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November 27, 2021


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Every religion, including the religion of Atheism, at its most extreme, believes everyone else's thinking is inferior to their own.

It's unscientific because rather than investigate the beliefs of others with an open mind, as a scientist, they draw their own self - promoting conclusions.

But within most religions, indistinguishable Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and others, can be found similar practices of submission, prayer and meditation. These have hard scientific evidence for substantial psychological and physiological health benefits.

So, accept your fate, and embrace your faith.

Just don't use it to judge anyone else.

That is the problem for sure. If religion is just "crazy delusions," then how to explain why religious people are able to survive everyday life.

Actually that's not accurate. Religious people don't just survive every day life. We know that's not true because studies have shown that children do better when raised with religious teachings. Children not raised with religious teachings do not handle life as well.

It's kind of amusing actually. The fracture of our society is growing apace with the decline of religious practice, and yet we're constantly told that religion is a huge problem for society.

Religion gives life meaning. That is why it's important. Human beings are meaning-oriented creatures, which is probably the key reason why every human society has had a religious orientation of some kind or other.

With religion, people find reason to life this life with dignity and selflessly. Without religion, people at large tend to abandon their sense of meaning and turn to the pursuit of money, drugs, or secular Utopian schemes that always seem to require enforced conformity from their fellow 2 legged mammals.

With religion, people tend to be more grateful for other people, and more grateful to be alive. Without religion, you might find people admitting "I guess I'm grateful I'm alive." I guess everything has its silver lining, including nihilism. Not caring if one lives or dies can perhaps be seen as wisdom, though not everyone would agree with that view.

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