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January 09, 2022


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✔️ Narcissistic
✔️ Incapable of empathy
✔️ Habitually takes advantage of others
✔️ Uses others to achieve his goals
✔️ Used wife to hide all his money
✔️ Wife dies at most opportune time for him
✔️ Nephews who made him millions have been sitting in jail for two years
✔️ Many other rhadasoamis sitting in jail for helping him commit wire fraud
✔️ Threatens others who won’t do what he wants
✔️ Estranged from his family because he grossly took advantage of them

He’s an extremely, extremely dangerous person. What has been reported about him is just the tip of the iceberg. The behind the scenes Dhillon holds many more terrifying secrets.

What he does to women and children of the lower castes who can’t defend themselves or speak out against him. It’s truly horrific. Only in India. Only a powerful guru in India could get away with what he has done.

hope Law of the land catches up with him.

GURINDER SINGH DHILLONS TRUE COLOURS HAVE COME OUT. When you want to judge a character, look at his actions to find out his true intentions.
Gurinder you are a vile excuse for a human being, a narcissist, a control freak, a bully, and have zero compassion. You love money, land, and ruining peoples lives and you hide as a fake pathetic excuse as a guru in beas. You have ruined your families lives, and also the sangats, who are totally brainwashed in your spell. This bully hangs out with majithia, his brother in law, who has recently been convicted for drug trafficking - like you say in satsangs , "misery loves company". Throw GSD in jail with ram Rahim, his RSSB brother, and throw away the key and let them rot.

@ Uchit

There are those that love GSD
There are those who hate GSD

Both, love and hate, are created by the person that generates them and the consequences for their physical and mental wellbeing is theirs.

Feelings have psycho-somatic consequences.

Where is the video?
No hearsay-where can we find this video?

there it is-


This video is not secret by any imagination. It is there on youtube for a long time. There are many more on the same subject, in which the villagers are protesting at the forcible manner of land acquisitions by the dera.

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji always says in his satsang (which I heard by myself 100 of times) "maanas ki jaat sabhai ekai pehchaanbo" Means - recognize entire human race as one". But in Real life he consider himself a "Jatt" ( as per video) . This is kind of serious hypocrisy.

Apparently GSD is a big fan of Donald Trump based on something I overheard in Petaluma.

That's mean he believes in "Indian caste system" . He belongs to jatt caste and he clearly said it in video That's I'm son of jatt . Jatts are supposed to comes and falls in upper caste but 98% of RSSB followers (GSD Followers) comes from Lower caste and backward caste.

Big Bad Buffoon Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillion playing the school bully again.

This Bully will be bullied by the High Courts one final day and will be put in his place, once and for all.

For a coward who hides behind his security he has a nerve even trying to give it some, to the poor village people

Gurinder is nothing but a shower of shite messing with everyones lives as he goes through his own, devious devil given one.

Ungrateful big headed buffoon baba on the path of selfish love with ambitions of greed at the heart at every given moment.

This can't and won't last, a disaster in the making

To be caught on camera being the big fool that he is and being exposed this way for the world to see, is a rare moment and true blessing in disguse.

Just adds to Gurinders record of achievements already...

Drug trafficking relationships, Tax Fraud, Land grabbing, womaniser, stolen millions of his Nephews wrongfully jailed them, stole millions from Bollywood director, Threatening many people, wife dies on very mysterious grounds for insurance pay outs, religious cast system racist and even a court case of paedophilia in Spain.

This is just a tip of the iceberg and quite a resume for Gurinder Singh Dhillions god like attributes

Gurinder Singh Dhillion should be named and shamed like they do in villages of India with black dirt on his vile face and donkey back ridden through the village for all to see

Like the Ass that he is, then throw him in the black waters of an Indian jail to rott forever.

"Good riddance Goon Gurinder"

@ Manoj

Strange but....

You write that GSD exposes his own misbehaviour and one day will have to face the consequences

But have you ever thought that you too are in a sense like him in the way you write here and that you too one day have to face the consequences?

