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November 11, 2021


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To know HER , One must BE HER

"What if God hates religions?"

While obviously made in jest, but that line of thinking seems reasonable enough if you think about it.

If I came to know that someone's making use of my reputation and the goodwill that others have for me --- such as they are! --- and are, without my say-so, going ahead and oppressing others in my name and causing people unnecessary pain and hurt, and/or enriching themselves in my name, then I know I'd be majorly pissed off, and I'd do what I could to put a stop to that and to 'punish' them.

Likewise, if there were a God, and if that God were at all interested in us, then I'm sure He'd not be at all pleased with the ISIS for killing in His name, and with the Pope and all of his freeloading organization for fooling others and living off of making fools of them in His name, and so on and so forth.

Absolutely, if there were a God, and if that God were at all inclined to inflict pain on to individuals within His creation, eternally or otherwise, then that is precisely the sort of people who'd be foremost on his list!


All of which points at yet another hole within that more-full-of-holes-than-substance construct that is Pascal's Wager.

Nihilism is not wisdom, and neither is misanthropy. Don't take my word for it. Try to find where the Buddha or Buddhist leaders made a similar screed about the non-existence of God, and condemned everyone who believed in anything more than material reality.

The same goes for Ramana Maharshi and Krishnamurti. Why weren't they on board with a hyper-Dawkinist antipathy toward believers?

Aside from that, say you dropped your wallet on the streets of NYC or Salt Lake City. Quick, which would you expect better odds of having it returned to you by someone who put morality over self-interest? Yes, in one light Mormonism is a trainwreck of cultish garbage, but on the other hand it somehow produces people of exemplary character. That's not an accident, it's a result of theistic belief.

My point is that religious belief is indeed problematic, but problematic is not the same thing as baleful. Religious belief offers a mix of benefits and drawbacks both personal and social.

"Nihilism is not wisdom, and neither is misanthropy. ..."

Posted by: Tendzin | November 12, 2021 at 07:22 AM


Sorry, that's an out-and-out strawman.

There is nothing remotely "misanthropic" in what Brian's written about here. Not even if you stood upside down and read the thing through squinted eyes.

And nor does non-acceptance of --- and/or jesting about --- others' unevidenced beliefs come close to "nihilism". Clearly recognizing that there is no evidence for any God-mandated commandments or values is not to eschew all values altogether.

Pissed off, . . . . yes, metoo

butr if you can find my little essay 'how it works"
about what an Eternal, Almighty still needs
it's all comprehensbl e

... also karma is juste and not revenge
it is the minimum for learning after the sole Law "do not hurt"

I should read Brian's "Life is Fair" - I'm curious what's in

Hello, 777, old friend.

"Do not hurt" works for me. If that were the "sole law" that all religious folks lived by and propagated, then I'm sure I'd be happy to get behind them. If only.

Tendzin, it doesn't appear that religious nations have lower crime rates than less religious nations. I'm pretty sure that the opposite is more true.

For example, the United States is highly religious. Yet we have more people in prison that any other country. Sure, partly that's because our justice system is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation.

This is a difficult question to research because many religious countries are unstable, while less religious countries often are more prosperous, like the Scandinavian countries.

But it seems clear that religiosity isn't directly linked to less crime. For one example, see:


Thanks Brian!

"God doesn't play favorites. When death comes, every person is going to end up in the exact same place: nowhere. And in the same condition: nothingness. Nowhere and nothingness... these are two words that please God beyond all others, since they describe the nature of God perfectly."

The "nature of God" is a primeval enigma to the mind of all humans except the Saints Who have immersed their own being in the Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream. Opposite of your hypothesis of being "nothing", the Sound Current is the very Essence of God. The great news is that this Sound Current is accessible to all human beings and is reverberating behind and between the eyes of EVERY HUMAN.

This is how a lowly human being contacts the Supreme Lord of all creation, according to the Saints Who actually know what they are talking about. The great challenge is to find a bonafide Saint! My understanding is that there are two or three living Saints as I write this comment. Saints are very rare but exist at all times on planet Earth for those weary souls who are fed up and disgusted with the lower creation of material existence.

