepted and respected member of the american upper class, he would never function as "leader" of those that have not only lost their wealth, were robbed from their human dignity but also the respect for the democratic system and leadership. .... the idea of storming the capitol would never have arisen in their minds believing themselves to be the patriots on a rescue mission.

Dear Brian , if you compare this video with the video in which baba g having video conferencing with prime minister of india sh narendra modi (available on you tube ) you will see big difference in baba g attitude , one attitude ( aggressive , arrogant, threatening) for poor people and one attitude ( polite, humble, over soft spoken, respectful) for powerful narendra modi but he used to say in his questions answer sessions that every one is equal for me but in real it's not. He has two faces one for poor people and one for powerful people , Everything in RSSB is double standard.

Hey, um.

What you're saying is true enough, I guess, but what I'm getting at is, you know that cliche, right: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

What I was getting at is not so much about people's general level of knowledge or intelligence or anything; nor even so much about the larger socio-politico-economical undercurrents that no doubt are fact; but more like their apparent lack of the smallest modicum of critical thinking, so that, despite having their idols --- whether GSD or Trump or whoever --- shown up, repeatedly, as charlatans and frauds and self-serving hypocrites, and morover as hypocrites who clearly don't give a rats ass about what happens to them, nevertheless they seem unable to decondition themselves out of that idol-worship of that not just false but utterly foul and vile "idol". That is the part I find especially nauseating, and in a way much worse than the mere fact of the dishonesty and charlatanry of the GSDs and the Trumps of this world, which latter after all is par for the course, human nature being what it is. (I mean, in any clutch of a hundred or a thousand ar maybe ten thousand men and women you're bound to find at least a few crooks in there. No surprise there, that's always been the case, and that'll always be the case in future as well. What's pathetic is how some people keep following these crooks like lemmings to their own destruction --- or at least, if not quite destruction, to their detriment certainly --- even as said charlatans themselves keep doing well enough for themselves, no matter what. I mean, neither GSD nor the orange horror are actually either reduced to actual impoverishment or in jail, are they? Despite everything they're still doing well enough for themselves, going by the standards of the fate of some/many of their associates and acolytes who, thanks to them, are either dead or in prison or broke or at least substantially lighter in their never very wide pockets.)

I acknowledge your wider analysis, absolutely, but what came to my mind at that point was that more focused thought, and that is what I'd intended that comment of mine to address.

@ AR

Yes , yes ... the point is neither trump, or GSD, nor their followers and their failure to think properly ... but ... . you and the word "nauseating".

What you wrote is what the impression of the whole situation does to you ... it has an psycho-somatic effect .... I almost can feel it here, reading and witting.

It should not surprise to you that this nausea, is yours, and yours alone.

There is nothing you or anybody else can do at what you described, nothing. ... but there is certainly something what you can do to cure that nauseating effect ... if you would wish so.

Well yes, okay.

As to what I could do about it. I don't know, I see exactly two options.

One option is to do something to bring about change. Either have the GSDs or the Trumps thrown under the bus, or, much better, somehow get the lemmings to grow a pair. Being able to change things, or at least working towards changing things, might help assuage one's disgust.

And the other option is to not work towards not giving a damn. While that would put an end to the nausea ---- and hey, that's just a metaphor, I'm not literally going all "psychosomatic" here, just a figure of speech, what I mean is I find this super disgusting --- but I'm not sure that's a very nice thing, to not even care that much about others, even if one personally has nothing at all to do with them.

(I mean, I'm not intending to virtue-signal my oh-so-touchy-feely pain for the lemmings here, and nor am I implying any criticism towards those who don't feel similarly disgusted. But to actively try to wrench off such empathy as naturally arises for one's fellow-man, in an entirely impersonal context, is that necessarily a good thing?)

Sorry, typo. The first sentence in the second-from-last paragraph should read, "And the other option is to work towards not giving a damn ...". The double negative sitting there is a typo, and renders the sentence unintelligible.

@ AR

> And the other option is to not work towards not giving a damn.And the other option is to work towards not giving a damn.< ???

Maybe I wrote it before but otherwise I write it again ... after listening to the story of life of a person, I made her understand that she had done everything wrong that could have been done in life ...and ... added to it ... but if I had been in your shoes I would have done the same.

People are conditioned to be who and what they are and they have little free will to make themselves different than they are.

Have a look at how life is in the slums of your country, places where people have no future from the very moment of their birth. If you let it enter you deeply it will be easy to make the next step ... understanding how they have become followers of trump.

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