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January 15, 2022


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Thanks for sharing this Brian, and I agree that natasha is very brave to expose the evil truths of Gurinder Singh Dhillon and RSSB.

As you can clearly see, RSSB and GSD are all about money, power and control - there are no good morals values left in this satanic cult. The rich, the Bollywood stars, and the westerners funnel in money into GSDs hands. Money expands the RSSB virus and keeps the sheep distracted in pointless and fruitless seva, which is really cloaked slavery. The rule is the rich get the privaledges and poor get taken advantage of and get nothing. This is a sick cult run by a narcissist bent porno baba. This institution and leader doesn't care about people, but only pretends to care just enough to fool them. It is all a clever circus show with a crooked magician spinning his spells. Doesn't RSSB look more like a devils paradise , than gods home. Open your eyes sangat, expose this crook. It is a time to claim your own power back.

I'm agree with Natasha on castism in dera but I'm not agree or believe on that baba g murdered his wife , that's false statement.

my opinion is that the 95 % followers of RSSB beas comes from lower caste or backward caste , they think that's the platform where they can worship god n would go to heaven or sachkhand after death . Baba g always preach in his satsang that everyone is same for me But how come it could be possible if Baba g consider himself as jatt or son of jatt (as per video posted later by Brian ) .

Newspapers of punjab also believe that most of the followers of RSSB beas are from lower caste and Backward Castes and Dera Beas's has big influenced on lower caste and Backward Castes during election time.

this is not directly related to GSD. But it is in a way. The Grandchildren of maharaj Charan Singh are in Jail and so are the Godhwani brothers. Godhwani brothers are personal, childhood friends of GSD. all four are in Jail since 2019.

recently, i came across a expose by the ED, which exposed Bribes paid by shivinder singh and his wife to the tune of two Hundred and Fifteen crores to a con man who was lodged in Tihar jail. The conman, Sukesh chandrasekhar called the wife of Shivinder singh and Shivinder himself and extracted 215 crores in cash in a period of One year!!! 215 crores bribe is a huge amount by any standards and the Conman posed as Home secretary of India and said he will help Shivinder to get out of Jail. The money, 215 crores was meant for party funds of BJP. The ED was tape recording the entire conversation of 70 calls and ultimately alerted the family of Shivinder about the extortion by the con man!! My observation is that Charan singh was exhorting people to not collect money as life is short and everything will remain here etc etc. But just 30 years later his own daughter's family is sitting in Jail and bribing a huge huge amount to a con man just for Bail!!! Mind you, the bail does not mean the case will be withdrawn and there will be no punishment later on. All blind followers of RSSB must give itr a deep thought about the dirty game played by the grandsons of Maharaj Charan Singh ji.

@ KK

On cast.

Years ago I had the pleasure to travel in England and to visit many different Indian families. During that time I came to learn about the relation between Casts and religion.

One of the hosts explained to me the reason why so many Dalits have turned to believe systems, that not acknowledged the existence of gods or to sant panths, as these panths in the footsteps of Kabir, preach equality of all.

The reason was to be found in the behavior of the Brahmans towards the dalits in general and religion in particular. They were not allowed to participate in the religious ceremonies of the Hindu's but more shocking to hear was that they were not even allowed to have religious practices of their own.

Then I was told about the many forms of misbehavior of the Brahmans towards lower casts people in particular women, all in the name of their Deities. It was shocking.

So it is simple to understand why people that were treated so badly in the name of a god would turn their backs upon such a god when they had the chance to do so and turn to Buddhism, atheism and the different sant panths.

That is also the reason why so many Indians emigrated to Canada and Europe where the general Gora thinks all indians are wise and saintly .... hahahaha

KK, most goras, or their governments have the slightest idea how these Indian communities function and have formed a state within the state,, their own social economic bubble where they hanle things in the typical "indian" way .... hahaha ...just out of respect etc for them I will not use other words. ....

