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October 06, 2021


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Happy Birthday Brian, may you continue to enjoy your life✨🙏😊
Greetings from Bangkok

Happy Birthday Brian, hope you have a lovely day!


Happy Birthday, Brian San, and thank you for a wonderfully enlightening
Dojo where we can all joust. Now about double spacing after periods...
I say there's demonstrable evidence that your eyes need them but, but,
oh, never mind...

Many happy returns, Brian!

Suggested title revision: From RSSB to NIMBY


Keep up the good work exposing fake gurus like Gurinder Singh Dhillon and RSSB. Keep a check on the RSSB agents that like to recruit new members on from this very site.


I see you're doing just great since you left Gurinder Singh Dhillion & Radha Soami Cult.
Always good to throw out the trash

Living a Life of freedom and Living it on your terms too, beautiful

Have a good one and thanks for all your hard work, putting up with us all 😊

Happy Birthday, Brian!

I enjoyed the levity of your post. Libra (according to astrologers) is the most contradictory of all the zodiac signs. Librans are really easy going and take on a “live and let live” attitude towards life. But if you disturb their protected peace they will destroy you. 😂 That’s a generalization but it holds true more often than not.

Of course, most of us have birth charts made up of multiple zodia signs. Not me—I’m almost all Libra.

Oh, but life is all about learning… We will be learning lessons till the day we die. That’s what keeps us humble and makes life exciting. Accepting our imperfections and understanding that we are here to works towards improving things (not to be perfect) helps us not take our selves so seriously that it makes us uncomfortable. A life without laughter is not much of a life.

Wishing you all the best and much laughter.

Thanks for the many years of interesting posts and viewpoints, Brian. All the best to you and yours on the completion of your 73rd year and a safe entrance into your 74th.

Keep up the great work...Much Love, Al

(the big life lesson for Librans is Life is not Fair). After you accept that, life gets much easier.

Always pay it forward… not backwards. That’s the only way to make any sort of difference. Like say, creating a blog where people can communicate new ideas and grow and learn something new—each in their own way. 😉 That’s pretty cool. Thanks!!!

Happy Birthday, Brian!

You are a wonderful internet blogger and philosopher, and friend.

I respect your sense of self worth based in part on doing good, such as the environmental protest you waged successfully.

Others, myself included, might have thought there would be no way to fight a large monied development corporation.

That was inspiring.

As well as your humility and practical view of your own human limitations, which we all share and can relate to.

Personally, I take solace that no matter how many efforts I make may prove flawed or inadequate, there is a place of peace, love and inspiration I can turn to. And even a value system that says going there is the only important thing. Or even more now importantly, merely the act of trying to go there is all that counts, However limited my successes and plentiful my failures.

That puts my whole life into a smaller context, being part of something much larger.

"God loves me" is very powerful for me, and humbling, knowing God loves everyone. It inspires me to pray "Teach me, Father, how to love everyone, as You do."

It is precisely because of my limited mind that I accept Faith as real and essential, because I must have Faith in most everything anyway.

Hey Spence...that was lovely, true, humble and inspiring.

We give our best energy to our mind and egos unknowingly. The perfect Soul is buried in all the intellectual pride, machinations, whims, caprices, hedonism, pride and self-aggrandizement of the mind.

It's high time to call uncle on our individual minds...the impostrous and fraudulent self. By being emotionally honest about your shortcomings and flaws, Spencer, you have provided a stellar example of humility...a character trait that is woefully lacking in these corrupt times.

Thanks so much.

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