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June 03, 2021


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Thanks Brian. Whenever I contemplate my version of "reality" it is impossible for me to dismiss who the actual contemplator is. In other words, what or who within "me" is aware and conscious, before cognition of the evidence of the physical senses, i.e. the external panoply of life?

If one is observing only the forces of nature externally, including all material form and activity (infinite diversity, constant movement), it is obvious that many opinions and descriptions of the same object by different people naturally result.

My accent for contemplation for the last three decades has been to shut down temporarily the five senses and instead focus on the aware and conscious contemplator internally - the Real Me.

Maya is not just a word but indicates a depletion in conscious life-force. Maya is matter. Material forms are mutable, subject to entropy, age, deterioration and death. Thus, in my humble view, the external universe cannot be used as a reliable gauge to measure or contemplate "Reality".

So, reality is based on one's viewpoint. Why not choose a stable rock from which to see - one's own conscious Self - instead of a mutable external universe that is fluctuating every moment, like churning water? Who can explain the wild external panorama without having developed a stable consciousness as a platform?


Actually, I love quantum physics because it has somehow always helped me make sense of the world, spirituality and human interactions.

Even matter is just a bunch of vibrating atoms and smaller particles. Some are more dense than others which gives them more gravity. And gravity itself is fascinating—that’s where we get into the space time continuum. That’s also why you’re more likely to get really hurt if you fall on concrete as opposed to grass or even wood. Concrete is more dense—it’s particles vibrate more slowly and it’s gravitational pull is stronger.

So, if you’re going to fall and you have a choice—aim for the grass.

There is always a perspective, a viewpoint. To see from one additional viewpoint expands our awareness of reality. To see from additional view points gifts us a larger perspective.

Where an object, or a cat, moves through all stages continuously it is difficult to label it as one stage or the other. From the view of every point in time it is both, simultaneously. From a single point of time, which cannot be determined without the interference of physical measurement, there can only be a single state at any one point.

And from a single point without actual measurement it is equally probable that the cat is in one state or the other.

But our physical observation may influence that state. You may only see the cat by killing it. Then, you only see it in one state. A dead cat. However, to conclude, therfore, that the cat was always dead and never lived is a false conclusion.

Because then we are viewing things from that single view point alone. It is real, but incomplete. Yet it is the only state we will ever see looking in that way.

Since all things in nature are connected it is possible to understand all things without interfering. Because it is through those connections that the state of everything reports itself. For that we must tune ourselves, adjust ourselves to be in harmony with all those connections. And as we attend to different ones we are brought a different view of each. We can learn to see things holographically, with the answer changing as our attention alters our viewpoint: wholistically, as all points in timeless place, or from single views each a different place in space and time. The human mind has that capacity.

Thanks Brian. Good for wondering who is the consciousness that live in my physical apparatus.


I like your comment—

“There is always a perspective, a viewpoint. To see from one additional viewpoint expands our awareness of reality. To see from additional view points gifts us a larger perspective.”

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