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April 21, 2021


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Yes I agree with you, the bent, attention seeking baba of beas, aka Gurinder SINGH dhillon of the RSSB faith is always out and about drawing crowds - gives him a reason for his parasitic existence. If he's really loving and caring, why doesn't he pay a visit to the dying patience in the covid wards, they need a good healing hug from a God in human form. After all jesus healed the lepers!!!! Come on GSD step up to the mark , pathetic joke.

There are dragons viler far than GSD, Slayer. GSD is small change next to the Trumps of the world. Let's not get so tunnel-visioned in our GSD bashing that we miss these far more egregious instances of outright deceit, that end up causing immeasurably greater harm than the likes of GSD can ever inflict.

(Which, I need hardly add but still will, is no endorsement of GSD, at all.)

Man made religion like the rs cult with GSD in charge is a virus in itself.

Infecting the innocent humans with a nasty infection insisting to not go away.

Only thinking of himself and his selfish needs. Violating the rules as they don't apply to his royal ass.

Gsd thinks he's needs are way more important than lives.

There's still no cure for stupidity.

Leave the stupid being stupid

Religion is not more important than any life.

Let's hope the message gets through GSDs pee brain, sometime soon.

@ Manoj

If .... if you can offer something better to the devout, they will certainly listen too you.

There is an American magician that went through India to show that the so called holy men were just using stage tricks. There is nothing wrong with that if he would have offered these poor people an alternative in the form of an nearby hospital or medical post where these people could go when a child was bitten by a cobra. If such an post is not available within the means of transport of these people, the parents have no other option than to consult the local priest for divine help. Doing so the have at least the satisfaction thay they cared for their children and did what they could. Taking away that believe in the name of truth or science is cruel.

Religion is not about the organisation, the clergy in whatever rank, it is for the simple people that have the welfare of themselves, their family and friends at heart. .... it helps these people to go through life, it gives them hope.

It is the same as believing in democracy, ecconomy etc etc or believing that taking a plain, train or car etc will bring one from a to B.

@ Manoj.

Through our news media we are informed that the prime Minister of India Mr. Modi has ask foreign leaders to help him out with Covid 19.

The news also mentioned that Modi spoke to the people asking them to have themselves vaccinated and that the pandamic soon will be under controll .... IF ....if the people heed the words of the EXPERTS.

You see, at first sight there is nothing wrong with this advice but given the circumstances of life of the people in India, and the way the country is governed, the word EXPERT is like "GOD".

You see should he have said we are running head on into an disaster??!!??
He knows that India cannot handle the situation given the circumstances of the infra structure and for that reason have to face their fate.

Telling the truth for the sake of truth can be cruel .... never take away hope from anybody, even if that hope is not based upon solid foundation.

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