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August 25, 2021


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"7) Telling members of marginalized communities how to think, feel, and act about their own oppression is prohibited."

What would be examples of this?

Excellent post, Brian. I was in some initial discussions about the Let's Discuss Salem group. I'd just connected (on FB messenger) with the woman you are describing--about 4 weeks ago. I soon learned she is intense, controlling, and passive-aggressive. She started messaging me at 5am on some days and it seemed as though she thought I was her employee. I was misled by her and always felt there was a hidden agenda to the group. She never told me the true intent of the group, which I believe is organizing against the proud boys. I want them out of town too, but sending people into crowds during a global pandemic is absurd. She is all about virtue signaling and I feel the group was started to compete with the FB city council group. I chose to leave the group after being personally attacked by 3 people and being called names. Political fundamentalism indeed.

Wokey, wokey… no more pokey

Self-righteous people are the least fun.

I would say the Taliban is a tad self-righteous. Just kidding, their self-righteousness is full blown bat shit unhinged. Zero fun.

Critical thinking could not produce any orator equal to Osho Rajneesh or U G Krishnamurti in America or Britain. What kind of critical thinking people are promoting in America or Britain.

Let's be a little critical:

Nasa: 3 Trillion Galaxies in this Universe - my feel says :
+3 zeros more
And there might be an equal trillion Universes in Brahma's/Yahwe s astral.

Chance to meet This Maker : one on a 1000 Trillion figure

Chance that Charan was totally fake : you name it

If some zeros left will be on the RSSB side

What are U doing in these months, . . left 4U


I don't see the 1st Baptist church or All Saints Catholic parish or any other religious group battling in the streets of Portland, the city which has been a hub of woke riots for the last 2 years.

Tendzin, here in Salem, south of Portland, a local church has been having anti-abortion protests outside a Planned Parenthood office. The church has the Proud Boys militia group providing "security." Recently the Proud Boys got into a fight with counter-protestors. So fundamentalist churches are aligned with right-wing troublemakers. The Proud Boys were part of the January 6 insurrection at our nation's capitol.

"What are U doing in these months, . . left 4U"


NASA? Groovy Charan 💛 asteroid!


Let's look up this word first:
Past tense and past participle of WAKE (Entry 2); alerted to something.


When we blacks use it, we mean and I'll say this only One time. We mean, never to be under the oppressive rule of white people. EVER AGAIN.


No one likes to be judged.
Especially when they are casting judgment on others.

So, when injustice is brought to light people either support that movement or marshall their arguments against it.

And then you see smaller minds arguing even in factions about who is really right and who is mostly but not completely right.

This entirely misses the point of the injustice originally brought forth.

And this sort of fractionalism arises from small minds that must establish their superiority rather than get behind the movement. People who don't know how to support other people's ideas.

But without supporting other people's ideas, even imperfect ones, no progress happens.

They supported the movement so long as they could judge others as wrong.

Now they create factions so they can continue to have an audience judging others as wrong.

This is the problem with nihilistic thinking. It reduces all reality to absurdity, and then claims that isn't rational.

This is what you get when rational thinking crowds out understanding, and submission to reality.

Rational thinking is a whore who will assume any position for the fee of a few hand picked "facts".

"Chance to meet This Maker : one on a 1000 Trillion figure"

No. He is within us, all around us, in the palm of your hand, and you in His palm.

The price? Putting aside our tiny thinking, and accepting our natural ability to observe, accept, and submit.

In submission to our own thinking, there is enslavement.

In submission to truth, to the intuitive within, there is bliss. And that truth sets us free of our own nihilism.

And that is the first step to being truly helpful to anyone else.

It is easy to have faith in God and a good Cause when we understand we are tiny, microscopic in our rational thinking, but part of an infinite wisdom in our submission to it : all equal, all brothers and sisters and others together.

That is our natural state. Let us reconnect with it, cling to it, re-integrate worth the nature within us that binds us all together as One reality.

If rational thinking is a whore, irrational thinking is a barbarian horde. Besides, slut shaming perpetuates rape culture.

Hi Umami

You misunderstand.
A whore earns their pay by performing perfectly. I used the example as one of perfect subservience.

Rational thinking is a servant of our conditioning. And should not be our master. Rather, we should be aware of our biases.

As for shaming anyone, it's not good idea, right?

Now, if rational thinking can be such a perfect servant to our own biases, admirable in its defense of any position you prefer, why can't we become perfect servants of a single Truth?

I suspect it isn't possible with the flawed biochemistry of thinking. That Truth may be witnessed, but never accurately articulated.

Some folks would like all Truth to be submissive to rational thinking

But intuition and subjective thinking also play their part, and I suggest we can't apprehend any new truth without them.

I suggest that only established truths, commoditized information, old truths, can be apprehended by rational thinking, deductive and reductive thinking. New truths can't be uncovered on a basis of old facts because new truths are outside of old ones. Inductive thinking, Discovery requires imagination, vision, feels, and all these in support of putting aside thinking and learning to observe. To see what we had ignored or dismissed before, because it doesn't fit our auto pilot blinkered conditioned thinking. How do we see something new that our conditioned brain doesn't recognize and can't categorize?

Look to your critics to open up your thinking.

Take yourself out of it, and see things as they are, not as you are.

"Your idea is crazy.
But not crazy enough to be true."
Niels Bohr


Sorry, but I like rational thinking. Generally speaking, it's when people don't think rationally that they're driven by conditioning and bias. Lynch mobs? Capitol riot?

Hi Umami
You will find that lynch mobs are organized by a whole series of rational steps and arguments carefully orchestrated.

The danger is believing they are irrational and we are rational.

We are all being rational, but based upon a different set of agreed premeses.

Our conditioning determines what we will choose to believe.

Yes, there is irrational thinking. But often that becomes rational when we understand better the "facts" that support it.

The problem arises when we believe we are the true rational ones and "they" are irrational.

This happens when we refuse to understand or accept, or actually deny, the basis of other's thinking because we cannot accept their conclusions.

But doing that, selecting what to ignore, is irrational.


Indeed. I'm guilty of perpetuating civilization culture by shaming the barbarian horde.

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