@ Manoy

>>For a coward who hides behind his security he has a nerve even trying to give it some, to the poor village people<<

What about your own courage?

You come here where people know all the things you know and more, who have made up their minds and walked away.

Are you not a greater coward anonimous writing what you do?

Have the guts and stand before him in plain public and shout at him what you do here.
Or have it written in a local indian newspaper with your picture, address and full name

@ um

"In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king"

There are never no consequences for writing the truth in God's eyes, even if the Devils disciples don't agree...

The evidence is there, but no ones in

As for my courage dont doubt me, but go look at the real cowardly actions of your so called Great God Gurinder who does nothing but hides and will be hiding for the rest of his pathetic life behind anyone that he can possibly find .

Only criminals have something to hide and bingo there it is!!!

Reality buddy let it sink in slowly...

And i hide from no one, The names Manoj dear,  "Manoj"

@ Manoj

My mother taught me at young age that "books are written for those who do not need them"

Those who have strong opinions go to places where there are like minded people they do never go where there words would make a difference.

They go to places where their words are seen normal or what makes the speaker give a false sense of normality, belonging to a group that shares the same ideas.

We call that mental laziness.

What matters in the end is what the millions of followers do and what the Indian Government does and your words make no difference to anybody besides the pleasure you have from them writing here.

In all the many months you have grought forward nothing related to GSD that was not known in the media and long before by most of the people that write and read here.

Do not forget that the owner of this blog, Brian, was for decades closely related to the close inner circle at least in the USA, he knows many of the inns and outs.

Until now YOU have brought nothing new but your own hate speech

I can honestly say I'm shocked at the behaviour of a guru that is looked upon so highly in beas. I have been having many doubts, and shrugged it off as haters wanting to tear him down but when you look at the evidence you see that this baba is not a nice person at all, I really have been fooled. If only I could explain this to others like family members and get them out of the hell hole of RSSB beas.

@ Sanjay

Do you think that you are more intelligent than your family and the millions that follow him??

Do you honestly think that you know more than them??

At least you can imagine that they all know what you know, yet the difference is not in the guru but how they and you ATTRIBUTE meaning and value to the same.

Since when has a misbehavior of clergy men of whatever religion or mystic school change what goes on in the minds and hearts of the pious believers.???

Thake the RC church, irrespective of the misbehavior and also criminal behavior of the organisation in over 2000 years, there are and there will always be pious people that go to church to pray believing there is a God that listen to their prayers ...NO ..clergy man will be able to change that.

Obvious you have no understanding of what religion means to people.

Hi Um, I understand where you're coming from on this and mostly agree with your comments with regard to GSD's followers.
However, one clarifying point to your last comment is that GSD is not a clergyman or intermediate member of the "church", he's the "Pope".

Also, these are allegations and nothing is proven yet, a lot of smoke, but no proof, and probably nothing will come of anything against him. So everyone needs to keep that in mind.

I suppose it's very disappointing that these allegations continue to circulate, not only in the Fortis debacle, but also the land purchase issues.

@ In search of

If you have read my comments, you might have come to understand that I am not interested as such in GSD, his activities let alone in attaching value or meaning to them.

Things are what they are
seldom what they appear to be,
let alone how the are presented.

In writing as i do, I try to turn the attention away from the facts and direct them on the person, asking him to look at how he handles facts, and his motivations to do so, as he is the one that ATTACHES the values and meanings => things, facts by themselve have NO meaning or value.

In doing so, surprise surprise,many answers can and will be found for the person involved related to his world outside.

Tell me what you see in the world and I will tell you who and what you are. ... hahaha

Everybody is solely responsible for his own actions, thoughts and emotions and the resposibility for it can never be outsourced on others, not even gurus.

Gurus are responsible for their guru ship and disciples, seekers etc etc are responsible for their own role. Gurus do not own anything to anybody, nor do disciples; both have their own role to play. Problems related to the seeker, student, disciple can never be solved by judging the guru, looking at what he does etc.

