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August 17, 2021


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The ordinary and the sacred are in each other.

But to see the sacred in the ordinary requires transcendance.

"The Tao, Zhuangzi explained, is to be found everywhere in the world, not just in a transcendent realm: it is in the ants, the grass, the earth -- even in the 'piss and shit.' "

That's a mystic view. The transcendent realm subsumes the
physical so "leaving this world behind to find a better one" is
better expressed as "expanding your awareness to discover
higher realms than the physical world". You don't leave the
physical "behind" either.

Transcending to the highest level, you're simply aware of
all things at all levels. Sometimes termed the 'totality of
consciousness", no level vanishes in a poof of smoke as
you ascend. All levels remain transparent. You become
the preeminent lucid dreamer. At least that's what I read
and am now parroting.

"But transcendence is not the only path for attaining a state of oneness."

.......But what exactly would "attaining a state of oneness" actually mean?

I can get behind UNDERSTANDING oneness --- regardless of whether that is done via the immanence route or the transcendence route, and regardless of whether such understanding is correct or not, that is, whether such understanding actually comports with reality.

But what exactly would "a STATE of oneness" amount to, that is to be "ATTAINED"?

Since I can remember from my early teens my peers, as well as myself, were all allured by the notion of "one", some of us attempting to be "one"...either through drugs or some type of meditation practice. I can remember a girl who liked to stare at a candle for long periods in solitude. She claimed that she had achieved a state of "oneness" with everything. Amazing human being, and only 15 years old! I haven't a clue where she is today...merged with "space"? I also remember she had to go seek medical treatment for impairment of vision!

Ah, the 60s and 70s, when the youth of the time wanted "OUT" of the insanity characterizing humanity as a whole. So, Yogananda died and Maharishi came. The world was seeking something to unify a fractured family of humans and, indeed, a fractured individual consciousness and troubled life.

Nothing has changed. Fact is that I am writing and you are reading: that is duality, a subject (me) and object (you). To eliminate this "troublesome 2" all sorts of methods have been devised and practiced since times immemorial.

But why eliminate the obvious multiplicity in which we live, supported by the evidence of the physical senses? It is clear that we exist in an infinitely diverse world of form, species, elements and ideas. Why attempt to dissolve such a panoply of wonderful variety and seemingly endless sensations?

The answer is stunning: hardly anyone is happy in this world. In fact, in my humble opinion, most are miserable and always complaining about their misfortune, troubles and pain.

So, far from simply being a fad or fetish, the search for unicity with a long-forgotten Original Source goes on...the search will continue and I applaud it! Some believe that there is no such thing as a "search"...that one is already One and nothing needs to be done...while the whining, real suffering and complaints continue.

One thing is for certain here on Earth: All living things will die. The fear of death is the prime motivation to reach back and find the ONE, merging with IT and never being troubled by "2" again.

"The answer is stunning: hardly anyone is happy in this world. In fact, in my humble opinion, most are miserable and always complaining about their misfortune, troubles and pain.

So, far from simply being a fad or fetish, the search for unicity with a long-forgotten Original Source goes on...the search will continue and I applaud it!"

.......That's a very insightful observation, a. Food for thought there.

But, if this is true, then isn't this misguided? If people are almost universally miserable, and if as you suggest they are seeking oneness only/primarily because they're miserable, then wouldn't they be better served if instead of wasting their efforts on finding oneness, they focused those efforts on understanding the nature and cause of their misery, and on alleviating that misery?

Transcendence: “Passing beyond human limit; independent of any material experience.” Immanence: “Existing or remaining within; inherent.” Unity with the divine is both. You must go beyond your self to be in the divine. To be in the soul, the divine in you, is to be in the divine. The divine is not just in you, it is in All: animate and inanimate; on Earth and in this entire Universe; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual; anything, everything, but yet no thing.

I find it interesting (and this is somehow relevant) that the images astronomers capture of distant stars and galaxies are images from light years ago. We we see of the “heavens” in outer space is not in the presence.

In ACIM it states, “This world was over long ago. The thoughts that made it are no longer in the mind that thought of them and loved them for a little while”.

ACIM is written in a strange language and style similar to Shakespeare, but simply put that translates to the point that we are all living in the past. Just like the images captured of far away galaxies, we aren’t capable of living in the now as long as we remember the past. (Something to think about.)

So, immanence is a discipline. It’s a of forgetting. The kind of forgetting that helps one let go of the past. But for some reason humans love to live in the past. I guess that’s why we’re still here.

Nothing about the astral or causal realms are real. The experience of them is purely imagination. And imagination is very powerful. Immanence is real because it shows that the divine (however you want to define it) is in everything. Transcendence suggests that the divine is separate—something beyond you that you have to try and reach.

The Astral regions are the larger portion of this reality...containing the heavens and the hells. This physical reality is just the dust, debris and pebbles washed ashore in this tiny backwater of detectable reality: Very much a byproduct.

But what exactly would "a STATE of oneness" amount to, that is to be "ATTAINED"? - appreciative reader

Good question

The notion of “attaining” oneness is flawed.