Seek the Sound that never ceases...the sun that never sets - Rumi.

Are most of the people in American prisons right now faithful Christians? More to the point, were they faithful Christians when they committed the acts that landed them in prison? Everyone immediately knows the answer to these questions with no help from any sociological studies. People who commit crimes are almost invariably non-believers.

But as studies go, Dawkin's is deeply flawed, as correlation is not causation. He's trying to claim that criminals in South America are observant Catholics and Protestants, which is as absurd as claiming that most of Louisiana's criminals are church going Baptists. Moreover, he's also making an even more ridiculous claim that religious teachings are somehow the cause of criminality.. Pinning criminality on religious belief is a gross oversimplification of the actual societal and cultural reasons for crime in American and elsewhere.

And it's an evasion of the pertinent question of your argument for atheism: How precisely would religious belief be the *cause* of criminality? How does believing in God impel a person to criminal acts? Good luck finding sociological studies to prove it.

Other studies that contradict Dawkin's:

Metropolitan areas with high rates of congregational membership and areas with high levels of religious homogeneity tend to have lower homicide and suicide rates than other metropolitan areas.1) States with more religious populations tend to have fewer homicides and fewer suicides.2) Religious attendance is associated with direct decreases in both minor and major forms of crime and deviance, to an extent unrivaled by government welfare programs.3) There is a 57 percent decrease in likelihood to deal drugs and a 39 percent decrease in likelihood to commit a crime among the young, black inner city population if they attend religious services regularly.4)


“In the big picture, religious presence seems to matter to the amount of violence and crime in a community,” says Jeffery Ulmer, a professor of sociology and crime, law and justice at Pennsylvania State University who led the county-level study. “It matters to blacks, whites and Latinos.”


What if God hates religions?

If there's one he totally despises and has to be the most disgusting, hands down it's Gurinder Singh Dhillion & Radha Soami Cult

Fair point, one can see as to why too....

The King of Bull Shite Gurinder Singh Dhillion who loves preaching about God and his morales which presumably God himself gave to Goody two shoes Gurinder to give to us all.

How blessed are we, what a load of Crap.

With all that the exposed no morales Gurinder Singh Dhillion does himself shows a lot about his character as whole its more like a Dog than any God.

You're past your Cell by date to Gurinder Singh Dhillion

Yup, His bark is way more louder than his bite.

God hates blasphemy and Gurinder Singh Dhillion paints that perfect picture.

God wouldn't touch Gurinder Singh Dhillion & Radha Soami Cult with a bargepole let alone using it to teach humanity as a way back to him.

See beyond Gurinder Singh Dhillions evil little man ways and give yourself the chance to experience the real joy of living beyond fake n fraudulent man made  religions like Radha Soami Cult!!!

If we wish to know what God loves or hates we must look within ourselves. He is there if He is anywhere.

What will we find?


All the conflicting and aligned thinking. But it all blooms from a source.

Quiet the mind, and in devotion, find Him!

Not many haters today, . . seems the number shrinks somewhat
@AR, you made my day
and Albert : That Sound is there but only accessable in people of compassion that not hurt
and a Master may come for One Soul only
and HE might be a homeless under a Paris bridge
You compacted the teachings perfectly

We should remind that the normal way for all souls is to unify with Brahma
and when you never hurt a thing , neither steal a smile : That works perfectly,and ascese speeds it up
Next when Brahma goes in ParaBrahm join him
That s Jacobs Ladder
and God's Fire Wall
Meeting a Mystic like Rumi is a very simple emergency exit
just love The Mystic and His Song
and GOO


God definitely hates religion, God hates cults , and god hates hypocrites that sit on stage for a few hours and pretend they are god realised. When in actual fact they are actors , con men, or even crooks hiding behind a mask of a perfect saint. Gurinder Singh Dhillon your days are numbered as karma is being served to you on a plate. Stop feeding lies to the innocent sangat.
RSSB agents on this site , time to stop peddling lies and really look inside your self and see which team you are supporting. Are your special privileges given by GSD really worth it? A short term gain is not good for the long term.

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