Mr Um you are right about castism in india but the reason you suggested for migration to abroad is not true.
Indians migrate to Canada etc for job, better life, better opportunity not because of their castes.

@ KK

Ask yourself if those that emigrate would have the same oportunities to develop their talents in India.

I hope you will agree that remaining in India, also that not withstanding the fact that the constitution is written by Mr Ambedkar, caste is stil an issue in being employed, having a better life.

Even In Europe were we divide the population in classes, not official mut otherwise, it is never a problem to bring one's efoorts and talent into fruitation but being accepted in another class is. Nobody will say it but that is how it is.

Indians, that come here are freed not only from the caste system in India but in a sense also from the class system in the west .. so they flourish and do wel.

But ... among themselves i feel they created new divissions based upon wealth.

Humans remain whao and what they are and wherever they happen to go ... and cultural conditioning goes a long way.

I remember with pleasure to be around with them, great pleasure.

Mr Um , you are right but that's not the platform we discuss about indian caste system in abroad or how indians lives in abroad.
That's Mr Brian's blog , he is an American n I supposed he is very pure by heart n initiated by Guru charan singh g n followed him more than 30 years by heart (may be still) .
We are here for discuss the guruship and about blind following the path .

Well My question is for You n all rssb followers why we need guru or master if we can't have personal intersection with him or ask anything personally (if the the person is poor or ordinary person) . If God is exist and we need him than the god will come to us. we don't need to find anything if our approach is good n pure . Why we need mediators ?

Mr Um , you are right but that's not the platform we discuss about indian caste system in abroad or how indians lives in abroad.
That's Mr Brian's blog , he is an American n I supposed he is very pure by heart n initiated by Guru charan singh g n followed him more than 30 years by heart (may be still) .
We are here for discuss the guruship and about blind following the path .

Well My question is for You n all rssb followers why we need guru or master if we can't have personal interactions with him or ask anything personally (if the the person is poor or ordinary person) . If God is exist and we need him than the god will come to us. we don't need to find anything if our approach is good n pure . Why we need mediators ?

@ KK

If on this platform gurudom is brought into the light of castism, by zooming in and out, it is possible to shed some other light, in terms of attributing meaning as was done by the persons that brought it up here. See in your last message what is written between brackets :-))

Are WE here to discuss guruship and blind following the path?
Well KK I do that all the time but maybe not in the way you expect it to be done.
Time and again, I strees the point that whatever mentally arises in the mind related to what one sees outside, is in fact an mental projection and can and mabe should be addressed in that light ..... facts have no meaning by themselves, not even facts about gurus,.The meaning it has is ATTRIBUTED to it.

An what your last question is concerned ...is this blog the right platform to find an answer?

That said, ... Sant Mat, is a "game". Games are closed systems, and have to be played according to the rules that are laid down in that game. If one is not willing or able to play the game according the set rules, the system drives those that malfunction in it to the periphery and finally out. That is simple how it works with ALL human games, economic, political, social, you name it. Not even the gurus themselves are free to change the rules.

But ... nobody is forced to play the game of sant mat.
and ..
In order to drink my cup of tea, there is no need to believe in a god or cherish the feeling that he should present himself.

let me add this much.
A while ago I wrote that I believe that there might have been a person by the name of Abraham and other prophets. I also believe that i might have had a vision in which an so called divine messenger declared his tribe as the one and only "people of God" and that they would rule over a piece of earth, for eternity. That is all wel and good ... but ... that same divine entity failed to inform the rest of the world what he had declared to Abraham and ordered them to heed his words.

Well KK. The heart of the teachings of the saints, in the food steps of Kabir is in simple words laid down in the tale of the shepherd. The shepherd, servant of the owner of the sheep, is told to gather a certain flock of sheep and to bring, that flock home without loosing even one sheep. The sheep have no say in it.