The illustrate that I often use eating in a restaurant. It is up to me where I want to eat my food. Whether I like the food and if if I can digest it, is up to me. If the food served doesn't suit me I go to another place to eat, without even thinking for a moment about the owner of the restaurant, the staff serving in the restaurant and the chef in the kitchen, let alone what others write in papers and books about the restaurant and certainly what other guests are doing and thinking.

Personally I have an idea how things developed over time in the dera and how it had to be that way. Whether i like that development or not doesn't matter at all and can by no means be an qualification of the facts. These are my private thoughts I never share with anybody.

As someone whos spent most of my life following Radha Soami path i can whole heartedly say everything said about Gurinder is very true. I left after finding out and myself experiencing many bad things about Gurinder and I never went back.
He has power and bad people behind him and the justice system in India is so corrupted he gets away with so many things. He is no saint, even if the masses believe it to be. I guess the world is such a horrible place at times and we have to find out the hard way as I did.

@ Pareenita

It is all your life and what you do with it.

People that live in natural circumstances have to live day in day out with the "horrors" presented to them by nature. Complaining about poisonous or ferocious animals makes no sense.... they learn to cope with their facts of life.

You do not have to face these natural horrors but you have to face the social and cultural horrors, that replace the natural ones.

If you do not feel comfortable with what you are confronted with in the ouside world as related to the path you follow ... stay away ..nobody needs to know that you were intitiated, nobody needs to know that you meditate,... these are all YOUR bussiness.

If you want to leave the path, just do it but in your own interest do not do it for ulterior motives, not even related to the guru and the organisation.

Once you , ...YOU ... had something in mind that made you deside to ask for initiation. It was all yours. If you quit, do it also alone for your own motives.

Never use the actions of others, their shortcomings, their misbehavior as an excuse.

Just as Gurinder dhillons singhs true colours are coming out, so is your allegiance to your satanic master Um. Your doing great seva for Gurinder Singh Dhillon, if your lucky you may get a gold star from the prankster fake guru. This is a 180 degree turn around as I'm sure you said you didn't follow the porn star baba of beas.

Why don't you put your effort in on commenting on an RSSB sponsored site, you'll fit in much better, misey loves company there.

@ Uchit

You are a poor reader, and your intellect is blinded by your emotions otherwise you would never use the word ... allegiance.

In my book you are like the most hated family of the USA, walking the street, shouting their slogans. for no other reason as their own pleasure..... that had nothing to oiffer of themselves to the community and even to themselves than the cultivation of hatred.

It is a matter of drawing the so needed attention by people who have nothing else to offer.

You are not even original ... whatever you write here is just a matter of repetition of what you heard from others in the media.

All who read and write here know more about the practical inns and outs of the organisation than you do as they were involved with the organisation from its start in the west after 1965.

Nobody needs to be informed by you.

Some might like your hatred, so that they need not to show it and in silence enjoy what you to to deal with their frustration.

Many a times Gurinder has been heard saying in his get togethers with his sangat

"For all you know, I could be the biggest fraud in the world"

Straight from the horses mouth

Now why would he say such a thing to his beloved sangat?

Guilty consciousness maybe, as he knows the truth always prevails in the end as it has now

And there it is music's to your ears

If you ever want to take the one thing with you that he has to say, this has to be it, priceless...

The final clue to the jigsaw puzzle that is Gurinder Singh Dhillion himself.

A full fledged confession the One and Only time

And the One & Only time Gurinder Singh Dhillion, never told a lie

@ Manoy

>> "For all you know, I could be the biggest fraud in the world"<<

Anybody can use such a phrase.

And although English is not my mother tongue, this kind of phrase tells me that the speaker is not making an assessment about himself but about the audience.

He tells them that they have no clue whether he is what THEY THINK him to be.

