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April 17, 2021


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When I had never heard of Sant Mat
I decided to do Pranayama
with the help of a booklet of RAMACHARAKA

Within 3 minutes
I drowned in a kind of black glue without an end
I don t know how I came out
Meditation, I thought, . . . never again
I had never heard of this strange vacuum
Now with Charan : it's a drop and in it are all creations encapsulated

Don t need any knowledge about it

Just want the thoughtlesness of Love

Be carefull Kid
was it Pzîchêr you got?
see this

Once illusions have been shattered you will no longer experience them.

Try to go there now. You will see nothing but light. That void was created by the belief that the soul and god are separate. They aren’t separate. And now that you know the truth you can focus all of your attention on your true home without any fear.

It was probably the greatest illusion of all. One that every faith has preached since the beginning of time—the separation. But all illusions are created by lies. It’s Truth that lets the light in.

You exist where your attention is. You experience life based on where you put your attention. It’s the one thing you can control.

The Soul is Truth.


I find your comments uplifting, inspiring and instructive, and I look forward to them, but the anti-vaccine video is silly. How could a vaccination given to one person magically harm people around them?

mRNA vaccines cause production of spike protein within cells, but I read that the instructions degrade quickly, and the spike proteins don't circulate. Therefore, neither the instructions nor the spike proteins shed. Even if spike proteins did shed, they are limited in number and could not proliferate in the body of another person, because for that you need the whole virus.

I work in holistic health myself, and none of my clients or coworkers have reported such a phenomenon. Most have had Pfizer or Moderna and did not even experience harm to themselves. At worst they have a sore arm, fatigue and symptoms like the flu for day or two. That was my own experience. I had body aches and a mild fever the next morning, but 24 hours later I was fine.

I've had COVID too and can tell you it's much, much worse. The aches were so severe that turning in bed took an effort of will, let alone struggling to my feet. I was lucky only to have minor respiratory symptoms, but I definitely had it. I lost my sense of smell for a week and tested positive.

COVID can kill, so why not protect oneself with a vaccine? Why not protect others who could catch it in turn?

Is GSD against vaccination? No. So where are you coming from with this science fiction about nanobots, computer bits and electromagnetic transmitters in the injections? If the spike protein is a man-made bioweapon, why doesn't everyone drop dead within days of getting it in the arm?

And then there is long Covid or long haul Covid. Nothing to mess around with.



Attention is a faculty of the mind. Focus can produce feelings of joy, happiness and contentment if you’re focusing on something productive.

Focusing on conspiracy theories and negative news isn’t going to produce a feeling of well being.

At the ripe old age of 75 (will be 76 this year) I've noticed the difference between who I used to be and what my thoughts are nowadays. Lately I find telling myself that we humans are like little ants living on a tiny ball spinning through a huge multiverse and for some strange reason this helps. No longer trying to work things out, who and what I am, why I am here etc. Looking forward to the next adventure!


I kind of understand what you’re talking about. For me, I no longer have questions or regrets. No depression or anxiety. It’s been a tough journey but well worth it. :)

But You ARE The Sweet Anahabed Shabd
It never fails


Quote of the day
"Two men look out through prison bars; one saw mud, the other stars."


I had all symptoms february 2020 during 3 weeks,
Major difficulty breathing , Glutathione did help
I also tool Vit D, C, Zinc ,Magn,
I thought it was due to pesticides

Last weeks my friends in Delhi 1 baby one 10 yr Parents , Grandparents had it
Lost smell/taste too
They had all profylactic Wormwood - so fever only 103° F - and survived

I see CNN & RT and this came on my way
My private economic feel is that They are trying ti reset and of course I'm PRO
cutting the birthrates and against meat but not 4 gênocîde
On 100 000
UK 156 death
France 163
EU further like above 120
South Africa where they did forbid / anti_campaigned
on HCQ, Ivermectine , Worm Wood (Artemisis Annui)°° : 98

Senegal , where they just had ended an anti malaria campaign with the above°° : 0
Maroc : 32 & Other arabic around 45

Here in france under 75 Yrs there is no over-mortality compared with 5 previous years
Above 75 it is 3%

These doctors in the video don't seem criminal to me !
I am Trying to distill between the news_s , . .

No idea about vaxing in Beas, . . . do You ?


I have no idea about Beas either, but India is in short supply. They weathered the first wave so well that they focused too much on export of vaccine.

