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May 02, 2021


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>> Marvelous putdown of supernatural nonsense <<

Well ... it is a fact that humans have emotions, thoughts and all sorts of dreams, NDE's, ODB's etc etc. and last but not least experiences due to manipulation of the body [meditation] and drugs that create alternative states of consciousness.

These are all inner experiences and can have even lasting effects on the people that have them and those who believe them.

These experiences are all facts

The problem with people killing fellow human beings in the name of their god, is not solved with arguing about the question if there is such an supernatural phenomena.
Those who believe it are real, like the misery they create also.

What matters is what humans believe ... because what they believe has been an motivating factor in the whole of human history. Where it is true or can be proved is immaterial.

"Being wordy myself, I admire succinctness in philosophizing, even though I'm rarely capable of it. Nice going, Appreciative Reader."


Why, thank you, Brian. :---)

Like I said in my subsequent comment, it occurred to me, as I was about to click the Post button, that I was kind of channeling our old friend x/cc there -- I'm sure you remember their many comments here over the years, although I haven't seen them here in the last few months -- in terms both style of posting as well as content. Which is ironic, the latter I mean to say, given how often I've disagreed with them in the past.

On the other hand, and like I also said in that comment, it is right that one's worldview should change and evolve over time, should one's experiences so warrant. But it's ...well, piquant, at an entirely personal level, to suddenly realize how much one's POV has shifted over the years.

Although, let me clarify, I hadn't really intended my comment as a putdown per se, absolutely not. Merely my reactions to what they'd said, conveyed literally, without any undercurrents of wanting to show them up, or anything remotely like that!

Indeed, they'd clarified their position further on that thread, as you may have seen, to which I'd posted my response (continuing to disagree with their main thrust, incidentally, while agreeing with one part of what they'd said, the exploration part). Should they want to continue that discussion, I'm sure I'd enjoy this exploration of their POV, and in the process mine as well. None of which involves, in this case, the slightest intention on my part to actually put them down.

If I live in a two dimensional world, anything from the third dimension would be inexplicable.
God, according to scriptures is beyond Time And Beyond Space.
There is no evidence that there is such a thing as “beyond Time And Space”

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

If it exists, then it would be beyond our senses since we exist within time and space

Trying to prove it is impossible so it’s only logical to deny its existence

Which is the only position we can take because “existence” means within time and space

If something did exist outside time and space it would be non-existent to us

We can only interact with time and space objects.

So such a god is effectively non-existent for us

@ We can only interact with time and space objects.
@ So such a god is effectively non-existent for us

Effectively yes at our current level of awareness.

The mystic though asserts our consciousness is god
and time-space emanates from that totality. We can
interact with god even with diminished awareness of
our own identity as god. We get hints of it in intuitive
flashes or sublime moments of love or peace or the
profound appreciation of beauty. It fleetingly manages
to slip through the bars of our many intellectual jails
at times. Often in a moment when we're most distant
from the frantic treadmill of thought.

It's all a journey of awareness to realize our true identity.
Ineffable, immeasurable, and experienceable only within
via an intense devotional path of mindfulness, it leapfrogs
time-space with a direct perception of truth. Thought, faith,
dogma, even belief are left behind. It must be experienced
in an elevated consciousness within.

Nice Dungeness!!
Thank you..

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