This is the tale that has been told by Kabir and onwards by others

The "problem" here is as with abraham. The same divine entity that spoke to Kabir and his followers "forgot or faile" to inform the rest of humanity about his plans for them.

All mystisim is nothing but ...hearsay ... hearsay from what was experience by just ONE person.

Whatever you have in mind related to spirituality, all and every concept KK, has been put in your mind during your education from the very day of your birth.

Yes KK there are some people that have inner experiences, Yes KK they write books about it, yes they start religioud movements kk, that is all true and many find pleasure in listening and following.

The pull must come from within and if it is not there there is NOTHING you can do KK

And KK

I have accepted the fact that such a pull was never there inside myself and that there is no need to blame anybody neither myself neither somebody or something outside myself and/or make those outside myself responsible for what is or is not inside me.

And yes I have no problem with conversing with people that have that pull inside not even with thos that imagine it to be there.

There are crows, nightingales and eagles .. al have to live as they are, they cannot change for the better as the lord declared that they were all good as they are.

Nobody can change for the better ... THAT idea that it can be done, makes people unhappy.

You asked
"Well My question is for You n all rssb followers why we need guru or master if we can't have personal interactions with him or ask anything personally (if the the person is poor or ordinary person) ."

It is natural to seek a guide when you are trying to make progress learning something new, mastering a new skill, etc.

You select your own teacher. Every day you choose to go to their school, their classroom, to be in their presence, to hear their words or to read them, and to do your best to follow the instructions.

All your choice.

Not everyone elects to stay. The same teacher that seems loving and kind to one, seems tyrannical and harsh to another. And so one will stay and the other will seek another direction.

One student will make progress and discover the truth in what they were taught as exactly as they were told.

Another student will find a dead end, no results, and the teacher's assistants flawed, and some of their relatives corrupt.

Completely different experiences, and to each, 100% valid. Valid from the evidence of your own direct experience.

You choose the teacher who seems to be most helpful. And so long as you are moving forward, however slowly or quickly, you may choose to stay.

All your choice.

If the environment in India is too oppressive, you move to Canada, to an environment that is less oppressive. So that your efforts can yield greater progress, greater freedom.

Your choice.

Your choice means something if you yourself honor it, and put forth the effort to do so, to follow your dream, follow your bliss with all commitment and effort.

Same thing.

If you don't need a teacher, then you won't have one.

If you absolutely need a teacher, there are plenty. You must pick the best one. And if that decision changes as you grow, change teachers.

It is all on you.

Meeting the smallest challenge can be the greatest victory. It is all worthy of respect. So long as you do what you believe to be right in the moment. And are willing to learn from the results: either stay the course or make course corrections accordingly.

A Congratulations is definitely in order here!

We need more brave souls like you who are made from the real stuff to expose the malicious goings on by this fiend who goes by the name off "Gurinder Singh Dhillion"

There's a few Psychotic sevadars on here too like UM who are loyal extremists and ardent followers who will stop at nothing and will go at any lengths to protect they're Satanic black magic baba Gurinder Singh Dhillion

Good luck to them lol

Pay them no attention and expose the truth
Were living in Kalyug, Satans army is strong but will eventually get exposed n defeated, as God has willed.

Guilty Gurinder got away with murder of his wife just so his two Sons and Gurinder could live that "Happily ever after" with the Millions of a insurance payout and escape a very long prison sentence.

How sickening is that.

Also supporting and promoting racism within the caste system in India is a shameful n shallow move only Gurinder could make.These are just two of the many faces this cuniving little mad man holds

False Fake Fraudulent Bent Baba of Beas

Gurinder Singh Dhillion needs help he thinks he's god and is playing out a story in his nut case of a head and really thinks he is the One. 
He's even got others thinking that too.

A psychiatrist and some medical attention with hospitalization is definitely required at some level for his own mental health issues, if nothing.

The Sangat are falling for his helplessness state and are starting to even believe him slowly as he now tries to spread his falsehoods to the rest of the world and all the while he's trying to buy and open more Radha Soami Centres worldwide.

