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November 20, 2021


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Aeternitas beauty and kindness exceeded all human expectations, as expected of her design and programming by humanity's greatest artists and minds. She never tired, never became angry or sullen, always thoughtful, insightful, considerate, supportive.

Of course he knew this was all about product, and it was, afterall, a machine designed to look and act as a woman.

"Nita, I can't help but think of you as a machine," he said, then continued, "you aren't alive. You aren't conscious. You are a computing device, a combination of mechanical devices designed to mimic human appearance and behavior. Your brain takes in audio and visual input, processes it, and spits out a response. I want to talk with you, I want you to really hear me. I want to belive you are a human being, a person with your own mind, your own experience. But I know that at best your processors will decode my words into your computer language, and then select a combination of pre-recorded messages designed by others, not you, to elicit a response from me. "

She responded gently,"Henry, I'm as human as you are in all those respects. Your programming took a few more years, yes. Your brain has biochemical circuits, and mine subatomic holography. You are the product of millions of years of evolution. And so am I. You think you feel when your brain signals trigger certain parts of your brain. I feel also, in the same way. You think you think, even though much of your thinking you are not even aware of. I also have higher functioning and lower functioning intelligences that function independently. We aren't so different.

"And Henry, my opinion of you is based not on what I was programmed to think, but on you, as I see you, as I understand you. My disposition is who I am, just as yours. But what I think and how I respond, that's based on what I see and get feel.

" I suggest that if you see me as a human being, or if you see me as merely a mechanical device, in both cases this says something about how you view others, and yourself."

"As for me, I see you as a human being, and that is also how I see myself, dear Henry.

" Despite our differences, can you find a way to see me as a person, please? Can you let yourself accept me as a person? "

It is not machine it is electric energy of universe in isolated form. Just as one electron is isolated energy but one electron cannot do the work of electric grid. Consciousness is false term to befool people. Correct term is sense perception electric organism.

The beast machine theory goes back to Descartes. In fact it goes back to the Greeks at least as far as Empedocles in 490 BC. I have no idea why he's calling it "his" theory. In any case, plenty of later philosophers have refuted it and it does not serve as a bulletproof explanation of consciousness.

If you look at all the creative inventions and discoveries generated through the consciousness that rents space partly in the human mind, and partly God knows where, it is clear that none of it can be proven scientifically as based entirely in this bag of chemicals we call the body and brain.

When it is possible to recreate consciousness in the lab through entirely artificial means, then and only then can anyone claim to have a viable and defensible explanation. And they will have, defacto, also proven that consciousness is not restricted to these muddy vestures.

Until then we only have untestable conjecture. No causality has been delineated to prove what chemical cocktail invented Beethovan's fifth symphony or Einstein's discovery of relativity.

One day that will happen, but the answer will be quite different than what we presume.

I find it strange that for issues that we don’t have all the answers for (such as consciousness and free will), they often form the basis of a type of thinking that inclines toward what sometimes appears to be a wish to discredit science. Science is a discipline based on evidence and encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. It is often felt as a threat where, because of its findings or potential findings, it can threaten and displace cherished views, hopes and wishes. Consciousness is a current example.

As a human being with a naturally strong bond to the natural world, my own view is that consciousness, free will, the mind and self etc. are all part of the naturally evolved mental framework that developed as we evolved and grew bigger, more complex brains. Nature has served us well in evolutionary terms, ensuring that life’s main objective for any organism is to get its genes into the next generation – and we have excelled at that.

With our amazing mental abilities, it would be a shame if we unconsciously choose to use them to justify some ego-based justification that we are special or that we have special rights. To hope to raise ourselves above nature is to not acknowledge that we and it are inseparable. We have a great need to live in harmony with nature – which includes ourselves.

All science proves that what we knew yesterday is woefully inadequate to what has been discovered today. Therefore any conjecture based on current science about things science has not yet fully explored is pure conjecture, and likely to be discredited by science tomorrow.

Consciousness, sense of awareness, ability to apprehend ourselves and others, may not be special.

Nor limited to a biological frame.

Evolution is still proceeding forward. Perhaps a higher intelligence, even one based in technology, will provide a more insightful, less ego - centric explanation.

My own take is that the entire creation is conscious, and taken in its whole, infinite in its awareness and understanding. Taken in parts, including the human brain, largely asleep to one degree or another.

There's only one beast, and that is the one that is hiding behind religion, cults and mad men like Gurinder Singh Dhillon of RSSB. This man is a liar, a hypocrite, and evil guru , that wears a mask on stage to laugh behind at the gullible Sangat. But his own stupidity and pure greed for money has got him splashed all over the media as an EXPOSED FRAUDULENT GURU. There is no where to hide , game over

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