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December 25, 2021


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It's actually possible to predict the future. Many of us predicted 11 months ago, and with near 100% metaphysical certitude, that things in this country would quickly get worse. And bingo: the past year's soaring crime, run away inflation, rudderless foreign policy, and an even worsening immigration crisis. By the same token, those with a more religious outlook spent the past 5 years imagining a dire future that never came to pass.

If no one knows, how can there be any anxiety?

It is only when the illusion of knowing is threatened there is anxiety. The illusion of this physical reality and the illusion of our possessions, however entrenched our defense of them, when one believes this is all there is, this kind of Atheism causes anxiety. Because we are renters at best, and own nothing. We didn't write the lease, and it can all be taken by eminent domain at any time.

We live out of a mental suitcase containing all our belongings, which goes with us wherever we do.

But even those items are rented.

Spirituality provides a basis that is incorruptible, so that when the storms come and go we laugh. Because we are connected to the Logos that is always giving life and never ceases. We are part of it, an expression of it.

There was no permanence to calm wheather. There is no permanence to stormy weather.

The tree was going to fall anyway. The tires were going to slip. And then regain their footing.

The One thing that never changes is the Logos.

Be that.

"Religious believers, of whom I used to be one, typically have a clear sense of what will happen after they die. Heaven, God, afterlife, soul travel, reincarnation -- whatever it is, something predictable awaits."

These are all mental constructs that reflect upon a larger, indescribable truth. It is only " predictable " in the sense that it is timeless, eternal, unchanging.

Be that.
It puts everthing else into a much smaller context. Because it is a much larger perspective.

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