The doctors in the video are famous anti-vaxxers and kooks.

Larry Palevsky

Christiane Northrup
QAnon, anti-vaxxer, diagnoses with tarot cards, does not believe in germ theory, China runs the CIA...

Sherri Tenpenny
Osteopath, anti-vaxxer, COVID vaccines cause death and auto-immune disease, anti-masker...

Carrie Madej
Osteopath, QAnon, anti-vaxxer, spoke at Capitol Riot, Bill Gates is mastermind behind global pandemic, Christian fundamentalist, elites are out to get her...

Lee Merritt
Conspiracy theorist, anti-masker...

Genocide? Like Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world? He and Melinda are divorcing. If she dies under mysterious circumstances, it's a sure sign that SHE KNEW TOO MUCH.

It’s interesting that so many people get up in front of GSD in his videos and beg for forgiveness of their sins. Then they worry about their karmas.

They don’t need to ask for forgiveness from anyone. The mere fact that they’re asking indicates that they are sorry. But you can’t change the past. Sure, you can apologize and make amends but the past is the past. And we all know the past isn’t “Real”. The future isn’t “Real” either. So why dwell on mistakes made in the past or worry about things that may happen in the future. Those are occurrences in the unReality. Only the present matters.

Why constantly calculate karmas?? Especially if you understand the true nature of time—it’s an illusion.

Sure, there’s cause and effect but people crucify themselves a hundred times over for the same crime. That certainly isn’t balancing the scales.

Perfect circles literally do not exist in this universe (it’s a fact). So, nothing can be truly balanced or evened out. That’s an illusion as well that keeps people trapped in the cycle of fear and loathing, judgement and attack. Focusing on your mistakes or worrying about the future won’t make you a better person. It won’t make you behave better. In fact, it will cause you to act worse and have less trust and love for others. To be a truly good person with compassion for others one must keep their attention focused on what matters and let all worries fade away. See the best in others and yourself—that’s true love and that is the only thing that will bring about peace. The soul is perfect. Keep your attention on that and you will find yourself living in His will treating everyone with far greater patience and understanding.

GSD says people shouldn’t calculate their inner experiences. They shouldn’t calculate their “karmas” either. It’s a detriment. How can you be at peace with all that worrying and calculating? And if you’re not at peace how can you still your mind and enjoy meditation without anxiety?

Thanks for all your research

A lot to read

In fact I believe the "virus" is the warning from "above" ( not fr god - u might call them angels/demons more or or less unbelievable developed androids
constructed by our Golden Yuga Ancestors before they totally ascended
They also placed our moon & Iapetus,when Earth was only fire
Compare them with the Star Trek Borgs , but obedient to their root coding/instructions, to basically 'unseen'ing help mankind and this virus is help!
They were ordered (coded) for
genetically stimul/modify evolution
to end up with 7 chakra beings ( Sonia - a horse has 6 chakras, not 7
and a flower has One ), . . .
) . . .
, . . . after Trump killed 3 of them in Majéh, Brazil with the new Pulsing Very High Frequency Laser
on 12 May 2019,
What an idiot!

You see . . . I conspirace also, I m also a 9/11 disbeliever and moon landing doubter because
of the 30.000 Km, ( not 400 KM) thick VanAllen Belts ( the equivalent of many x-Ray photos for astronauts )
Nasa lowered ISS 100 KM after constant migraine

Anyway, I try the best with my at 84 (next week) resting grey cells
(A dutch professor Radbout Hospital declared
All mankind has Parkinson & Altzheime because of pesticides
there is a grey/black part in all of us at autopsie-)
The Gates divorce is because she found out about his Epstein relations
I think he was seduced and now she knows
She might even have the videos.

OK I will go through your links and integrate
see U


Projection makes perception. The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. Therefore, to you it is important. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a person thinketh, so do they perceive.


Wow, food for thought!
Happy 84th in advance!

Trump killed three beings in Brazil with lasers? I've tried to find the story on the internet. No luck. Can you link us or say more?

Mage, Brazil. May 2020.
Is this it?