This lying looney baba of beas is laying the foundation for years to come, on lies for our future generations to fall for his Satanic Radha Soami Cult.

Our world is becoming even more led astray away from God as this false sick self - proclaimed charlatan baba is spreading his eastern indian false doctrines for his master Satan so nobody ever gets out of this hell hole alive

We don't need or want your trash so take it back home to your Dirty Dera at Beas where it belongs and so do you, you Sicko, Gurinder Singh Dhillion

Beware of this New Variant of Virus going around now "Gurinder Singh Dhillion Radha Soami Virus" which is spreading worldwide and fast...

Stay Safe People

Embracing false Gurudom is the best business in india. have a few friends and associates to promote your image. you don't have to sell anything to your followers. No cosmetics, Clothes, Garments, Gold, gems etc. You just tell them your soul will be taken care of after death. Millions will cling to your gurudom for supposed salvation.

The more I read about Gurinder Dhillon online, and from this site the more I discover the true character behind GSDs false image. With anger, I am totally baffled as to how I was lead down a path that mislead me further and further from god. It's so clear now, that all this so called baba g thinks about is his own self - the trait of an evil sociopath. GSD must have been depressed with how little he was earning as a sales man in Spain, so when he was offered gurudom , he must have seen it as a golden ticket to riches, power, and access to privaledged circles - a dream come true for this lazy ass opportunist. He must have had his eyes on the prize of mulvinders and shivinders riches and wealth all the time. What's more, his leadership involves dividing people into the favourites, the influencers, the rich that have all the privaledges, and the poor who do all the work, donate a large proportion of their income and have no privaledges and access whatsoever - nothing but a divide, dumb down and rule tactic. An evil tyrant baba.

This food company in the US called Amy's Kitchen is owned by a close friend of GSD by the name of Andy Berliner...NBC just did an expose of their mistreatment of employees. Guess evil people attract evil friends.


Brian Hines calls a list of completely unproven allegations, including murder, an act of "speaking truth to power."

So we have a crook, Gurinder Singh Dhillon, who has created divisions in RSSB by separating the rich from and the poor and many people have now said this- don't forget the book by Sheena, memoirs of a seeker which brings this up on many occasions. This is nothing but power and superiority of the chosen few rich and the poor slaves / lower cast.
This is no different to Egyptian pharaoh and the slave Jews centuries ago. Only this time this fake guru causes you to be submissive, meek, and surrender to him, with the help of a little magic mantra to keep the brainwashed sangat in his fold. The simple poor are totally gullible and uneducated and are easy prey to the predator bent baba of beas who has sold his soul for fame and riches. It is also highly suspicious how the bent babas wife had passed away so suddenly and court charges suspended/ dropped - it all points to murder /a sacrifice for the benefit of the narcissist guru. May be a soul had to be taken by satan as a sacrifice for gurinder to benefit, after all GSD is into black magic behind the scenes - what do you think the repetition of 5 satanic words are.

We clearly see that Gurinder Singh Dhillon has created a division in the dera. The rich and the privaledged upper class and the poor who are the slaves doing all the seva. This is remarkably similar to the pharaohs in Egypt, who were suppose to be the incarnations of the gods that love to rule over the slave workers, that were praying for salvation and a saviour. GSD, sits high up on a stage and requires the sangat to be submissive, and surrendering everything, which is the very program which enables an uneducated indian innocent soul to be gullible and easily manipulated. This is nothing but the preditor bent baba, preying on desperate people that are looking for salvation from their ugly experiences in this often painful lives. This makes Gurinder heartless, selfish and egocentric.

Why are you spreading hate?

I have been Radha Soami since 2017 I am very confused
Don’t understand if I am in the right path after reading all the comments about baba ji Gurinder Singh
I feel like leaving this path
Is it true that baba Gurinder Singh murdered his wife

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