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May 07, 2021


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Tai Chi is not only effective for the body, it also benefits the mind. Slow, controlled thinking is better than our usual 'monkey mind' flitting from one idea to the next.

Both physical and mental self-control allow us to live fully in the present, rather than bounce back and forth from rehashing the past to anticipating the future.

Seems like people go through phases, one of which is spiritual search fatigue. But then the mind gets restless and starts back at it... usually exploring a new way of understanding the great ‘Why are we here?’

Spiritual Search Fatigue - a natural part of the pioneering process. Searching for truth is exhausting in a world full of ignorance. But no need to give up completely. Just remember the X-Files motto.

How does spirituality tie in with mma and martial arts?

What nonsense.

Is it just the Americans seem to think they warrior monks or something?

Spirituality = love

Not combat or fighting.

How old are you?

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