Firstly it’s not an “attainment” because only an “I” can attain.
Secondly it’s not an attainment because it’s already the case, not a future event that happens through effort.

When the notion of a separate self is dropped then oneness IS.

Oneness always IS - but the “I” or the self stands In the way and it appears to be a distant goal.

Oneness is here and now - not somewhere else to be achieved or attained.

It is not an experience because all experiences necessarily require two and only happen in duality

Oneness is not a happening

A person cannot experience oneness
All experience is in duality

The idea of trying to attain it through effort such as meditation only means the person trying has misunderstood and considers it to be a goal to be attained.

Because everything in life is obtained through effort and is a future goal, we mistakenly think god / oneness is the same.

We pursue in the same way as we pursue any other goal in life. We think that through effort, we will eventually achieve it.
We think of it as another thing to attain in our dualistic world

My mums battle with cancer is over.
The cancer won.
Sad time. I miss her immensely. She was the centre of my life.
Everything ends.


For some reason I thought of you today and now I know why. So very sorry for your loss.

The astral, causal, hell regions are part of the mind. The mind IS imagination. Unless you believe it to be “Real”.

I'm sorry for your loss, Osho, and pray your transition through this time has meaning, and peace.

Dear Osho Robbins, I'm so sorry for your loss. Words are always inadequate at a time like this. As you say, everything ends. How heartbreaking those two inexorable words are.

Spence, Sonia, AR,
Thank you for your comments.
We would like our loved ones to be with us forever. Unfortunately forever is a luxury we don’t have. Time destroys everything. Nothing can bring back the person who has gone. We are helpless in the face of death.

Hi Osho,

I'm sorry to hear about your mum......I feel the same way about my mother.

I seem to have lost your phone number, I must have deleted it by accident because I'm sure I had it saved....please drop me a message bro when you get a moment.....


I feel for you. The death of a parent is very disorienting.

Umami / Anami and Manjit
Thank you.
Mums are special. My mum used to call me everyday, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day and ask me if I have eaten, exercised and so many other things. Nobody cares as much as your mum.

@ Osho

>> Nobody cares as much as your mum.<,

There are mothers, that are "mothers" but not all that give birth are mothers these days.

In my lifetime I have seen how the traditional values and knowledge, attributed to women, has been lost.

Humans cannot excel in two things at the same time .... if a society wants its female subjects to work for the greater good of society they cannot focus on their offspring.

When I was younger there was little talk about "work". Work was something to make money for the family and family life was the central focus ... work just being one of the things. These days every seems focused on work at the expense of everything else.

Osho, you're right, everything ends. But when it is a loved one's life, we don't want their life to end, even though our rational side knows this must happen one day.

I'm sorry for your loss. It's tough when a parent dies. When my mother died, though, I was grateful in a way, because she had suffered a severe stroke and never would have bene the same person had she woken up. I knew she didn't want to live if her mind was gone, so when she died in a hospital, it really was a relief.

I hope your mother's last days were mostly pain free and family members were able to be with her. Death may be inevitable, but a "good death," though sort of a contradiction of terms, is to be hoped for.

Hi Brian
Thank you for your comments.
You are absolutely right. Living is only worthwhile if it’s enjoyable. Thankfully she passed away peacefully in her sleep and all three of her children were with her in the last week before she passed away. We were all there when she breathed her last.
She went through no pain at all. I am glad she didn’t suffer because that would be very hard to endure. Thursday she was weak and didn’t even move. Friday she recovered and spoke to us and seemed on a recovery path. Saturday she just slept and passed away at 11.15pm.
I miss her because she was such a central part of my life. The child in me just wants her back. If only I had a magic wand, I would bring her back even if just for one day.
Life is such - a fleeting experience. Nothing you can hold onto for long or claim as your own.

Dear Osho,

As I read... your Mom have had a peaceful yourney from here...

Feeling so sorry for you... _/\_

With love,


Hi Osho
You wrote
"Thank you for your comments.
We would like our loved ones to be with us forever."

A part of them is. When my step mom died, the woman who saved our family, it was very tough. What would life be without her love and guidance?

But now whenever I bake a cake,or knead bread I remember her lessons about baking. Every time I fold in ingredients, I remember her teaching me how. She loved to cook. And now when I cook one of her recipes I remember. I remember her gentle words about life and friendship and responsibility.

And when I remember, it isn't like a faded photograph. In that moment she is alive again with me. I have her company for a few moments. And I'm happy. She is a part of who and what I am, and so she lives in me and through me. As long as I'm alive, she is alive.

You will find her again in this way, one day. Or, without any effort at all, she will find you. And that will be a fine day, Osho.

What a beautiful message
Thank you

You are right. She lives in me. She taught me my values. In my mind I talk to her every day.

You are so true in your writings about Oness..
I like and love that way of ....let I say being..( just be)
Itś a relieve that one not has to ´do´ something to achieve that .
It just IS..

It is difficult for me to talk or write these days..
Words are always shortcoming ...
But we need them too..

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