Many followers of this or that guru MAKE THEMSEVES BELIEVE that they know. THEY are the ones that go to the market telling others to have found this or that "perfect master, guru or teacher" .... and ... based upon that believe they use the freedom to qualify other teachers, gurus etc etc as "false"

The general believer can not live with "not knowing" ...

An in fact ... in all fields of human activity only those who have mastered that activity are in the position to judge whethere another person has reached that level.

Only children think that if the pankake is not according their liking, the chef must be a fake cook ... only after many years, if at all, he might grow up to the level that he understands that is likings are never a tool to qualify a thing or a person.

Most die that way in ignorance ... hahaha ... have some tea manoj

Dear Brian - you are very easily played as your biases, blindspots and lack of consideration for integrity, accuracy, coherency, decency etc, when it comes to criticism of RS and anything remotely "spiritual" or "supernatural", are so very obvious. For anyone with that bent of mind, you could very easily be manipulated into highlighting unworthy and misleading information on your blog simply because you have such animosity towards these things.

Several posters (inc. myself) commented on your original blog containing the video with a superficial, incomplete and speculative "interpretation" to just give a general feel for the content. None of these comments deserved to be highlighted on your blog, because of their lack of completeness & context. However just because somebody emailed you "privately" with their, in my personal opinion, very misleading and incomplete interpretation, you have highlighted it on your blog whereas it was only worthy of being in the comments section. What you really should have done is requested somebody with an excellent grasp of local punjabi to translate the ENTIRE discussion, and perhaps somebody else to provide a fuller context. I am sure it wouldn't be difficult for you to achieve that (I simply don't care or am surprised enough by Gurinder's worldly antics to spend the effort asking someone!).

Instead, you have highlighted a post which is more or less 50% about Bhindranwale (whom I personally think was a deeply unpleasant human being, although most Sikhs would disagree and consider him to be a folk hero......such is humanity, or our lack of it)....what the actual fuck has Bhindranwale got to do with Gurinder? We've really lost the plot just by highlighting that name (what is the context? The provided context means absolutely nothing and it may just have been a turn of phrase......which it probably was!).

I am no expert (as is the anonymous poster who sent the link to Brian, apparently), but the group that Bhindranwale represents, Akali Sikhs, and their kind of associates, made death threats towards Charan Singh in the 80s I believe. Those same sort of Sikhs also plotted to assassinate Gurinder in Austria or some such 10 or so years ago.

To insinuate there is any sort of connection between the 2 gurus or religions is just absurd, in my opinion, at least according to the info we currently have available.

I have only listened to the video briefly & once when you first posted it. It is clearly a very worldly and greed based situation, and passions/emotions are raised. Gurinder's behaviour is clearly not reflective of the "Perfect Living Master" or "Satguru" characteristics myth which is repeated ad infinitum and ad nauseum in the RS literature & satsangs. Typical worldly motivations and emotions such as greed, anger, ego-centricity, materialism etc etc are clearly the predominant factors at play.

However, it should be made clear this was obviously a not so "secret" a discussion, and was being held openly somewhere where it was obvious someone could and probably would make a "secret" or hidden recording. Further, there is nothing even suggestive of evidence of criminality (unlike his fraud case, where it is almost certain!). Actually, Gurinder is here behaving precisely as any *worldly* and *greedy* punjabi person would in these kind of land disputes. It is very much so "normal" behaviour for somebody in his position. Of course, it is also very much so aberrant behaviour for a mystic, but that is a standard very, very few in this world even strive to, let alone achieve. It is lovely to hear comments on these threads from the disenchanted satsangis who state it is their life-long efforts in achieving honesty, of putting morality, truth and decency above making a quick rupee etc, which gave them the courage of questioning their religious beliefs and idols; there is some hope for them yet!! :) I very much resonate with these questioning satsangis, it is deeply disappointing when our gurus, teachers, idols, friends etc let us down when it comes to issues of, well, ultimately, how much love and compassion we show to our fellow sentient beings. It is truly beautiful to see satsangis who feel so sick at these antics of greed, obfuscation, dishonesty and aggression etc that it causes them to question their life long beliefs; THAT, imo, is the REAL or GENUINE type of spirituality, imo. (Arun has already demonstrated his lofty character when he said he cares for abandoned and sick animals and that this was their spiritual practice; a true mystic imo).

