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July 10, 2021


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A. Reality is neutral
B. Our stories should be believable
C. I am how the world wants me to be.

Not sure how C is possible if A is also true.

OK... Here are three of mine.

A. Reality isn't what you think.
B. Unbelievable stuff happens all the time.See A.
C. It may be someone else's fault, but nothing gets better until I quit bitching and take full responsibility.

Thanks Brian. Spence Tepper is sharp...very sharp. I agree with your A, Spence. How can Reality be thought of accurately if thinking, itself, is a later manifestation of the creative process? Thought cannot fathom or reach its own silent source. Thought is fluctuation and percolation of the mind. This is why the average human has 4000 thoughts per hour. Reality (methinks...ha!) must be absolutely stable and unmoving, unchanging, timeless and spaceless or Reality would not be Real...would not be True.

Words are extensions of thoughts. So, any descriptions of Reality with any language is an exercise in futility. Though this has never stopped anyone from trying!!

Love is the backdrop behind all manifestation, gross or subtle. Love and Reality are One, methinks. Go for the Love and you will be moving towards Reality.

Hi Albert
You have exceeded me.
Rule A. Love all as yourself, even higher, as the divine Father, if He were to exist, would love His own children dearly.

Whatever rule helps us to find peace within ourselves, the Lord within each other, and brotherhood and good will towards all; whatever color, lifestyle or geography we find ourselves around, God there! God in you! .. That's a good rule.

Today, Albert, in this moment, you are my perfect Master!

Let's find that rule within ourselves.

Because external rules may remind us of nice comfortable things But we can forget.

Better still to find it already inside. Then, even if we forget, that rule is still working, moving us to that place of love.

We may never be able to know much. But we can love greatly. We can help each other greatly simply living in brotherhood, finding that within ourselves already. And then, when we tire, we can go within to Him who never tires.

When our mind gets tired of its 4,000 thoughts per hour we can let it rest and connect it to Him. Because most of those thoughts are trying to figure out the next step. But the next step is just one step, not 4,000 maybes. And that one thing is already happening. We just need to accept that fact, and that will help us apprehend that single thought.

So rather than conjecture so many energy consuming thoughts, let us find that place within where we can apprehend in love, bliss, harmony and peace that one next step, and that one greater objective. That One reality. So simple and healthy. Already built in.

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