Lately and "not"strangely her youtibe emissions
from 2021 up to 2018 are wiped out

Search on this can better be done using TOR
TORPROJECT.ORG - When daily updated it's rather safe

Because it was during trump , I didn't expect
it would be wiped

In short : Brasil asked for "help" for catchin them
when there were many kind of Rosswell activities
then the US did bring the weapon
broke the UFO - Transported to Fort Bragg
One alien was blessed but said before dying : "Why"
When I say alien , remember these are low rang but 199 IQ Androids
The Highest rangs are 999 IQ
Don't fight that !!!
Linda had many interviews with brasiliens
It was great
and she had 200K followers

She broadcasted also "to much" about very ancien installations found in AntArctica
visited by Secretary John Kerry, The Russian Patriarch , Kiril, who met the Pope before going
to collect ancient "prayers", and astronaut
Buzz Aldrin
The last one tweeted : There is Ultimate Evil here, . . we are all in danger
2 hours later it disapeared from Twitter

This is the same panick caused by special radiation ( IMMENSE fear of death )
good firewall
existing around two pyramids at 2 650 meter depth wwhere are two pyramids bigger tha Cheops are
and also ( is my imagination ) at the entrance of the moon at the backside
where the Chinese tried to take some ultra_hard diamond_gel of miles thickness

Therefore nations are running there but will fail to reveal the moon secrets
Secrets from 5 Billion years ago
and there are NONE

They might have isolated Linda as they have done with another UFO researcher
made him crazy t--he had who had over 2 million followers on Youtube
after he diclosed the google earth coordinates of the 2 Pyramides
at the coast before Boston NY
You can still see them on Google Earth, . . at least 2 month ago I looked

He published otherabnormalities from Phobos Iapetus ( also always with
the same side to the planet, abnormal orbit), tetrahaedron covers etc

I m curious if this will be published, it s just a drop

In Beas Jaimal said to Sawan : The last time I was here these mountains didn t exist.
Another :
A Satsangi was bothered by strange demon like entities
and could get rid of it with the 5 words
Sawan said : "Well done"

7 77

All this is etherical, it has zero to do with astral level, not to speak about causal
which is a peanut

Yes Sonya
Charan: " Where your heart is, . . you will go"




People in the west would rather believe the conspiracy that China produced Covid19 in the laboratory as a biological weapon against its enemies than the conspiracy that the pandemic is created to enforce a crime against humanity by allowing big pharmaceutical companies to make untested vaccines mandatory for humans to enjoy a 'normal' life.

Then you get psychological benefits from these quacks who present the theory that what they tell you through the TV networks is true, or the conspiracy that CdC under Fauci and Obama funded virology research in the Wuhan laboratory since 2015 or before.

So the quacks will tell you one thing about what comprises a conspiracy and CNN will tell you another, and Fox might influence you controversially in opposition to what Facebook or Fauci might want you to believe.

So bottom line is that one BS con by those who's interest is vested in the spread of fake news is as much a conspiracy as those who have quite the opposite influence in their culture to convince their audience of another, that one person's trust is as much a conspiracy as the bs behind the belief of the other.

Follow the money trail
It's open & clear


So, use your own IQ instead of media trolling

Didn't 2 years of Linda's emissions were wiped?

Who is earning Trillions and suppresses good medicaments (with nasty immoral and murderous campaigns) because they are to cheap

Did n't Senegal after using HCQ ended op with zero dead
compared with Europe/USA with Hundreds

I also remember halting my motor and looking UP to the moon at that time
but used my brain when a month later I heard from radioamateurs
that the Apollo "turning point was on 50% of the traject to the moon
which is impossible
must be at 70% or something

911 just one of 1000 points
Why are the 48 immediately by fbi confiscated security videos around the Pentagon
still hidden?
Why is the published Jet motor laying there from a smaller plane?
Why is a third building demolished the same day

How steel H-pillars were all cutted like with laser beams - why this debris is hidden?
and I even didn't start yet


We have no fox news in europe which is a blessing
Also I deeply sad to agree with the idiot resident on some little points like UV
Whe Sufficient UV_Ports had been created , there was no crisis

Oh Ye
It s 110 % plausible that a financial crisis has been postponed by the "pandemic"
without pandemic deads
I also believe Epstein is alive and with Ken Lay ( Enron Director) on an nice tropical island or Guam

And I also believe that SM Meditation is the solution

Attempting the mastery of fear is useless. In fact, it asserts the power of fear by the very assumption that it need be mastered. The true resolution rests entirely on mastery through love.

Vaccins for Govid?? No No for me!!