Hi @ UM - hope you are well! You wrote: "your intellect is blinded by your emotions"

Are you sure it is the people you are replying to "blinded" by "emotions"? There has been a pattern here of you responding to every single critical post about Gurinder here within a few minutes with one of your, sorry to say but entirely predictable, non-sequitur deflections from the actual subject being discussed!

You do not appear to realise the exact same things you are accusing these, imo clearly courageous people (some of them, especially those who are sharing their hurt, disenchantment, struggle etc with their life-long religion and guru) you yourself are engaging in with your own comments.....it is unrecognised irony and hypocrisy writ large! The only difference is, they are doing it about a public figure to whom they have been devoted to for decades, and who claims to be, ad infinitum and ad nauseum, a "Perfect Living Master" (let's not talk bollocks about them not saying that, when every satsang and book they promote says it endlessly, we must not be so naive and gullible!), and you are doing it to anonymous people you know nothing about.

It is clear what your position is, whatever conmen or criminals or abhorrent acts occur in the world, we should not talk about them, criticise them or bring to light these shady doings in any manner whatsoever. Protect and uphold the patriarchy, all faults and suffering lie within us!

Of course, this is terribly simplistic, one-dimensional, reductionist, myopic and profoundly dangerous and irresponsible a world-view.

Further, you are not even beginning to understand the power of group dynamics for people who are leaving a cult or religion after many years of association, and your attempts to shut down discussion, on the only critical RS blog in the entire tri-loka, is abominable in my personal opinion. But to each their own.

In regards your repeated claims to have "left" the movie theatre of RS, I feel this is somewhat premature.

You, like others here, have an a priori belief that Charan and Gurinder are "mystics" (despite there literally not being a single indication in the lives OR words of either, factually speaking), and that what you have learnt from them, such as the notion of compassion and service to humanity merely replacing "iron chains" with "gold chains" (bravo, btw, at least you do understand the teachings of this family of relgious leaders, if not mysticism; most RS satsangis instead choose the cognitive dissonance of pretending their intuitive/natural notion of compassion and love as being "spiritual" is somehow related to the life, family, world and connection despising and denying dogma of RS! :) shows precisely the kind of damage these worldly leaders of religions, these family dynasties of power and wealth in the name of "God", can do - they distort and pervert genuine, authentic spirituality and replace it with these ego-centric, damaging beliefs that you espouse and cling to even when corrected (karma yoga exists in Indian spirituality, that pretty much ends your argument), and simply by the nature of their position, their unthinking sheep simply nod their heads in agreement.

Ahh, you gotta them love religions and their religious leaders. Good entertainment.

Just don't confuse them with mystics, that would be absurd.


@ Manjit

It is clear what your position is, whatever conmen or criminals or abhorrent acts occur in the world, we should not talk about them, criticise them or bring to light these shady doings in any manner whatsoever. Protect and uphold the patriarchy, all faults and suffering lie within us!

Well if that is what you get from what I wrote than you are a poor reader or I am a poor writer

That holds also for your opinion that I belief both gentlemen to be mystics.

I am sorry for you and for myself, that the point I have been making again an again has not come across.

So be it Manjit.

Again .. it all turns aroun what I call mental, both intellectual and emotional allergies.
In any allergy there is a allergen and a sensibility. These offer both an approach for dealing wiht the dideases that follow upon the meeting of the two.

Yours is and others is directed to the allergens ... that is allright, see what it has brought you and will bring you in the future.

And Manjit...

There is the market and on the market their arte people that sell their stuff, all sorts of stuff, even snake oil. That is THEI bussiness

Nobody forces anybody to go to that market and stop by any of those that sell their stuff and lent them their ears and if they do nobody forces them to buy a thing.

