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April 03, 2021


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Several things as discussed in storm, judging from what you wrote, do exist but it is doubtful, that it exists as an "organized" evil.

Since 1968, the intellectual elite has done whatever it could to shame the cultural establishment on all levels, be it political, religious or science and art.
It is like weakening the mortar of an building, destroying its binding qualities.
If the mortar has become like sand the whole stability of the building is at risk and the building is no longer safe to live in.

There was an neuro physiologist that found in sensoric deprivation experiments, that if the brain was deprived of stimuli for a longer time, the brain starts to produce its own stimuli in order to keep the function alive.

What he found is working in many other fields as well. Identity for example but also in the games that people play.

Whether we are aware of it or not, whatever we do, is part of an "game". Games are organized activities,

Economics are games, politics are games. Democracy is a game. Maybe more complex than base ball, but never the less it is a game.

Religion too is a game.

Deprive the masses from its game, in order to continue, the birth of Qanon should not suprise.

It all started in 1968 ... hahahaha

>>QAnon, though, lacks the moral foundation that most religions have, which tends to limit how destructive they can be. So far as I can tell, QAnon has no ethical standards, no commitment to caring and compassion, no respect for open debate into the nature of reality.<<

That is what society gets after ridiculing, blaming, criminalizing by those intellectuals that have not faith, not willing or able to believe in the divine and who are not willing to see that within themselves and project instead on the shortcomings of religious establishment.

It all started in 1968 ... with the artist that were not able to paint even a simple tree and instead of admitting that to themselves, blamed the schools, the teachers that their teachings were stupid and had to be left behind.

Hahaha ... just an example to make a point. It happened also on the university and in almost all spheres of human activity.

The new credo is blame the other for your shortcomings.

The rise of gurudom in the west, can be explained as an search for spirituality but also as an unwillingly or inability to accept the reality of the divine... an projection of the divine upon humans with white beards in the east.

Faith, real faith is a rare commodity and it brings luster on the face of those who have it ... the rest is just fake.

Qanon is the mental offspring of those who fight it.

Agreed. QAnon, and more generally Trump-cultism, is the scum-de-la-scum of craziness. Trump is a reprehensible loathsome creature, but at least his self-serving ways are sane; his brainwashed brain-dead unthinking zombie worshipers are pathetic in a way that even he isn't, because they participate in this madness at their own cost and to their own detriment (unlike the self-serving Trump who keeps bilking his cult-followers, bilking them of money, and of time, and of attention, and of effort).

And agreed, religious whack-jobs, while without a doubt whackos, are decidedly saner than the QAnon Trump-cultist morons, because religions are so very old and so very complex that many who do not think things through might be excused their confusion and their mistaken blind faith; but people who've been hoodwinked by the transparent nonsense that QAnon and Trumpism is all about, are a whole different degree of pathetic.

Quote um:

" ... hahahaha"


Hey um, I think I like your approach, very much. There is after all no need at all to get all self-important and solemn when thinking about or discussing things, be it politics or be it religion or spirituality or whatever. Not that these things aren't important, they are indeed important as long as we think them important; but it takes nothing away to engage with them with a smile and a laugh, as you seem to invariably do, and instead makes the world a more pleasant place, regardless of our particular position as far as some particular issue.

hahahaha, indeed. Cheers!

The incapacity to work together and trust those of different colors, nationalities, orientations and beliefs for the common good, with a belief in the inherent good in all people, has lead to the fabrication of lies and propaganda for personal gain at great harm and expense to others.

It is just a phase. As more people use the internet to organize, we see, and will see more, organization for projects that are worthy, and which draw participants and support from around the globe.

Naturally, there will be continuing abuse as well. Perhaps that was where it started with every new form of media and communication: abuse and corruption, and legitimacy. The wild west days of error and lawlessness happen in every newly opened land.

Where there are shadows there must be light. And where the light is strongest, shadows appear darkest.

Uh oh, it seems right-wing crazies do have a religion; Atheism. Well I say new, but nothing "new" about it really, it's just it seems like "news" on a blog that appears to think belief in God or the paranormal equates to madness, whilst rationality, materialism and atheism equates to paradise on earth.

More facts for the brave and courageous scouts of this group:


The irony would be delicious, if it wasn't so darn tragic and sad

Incoming - more "rationality" for the scouts to ignore on their "crusade" against woo and irrationality......






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