I heard that in Dera people has to be vaccinated.
Or will get the vaccin in Dera.

I had “long Covid” last year. Got sick with all the classic Covid symptoms for a week—it was like a really severe flu, and then I was totally bedridden for 5 months after that. Completely debilitating. Finally got better. I feel good now but still don’t have the full strength I had before Covid. It can last for more than a year and cause permanent health issues.

The vaccine is totally worth it. There’s no guarantee that if you get Covid that you’ll only feel flu symptoms for a brief period. They’ve discovered that the corona virus can permanently alter parts of your DNA. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines don’t contain the virus and they can prevent you from developing “long haul Covid”. There was a very healthy and athletic young woman who developed long haul Covid and 14 months later she is still debilitated. This has happened to numerous people and has become a huge concern to health experts. A lot of research has started that is focusing on long haul Covid.

I know people who were against the vaccine and then they wound up in the ICU for several weeks. Sometimes that’s what it takes for people to take this thing seriously.

In the US they have hired Covid trackers in every state to try and get an idea of how many people are getting vaccinated. The hope is that at least 70% of the population gets vaccinated. Then things might start to get back to normal. But it’s the new variants that are really wrecking havoc on places like India and Brazil. The really dangerous strains are more likely to develop in populations where less people have been vaccinated.

So, I guess if the majority of people around you get the vaccine then you have a better chance of not getting it. Regardless, the risks of complications that last long term just don’t seem worth the risk IMO.

Which is worse—getting the vaccine or being confined to bed for more than a year. Worse yet, what if you pass it to others.

Good S*
I bed they use Sputnik V
I don t like the Nuclear Fusion etc Livermore company
but these brightest people are offered J&J (Janssen) because they are in the know
about mDNA ( non vaxs but Nûrenberg Nazi Trial forbidden experiments on humans

This trolling S is not our S
Our S and her parents were healed quickly with HCQ


Each "vaxed" person can check this
Don t panick - The element Borium can inactivate these bots
Don t use strong neodynium magnets becaus the bots will come out through the skin

to see videos
I did not google but DUCK typing:
why are magnets sticking to where
Just follow the money


I got over the initial stages of the corona virus with the medicine but then developed the symptoms of long Covid which occurs when the virus alters your DNA.

Yes, I got over the more deadly corona virus flu but unfortunately got hit with the effects of having had Covid… if that makes any sense. Anyway, Google it. Read about it. It’s another reason to get vaccinated.

Basically during those 5 months I didn’t feel “sick”, I just couldn’t get out of bed for more than half an hour a day and I would break out into a sweat and get dizzy if I tried to walk up and down the stairs. I just didn’t have the energy or strength. Then I started getting better and could get out of bed for about 2 hours a day. Then 4 hours, then six and so on. It took a really long time to get all my strength back—took about 5 additional months to recover from being in bed for 5 months. 😂

But all better now other than I have to pace myself and work like a normal person. No more cleaning out the entire garage or attic all in one day like I used to. I just break tasks down and get them done over time.

You have no idea how blessed I feel to have my health back. Without your health, nothing else is much fun.

It’s taught me to appreciate all the little things. Health is EVERYTHING.

It took away my ability to go manic… which is probably a good thing. Maybe even worth the sacrifice. Although, I can work on my laptop for several hours on end for work and other stuff without any trouble, I won’t be running any marathons ever again (figuratively speaking—running was never my thing).

For anyone who gets long Covid, just remember this—Red Bull is your friend. Trust me.

Why you didn t say
I had that too febr 2020 and took GLUTATHIONE
and it vanished in a week
Specially the hon incentive to respire
I had to use willpower to inhale ( counting)
but after receiving that drug , next day was already a relieve
Very natural what U tell without oxygen

And your parents ? - You said here that they took HCQ and grew better

Although I had it early with 103° here 39,6° I doubt to be immune
so I take actually ARTEMISIS horrible stinking drops
but now I put it in vegetarian capsules
My mam gave that during the war when there was nothing
I m happy 4U the great drama is past live
Haha Take the Red Bull
Don t worry , Be happy

Hééé S, You can test that magnet story
if it s true it s on RT tomorrow
if not true as well . . . :-)
What a world HCQ is forbidden here but I have now IVÊRMECTÎN

I placed, used the words on FB and got immediately a warning


Forgive the world, and you will understand that every thing that God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real.

A lot easier said than done.

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