If after one bought a thing and it turned out not the be what was thought of one can certainly blame the seller .... hahahaha

But I Manjit ... i would love to have a chat with them about their motives going to the market, their expectations etc etc .

@ Manjit

I am responsible for my own well being and the government for the population as a whole.

In my family we are raised to understand the duties as an individual and as member of the community to which we belong but were also told not to behave as unordained and unpayed ceo's, minister or whatever.

The poverty in the world is not my problem, but if walking the path of life are encountered with somebody in need, it is up to me as to how to deal with it and there is no need to make myself seen here as a messenas.


When crist sai to love ones enemies he was not talking about the enemy at all neither about his activities, he just wanted to remind the person that it is easy to be kind to those one is positively attracted but it can be done also towards those one has negative feelings, making the person see that kindness, respect etc are all gifts and are not deserved.

Yes I did woke up in the movie.

Hi Um! You wrote: "That holds also for your opinion that I belief both gentlemen to be mystics."

To be fair, I base that "opinion" on your very own, repeated, words, where you very clearly state your implicit belief that at least Charan (your subsequent disenchantment is known and noted :) was a "mystic" (your word), and further that the conceptual dogma which you learnt in his organisation, that of down-playing our inter-connection with all other life, charity, love and compassion etc, is somehow a universal "mystic" teaching betrays your at the very least subconscious adherence to the belief that both Charan and the teachings he repeated were those of the "mystic" (as I've stated before, I profoundly disagree with your summarisation of genuine "mystical" thought, experience and behaviour, but agree with your summarisation of the RS dogma :).

Regardless, you imply that I do not understand the point you are making to these other commenters. I disagree, I feel I not only understand the partial validity of your argument, but that I have also made the same argument but in different contexts. What I am saying is that your argument is one-dimensional and does not take into account the context of the situation, this blog, the wide variety of people, the variety of psychological, intellectual, emotional and "spiritual" perspectives they're coming from etc, and you're constantly and immediately hammering everyone with your, well, hammer that sees only nails....INDISCRIMINATELY and without even knowing who you're speaking to! This is, imo, absurd!

You are telling people how to behave, even using words like "Never" and "do not", making claims about their motivations based on 2 sentences you read 5 minutes before you replied.....what is going there!?

As for your "Yours is and others is directed to the allergens ... that is allright, see what it has brought you and will bring you in the future.".

Well, I like to think I can address the totality of things, see things from multiple, often contradictory, perspectives. Allergens, allergies, and freedom from both sort of thing. However you really do seem quite intent on distracting people's attention from the allergens.

In regards this oft-implied "see what it has brought you and will bring you in the future", which you have said something similar to me many years ago, and to other people whom you have disagreed with; okay, let's play this game, seems genuinely fun :)

Where has my attitude and approach brought me today? Intense and profoundly uncommunicable peace, contentment, gratitude, awe, astonishment, love, compassion. In each direction I turn, joy and ecstasy overflowing with love. I am truly....truly at a loss to explain.

As for where it will bring me in the future? Who cares? When I was 5 years old I understood.......deeply........that I will, if I'm lucky, grow old, the body will disintegrate and I will die. That was nearly 40 years ago, I've grown at least a little wiser since then. So, pray tell me, what else is there to fear or be concerned about? I seek fear, suffering, hatred, anger etc relentlessly, I miss them. Please guide me towards my old friends, I would love to greet them again!

And where has your attitude taken you? A theatre where no movie is playing, and the concepts of love and compassion are anti-mystical?

Wah, the world is a mysterious place indeed! :)

Anyway, as you were. I was just posting my own impressions, but you are of course entitled to your own.

The only question that remains; tea or coffee?

Much love :)

@ Manjit

At this hour tea.

No artist has control over how his works of art are perceived and appreciated. For thos that have to make a living from it, it can be a problem but for others it doesn't matter unless their vanity is out of control.

