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May 27, 2021


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When we can see things from a different higher view this little persona seems inconsequential. But it is precisely the capacity to see from a different perspective, to actually change our viewpoint, and witness more things, that allows for scientific objectivity. Whether we have souls individually or not, we see from one individual point at any given time. And it is that point of view that can become more reliable, that can be raised to see things from a larger or a smaller perspective. Just like using an electron microscope, reading a book or watching a youTube of the Mars lander. We have the capacity to see from different viewpoints. And within this brain is the capacity to view our own internal workings more clearly, from a better perspective also. And see things we had never seen before.

Science has taught us a lot. But the greatest lesson of science is that we have much more to learn than we think we already know. Science is the greatest proof of the mystery that remains than even of the principles of Truth it has established. Science has been around in development for a few thousand years, and yet the vast majority of evidence has been accumulated in only the last five decades.

One hundred and fifty years ago we knew very little about the structure of the atom and the existence of sub-atomic particles.

And even today, we do not understand the internal mechanics of something as prevalent as Gravity. We hypothesize gravity waves because gravity appears to move in waves. But that is detected by the ripples we detect in matter, and not by the actual discovery of a substance, particle or wave of something that could be called directly, as an object, "Gravity". We still don't know what it is, only how it affects other things.

Science is a rock solid foundation of evidence that in total proves, every day with every new discovery, that we are discovering new facts all the time. And that we know less than what we don't yet know.

Cool guy.

The idea of a quantized time crystal was theorized in 2012 by Frank Wilzcek.

Another cake .... hahaha


If you have been caught in the RSSB booby trap the only way out is to be born again. This is because GSD has in effect sucked the sangats brains out so they can not think and are running on full emotion control by using magic and hypnosis - PS dont look into demon dhillons eyes. The influence of the sangats parents, the manipulating existing religious beliefs, rssb lies propagated through rssb books, so called weekly satsangs (now youtube), your new rssb sheepish friends, and your future rssb wife. You can see the devil is working very hard to keep the illusion that RSSB guru is god in human form and a saviour. The only way out is to be strong, to think out the box. If you are beyond help this time around then you may have to be completely reborn again and given another chance of not falling for a sickly satanic cult.
To save you the trouble of being born again in hell, just ask your self, or better still ask GSD in a Q&A the following: how can a baba who in effect framed his own nephews, after obtaining billions of dollars FRAUDULENTLY be fully ENLIGHTENED, and be god/all love in human form? And given this, How can this fake guru have the hypocrisy to sit on stage and preach about karma and consequences ?


I’m sorry to say this but it seems that you’ve let GSD have all the power over you. He doesn’t have power over most of us here because we see that he’s just a person. We’re all just people. No one is more important than the other.

This “power” he has to make you so angry is actually coming from you. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about him.

Uchit, I kind of agree with what S says above.

(But of course, that's a psychological point. Someone who's been emotionally scarred, it may not be easy for them to drop past hurt so easily, so I may be somewhat more sympathetic, if that happens to be the case.)


Besides, there's this other thing that I've alluded to elsewhere, but let me directly address this now to one of the those who actually go with this line of thought, which is to say you. I'm curious how you might respond to this.

You say things like "GSD's demon eyes" and "control by using magic and hypnosis". Other places people talk of GSD being a demon or the devil, or the things that people allegedly see "inside" when meditating as "evil spirits" and suchlike (you yourself may or may not have done this last, I don't remember).

And it isn't just you, like I said others have done this too. For instance, Mike Williams (I hope I've got the name right?), who's put together some impressive research on RSSB, and who's commented very informatively on this blog on RSSB in the past, and who has actually put up a website with some of his research on RSSB, I've more than once see him say things like "GSD is a demon", or "The RSSB path is satanic and leads away from God" and suchlike. (I'm quoting from imperfect memory, so those quotes, despite the quotation marks, are not verbatim, just my imperfect impressions. But in essence if not in actual words they're what he's said.)

Don't you guys see that making claims like these are no less extravagant than the opposite claims that the RSSB faithful make about GSD's alleged godhood?

Do you guys really believe in demons and evil spirits and Satan and things like that? If you do, then the criticisms of GSD, that you post here, while you're free to make them obviously, but they can hardly be thought of as at all rational. Like I said, they're no different in quality than the opposite claims made by the RSSB faithful.

