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December 24, 2021


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This reads like it was copied verbatim from the Babylon Bee.

Happy Christmas, Brian, to you and yours. Much (continued) appreciation for your lovely blog.

And to all of the gang here, Spence, Dungeness, Tendzin, Osho Robbins, Manjit, the single-focus GSD-bashers Uchit and Manoj, and Ron, and the rest of you (as well as one-time commenters and now possibly occasional visitors and silent lurkers, like One Initiated and Tucson and x/cc, et al): Have a great holiday season and New Year, everyone. Cheers, all.

Thank you Appreciative!
Merry Christmas to you, Brian Ji, and the rest the rest of the misfits as well.

Oh, um, you too, obviously, if you're seeing this! :---). My best wishes to you for Xmas and the New Year.

@ AR

> Oh, um, you too .....<

Hahahaha ...and ....thank you AR for your appreciated wishes.

@ AR

Conversing with a french scholar he send me a quote of this man:

There are some on that page about the way how people think. He addresses the matter of thinking about democraty but it should be no problem to free it from that topic and use his quotes in general terms or specifi others.

Yes yes protocolists forgive me the trespassing .... regulations after all are there to serve humans, but humans do not exist to be controlled by the same regulations....these are days of peace .... hahaha ...and light.

@ Brian's boisterous blog band (4B club)

Yippie ki-yay, keep dem bloggies rollin'!
May all things you're missin' be waitin' at
the end of the ride.

Happy belated holidays and to all a new year of insights.

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