"पर उपदेश कुशल बहुतेरे ,जे आचरहिं ते नर न घनेरे।" - श्री रामचरित मानस
"par updesh kushal bahutere , je aachreeh te nar n ghanere"
Means "It's easier to preach than really act"
This famous indian phrase is quite fit to Baba Gurinder Singh g .

Would it be possible to get a word for word transcript in English of the actual conversation, including the remarks of all parties, please?

That would be a request for actual context and information.

Second that, some third party verification that this is Baba Ji and not an impersonator.

Just asking for basic information required before any interpretations or attributions can be made objectively.

The sort of requirements I would demand is such dialogue was being attributed to me... Ie, the Golden Rule.

I can't believe how deceptive Gurinder Singh Dhillon has been. I've always felt that there was something was wrong with the whole RSSB setup and the current leader, gurinder. I have been initiated for 20 years and to this date I have had zero experience. All I'm told is I'm not meditating hard enough. I think this is a method with no rewards but just making me more submissive to another person and me wasting my time in a distraction. A part of me questions whether I been fooled by a con artist. I have researched the news on RSSB and gurinder, and I do believe there is no smoke without fire. If gurinder was innocent, why doesn't he just go to court and prove his innocence instead of making every effort to avoid the courts.

@Manjit, Thanks a lot for some very encouraging words in one of your earlier comments in this thread.
My 80+ years aged father almost hate the very sight of street dogs around our neighbourhood. If one of them managed to enter our home to take refuge under the car to escape the hot sun or rain, he will take a stick and shoo them away out of the gate. he hated me and my wife, son for a long time when i would pat the street dogs lovingly on their head. Does not eat food touched or made by my wife. Prefers to eat food cooked by a outsider domestic help instead. RSSB teachings, in my opinion, take people away from real compassion from stray animals around us. Three years ago, my son got jaundice. My Dad blamed it on his love for street dogs!!!!
Another major flaw i noticed in RSSB atmosphere is it makes followers too serious and gloomy. I have never seen my Dad having a hearty laugh in last 50 years atleast. He is following this organisation since 65 years now!!! No Jokes are allowed in our home and overall the environment is always very serious and very heavy.

Maybe, this is my observation only and other RSSB followers have different experience. Thanks once again.

Hi Arun,

Thanks for sharing - I find posts like this more interesting and revealing than all the endless & empty philosophising! It is real and authentic, and also revealing.

I think I very much resonate with your mindset. If you cannot see God in a Dog, then you cannot see God anywhere imo.

Again, I have tremendous respect, admiration and even envy of people like yourself who spend their time caring for animals purely out of genuine compassion rather than for reward. I very much mean this sincerely when I say I am infinitely more impressed by that - your story of helping animals - than thousands of stories of "sants" and their fantastical inner voyages to this or that heaven.

In regards the lack of humour in RS - I've been saying this for years! The lack of a sense of humour, the ability to have a laugh, not take oneself too seriously, is profoundly absent from the online RS world I have found. Even attempts at humour are meek, mild and absent of actual laughs. I actually find it kind of creepy.

I have said for years a mark of genuine "realisation" is an intimate understanding of the Grand Cosmic Joke that we are all part of which manifests as a sense of humour and not taking oneself too seriously.......and it is a sign, or a lack of it, that is easily noticeable in others.

Anyway, your dad is your dad......mine is an alcoholic!.......but it seems that you and your family are doing very well, and even more importantly have a sense of humour and compassion.......this is a blessing :)

Deeply grateful to have found this blog...

My beloved Guru, Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, initiated me in 1988 at the tender age of 20. A guru who had magnificent presence and radiated Love. What a smile…! I fell in love with him as a 2 year old and it stayed like that until the end. Wherever he went, he left behind only humility, grace and bliss. In 1982 we went to see him in Durban, South Africa, as a family who lived 180km away. At tea-time on one of the days, I was in the tent when he came in. My eyes were glued to him, mesmerized as he moved slowly among the people, looking rather shy. Brilliant, but shy. I could not love more than what I felt I Loved at that time. He radiated something.... unnameable. So softspoken and always kind. Rarely did he have to talk seriously when answering questions on the tapes, and even then, he was always kind.