Hi Appreciative
Excellent points.
As a psychologist, I'm drawn to investigate the need to demonize a human being. And possibly the need to sanctify someone as well.

Where does that come from, within us? If there is a monster within us, chasing us, always faster, larger than us so we can never escape them, then of course we must find them and do battle. No amount of discouragement can weigh against the daily slaughter that takes place inside.

Perhaps this is Uchit and Mike William's best effort to conquer along those lines.

And perhaps it is a memory we have not yet faced active in the unconscious, demanding our attention, but entirely invisible: unleashed within us.

When and where can we revisit that memory, and see it for what it is, a part of us that is a long gone past we are reliving, we are recreating, we are projecting, and even protecting, nurturing?

So that we can integrate that memory into the whole. Then monsters are seen for what they are, moments of fear that have no actual corporeal weight at all. We are giving them life and power. But we can't know that until we see what it is within us that drives us so.

And Saints? Maybe something incredible inside, also, a treasure that now, after so much time, refuses to remain hidden.


Love the way you speak the Truth & Expose the malicious lies, others would love you to Not.

What do we call a dog? A dog is what we call it.
Others would like you to call it a Cow maybe, but we all know better than that.

We're not all living in denial, are we...

Perhaps the fact GSD IS a living leach, living a life of a fraudulent Criminal Baba with activities bordering close to a long jail sentence, is enough for his fans to get up in a tizzy.
So embarrassing shameless.

The Truth will set you Free, so best to speak it always.
Even if THEY don't like it.



"Hi Appreciative
Excellent points.
As a psychologist, I'm drawn to investigate the need to demonize a human being. And possibly the need to sanctify someone as well.

Where does that come from, within us? (...)"


Well yes, Spence, what you say above, that's one part of it, sure, that whole psychological aspect of demonizing people and ideas. That's interesting too, absolutely. But what I was referring to here, actually, was this more literal kind of "demonizing".

What I was really curious about, is how some of these critics of GSD seem to believe, quite literally, that GSD is some kind of demon, and that the meditation taught by RSSB quite literally leads to malevolent entities, demons, and what-have-you taking control of you. Why, I remember more than one of the anti-RSSB commenters here leveling exactly that kind of allegation at you personally, more than once, and at your own inner visions.

That, specifically, was what I was wondering about here. And I was wondering if Uchit -- or any of the other proponents of this GSD-as-literally-a-demon position -- would like to discuss this further, and share their perspective on this more clearly.

Let me again, call out the RSSB puppets, and agents on this sight, working extremely hard to shield the battered RSSB brand image and put it in very simple terms for them. GSD claims to be a positive force of god, whereas in reality his FRAUDSTER actions , land mafia tendencies , and love for money indicate he is operating on the lowest of the low chakras. So if he's not working for the positive, he must be working for the polar opposite, ie the evil forces for self gain, in this duality - simple!!!!!. He shows zero remorse and compassion to his sangat as he can happily sit on a stage dishing out karma lying and causing others to feel regret about their lives when his own karmic scales need to be balanced more than others. Why do you think you are not allowed to ask these sort of questions in QA sessions, why are the questions all vetted? GSD needs to face the consequences.

Also did you know Hitler was known to have contacted inner forces and had visions that guided him - look what havoc he caused

"Also did you know Hitler was known to have contacted inner forces and had visions that guided him"

Actually, that doesn't seem to be true of Hitler. Read here...

Empirical science cannot, at present, consolidate the two realities: matter and consciousness. The opposing viewpoints are arguing constantly and this makes for a pithy platform of viewpoints, polemics and cavil! I humbly and totally believe that consciousness PRECEDES the existence of the subtlest matter. Matter is mutable and all forms are subject to deterioration, entropy and destruction, including our very own physical body and brain.

Fortunately consciousness itself cannot be measured by any device. Brainwaves are not consciousness, but an effect of the life-force pulsating within the mind and body. When consciousness "leaves" any life form, that form becomes a dead, insentient lump of matter that will be reduced to its simplest elements by the forces of nature, whether consigned to fire or earth.

Fortunately, the arrival of consciousness into the new baby at first breath is unmeasurable. Also, the departure of consciousness from one taking their last breath is also unmeasurable. So be it! Let the debate rage on...which it will.

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