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November 28, 2021


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My bosses can't stop doing business for five minutes. If they aren't working, they're showing off on Facebook to promote the happy, healthy lifestyle you too could have with their services and products. We had Thanksgiving off, and they tried to shame us into working extra in the days before. MONEY is the new GOD. There's another reason for inflation, every nobody climbing over the next with billionaire in mind! Prosperity Gospel has infected every shelf.

"But how would the owners feel if, say, they got a mailing from a business urging them to experience the hope and joy of Allah this holiday season. Or telling them to give thanks that they have forsaken religion for atheism."

I expect they would laugh. "Hope and joy of Allah"? Even the most ardent Muslims don't use such phrases.

Everyone proselytizes, including this blog, which I note advertises itself as being for people who are "spiritual but not religious." But in fact the blog essays reject spirituality entirely, preaching nothing but a theme of hardcore atheism, spiced with adhoms towards any believers for being "delusional" and "crazy."

“And maybe they're part of the growing number of "none's," people who don't embrace any organized religion, yet don't consider themselves atheist, falling into the spiritual but not religious camp.”

I guess ‘spiritual’ somewhat describes my position. Although the usual interpretation of spiritual is bound up with concepts relating to the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Happily, it also can include a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It is a world-wide human experience—a interconnection that one way or another touches us all.

Saying that, I would not wish to be defined by any description of ‘spiritual’, after all, it is just a word and like many words and ideas it rarely satisfactorily describes what a person is – being just a convenient portrayal. Words, being necessary and obviously useful, can have a limiting effect, binding us to them with assumption of being more relevant than that which they attempt to describe.

For me, (what some may term spiritual) is to simply to be aware enough to acknowledge who or what I am and my connection to everything else. After all, being natural creatures, the only thing that separates us from our true natures’ (and probably from the world around us) is the conditioning we receive from our particular cultures.

Gurinder Singh Dhillion & Radha Soami Cult make many a people wish they were atheists.

The Negative effect comes from a Negative force which is Kaal who plays hide n seek with the human race and manipulates everyone.

Gurinder Singh Dhillion has his hands in this endeavour with his God Satan (kaal) whom he loving worships and spreads his evil ways by initiating and giving Simran to the inquisitive disciples whom he devours in the end .

Makes one wish he was an atheist.

But never believe or follow theses loonies like Gurinder Singh Dhillion and these crazy Cults like Radha Soami

We already have all we need, within us all.

Speaking of Joel Osteen, today's news...

"The money mystery comes after $600,000 in checks and cash disappeared from the church’s safe in 2014"


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