But that was then. Where am I now?

Broken hearted, disillusioned, self-examining till the cows don't want to come home anymore ...for the past 18 years. After discovering this blog today, I feel a ton lighter!

I went to see Babaji in Spain in 2006. Hoping that someone else who also attended his long weekend in Malaga at that time, reads this and can share what they experienced. I need to know if anyone else saw what I saw.
For me, this is what happened: He arrived a good hour or two late, came in walking extremely fast, looking extremely angry. In fact, my biggest take away from the 3 days, is that the corners of his mouth turned down throughout the whole time he was on the dais. It was crazy-strange and it freaked me out badly. (Excuse the down to earth language, but even as a language teacher, I cannot find a more formal synonym, that does it justice.) I found it deeply disconcerting, and I still do. His mouth was the opposite of a smile. Honestly, it was like that most of the time: he looked angry. It was disturbing. Did anyone else notice anything similar?

When he started talking, he was very upset. Controlled, but really angry. (My thoughts were: I grew up understanding that anger is one of the 5 big tools of the mind...?? Something is not right.) I don’t remember his exact words, but he told us very angrily that the sangat is unorganized and that they should have controlled the traffic from the airport better, because it caused him delay! Good grief?! This is the guru? This was where the first cord struck false. It hurt.

The second was when I discovered (through considering putting in an application for work at the Dera’s school) that said school prides themselves in their special subject: AI.
You may call me a traditionalist/naturalist/old fashioned teacher, but my entire body experienced a shockwave when I read this fact. Of course, then my wonderfully creative mind indulged itself into turning the whole thing around which caused me to introspect myself into a state of near depression. Yes, maybe there is wrong with me, but I must be true to who I was made to be with the mind I was given. Have to live truth from the heart, head and gut, and therefore I now accept that, not with all the willpower in the world, could I rejoice in the arrival of AI. I probably see differently than most here. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. It just feels very wrong to me. Off.

Then, in 2015, I saw him in Johannesburg. There was an incident that I would never forget and once again, I ask if anyone else attended and can remember it? There was a moment between a person who just finished getting his/her answer to a question and the next person being ready to ask theirs, when he broke the silence and said the strangest thing. I do not remember his exact words, but it was something like: ''Doesn't anyone have a question about sex? We are so shy to ask about this normal bodily function but in this day and age....'' What followed was just this thick silence from the audience that hung in the air. It felt very inappropriate. Naturally, no sexual questions were asked even after his prompting.

Around 2017, one Sunday, a speaker savardar clearly said that Babaji said: 'If you haven't gone within yet, you are wasting your time.' I was horrified. I am not taking it out of context. Those days we were still allowed to have tea after satsang and this was discussed between myself and 3 or 4 others sitting at the same table. The next time that Gordon, the country’s representative was available after satstang, I went to ask him if what the speaker said is true. If GSD said this. His answer was that the speaker is responsible for what they say and that is how we should take it. This was the fourth. It goes against everything that every Radha Soami master has ever said.

The fifth one came like a dagger with the pandemic. We all have our own views; please understand that this is not meant to upset or hurt anyone, and I deeply respect everyone's right to believe as they see fit, but to me, it honestly stank that he has/had ties with the pharmaceutical industry. The reader may have totally different health views, which I respect highly. However, it went completely against my grain that he advocated for and mandated a therapy that was untested, for a disease with a 99% survival rate. Pregnant woman not excluded. In many countries, children too. I felt that he was more than bowing down to negative forces and that he should not be so deeply involved in these things. The double whammy was learning about his fortune and the court case against him. Something is very wrong.

My biggest struggle is the fact that I just cannot take to him. I have tried again and again. I strongly feel he is not who he is believed to be. Something went very wrong.

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