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May 25, 2021


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Thanks, Brian. Honest expressions hit home every time. Here is an excerpt of your feelings, as I caught them: "Why, then, do I view this as a radical embrace of reality? What's radical about being aware of what's right in front of me?"

It seems to me that you are "sold" on the evidence of the physical senses, as well as your mind that is interpreting those inputs, discriminating as to whether the moment is pleasing, painful or mediocre, and taking action to secure a greater state of happiness, albeit temporary (all experiences in the human body are changing and are temporary, as well as the body itself). The five senses' stimuli most certainly overwhelm and surfeit the mind with a constantly changing panoply of forms, sounds, tastes, smells and touch and no one, including myself, can ignore these inputs. Living on earth requires a high survival rate and this includes understanding the evidence of the physical senses and one's state of awareness in this physical reality. The pleasures of the senses are very, very powerful and form our "likes and dislikes" on an individual basis.

I am one of those who believes in the sanskrit term "mithya", in describing this world and the entire range of sensory-intellectual experience of the mundane mind. I believe that higher levels of "reality" exist, though subjective and experienced by the individual. Thus, no "proof" is possible except one's own personal experience of said higher levels. Here is an interesting assessment by Sri Ramana Maharshi:

"A dialogue between Sri Ramana Maharshi, while giving clarification on the same subject, and a devotee is as follows:

A visitor: “The Supreme Spirit (Brahman) is Real. The world (jagat) is illusion,” is the stock phrase of Sri Sankaracharya. Yet others say, “The world is reality”. Which is true?

Maharshee: Both statements are true. They refer to different stages of development and are spoken from different points of view. The aspirant (abhyasi) starts with the definition, that which is real exists always; then he eliminates the world as unreal because it is changing.

It cannot be real; ‘not this, not this!’ The seeker ultimately reaches the Self and there finds unity as the prevailing note. Then, that which was originally rejected as being unreal is found to be a part of the unity. Being absorbed in the Reality, the world also is Real. There is only being in Self-Realisation, and nothing but being.

Again Reality is used in a different sense and is applied loosely by some thinkers to objects. They say that the reflected (adhyasika) Reality admits of degrees which are named:

(1) Vyavaharika satya (everyday life) - this chair is seen by me and is real.

(2) Pratibhasika satya (illusory) - Illusion of a serpent in a coiled rope. The appearance is real to the man who thinks so.

This phenomenon appears at a point of time and under certain circumstances.

(3) Paramartika satya (ultimate) - Reality is that which remains the same always and without change.

If Reality be used in the wider sense the world may be said to have the everyday life and illusory degrees (vyavaharika and pratibhasika satya). Some, however, deny even the reality of practical life - vyavaharika satya and consider it to be only projection of the mind. According to them it is only pratibhasika satya, i.e., an illusion."

One's brain can get baked by these viewpoints! Thanks again for the stimulating post.

radical embrace of reality

Sometimes it makes sense, of no sense

Being trapped within a one of a kind perfect path, LOL, like GSD & rs cult is a radical illusionary illness which eats at the core of the individuals soul.

Debilitating and Detrimental

How cunning and cuniving an individual GSD is making one think that he's on the right path back home, knowing all the time he's not!

Like the Wizard of OZ a lying little weasel hiding behind the curtain veil.

And that's the REALITY !!!

Embrace reality. If only we could.
But so long as we are seeing what the brain filters, what memory and association color, and what our wandering attention only sporadically delivers, we are embracing another illusion.

Hello Mr. Tepper...hey, as far as I am concerned, you nailed it. How can the limited mundane mind possibly understand the "wholeness" of all levels of consciousness and Reality? If the mind is the sole instrument used to understand our experience, necessarily the conclusions drawn will be highly limited and only of the "part". Thanks much!

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