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April 24, 2021


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Thank you Brian Ji!

A salute to the two of you. Thank you both for helping me distinguish the differences between faith and belief.

"Belief is an opinion." " Belief is the insistence that the truth is what one would wish it to be."

"Faith is an unreserved opening of the mind to the truth." "Faith is valuing the unknown".

Here is a jocular saying I came across a few weeks back:

"I am RIGHT. I am ALWAYS right. I have always been right. There was this ONE TIME when I THOUGHT I was wrong - but I was MISTAKEN."

Believe it or not (pardon this pun) we must have faith in the fact that mankind's troubles all stem from stolid, unbending egotism and the inability to entertain the humble position of the possibility that "I could be wrong."

It is not impossible for a strong ego to relinquish its position of "rightness", but it is more uncommon than it is common - almost a rare occurrence.

When we throw dirt on anyone, we lose ground. More assessment...less assessed.

Humility is a prized virtue and directly countermands the conceit and arrogant certainty of egotism. Though these words may seem appropriate, it is not easy to inculcate humility. Try it some time and see for yourself.

"The man who has been taught by the gift of grace, and who learns by the lash of its withdrawal, will never dare to attribute any good to himself, but will rather admit his own faults." - Thomas a Kempis

@ Albert

The first reaction got lost .... anyway.

Actions by themselves are neither good or bad.

The consequences of actions can be labeled as good or bad.
Also the intentions behind the actions can be good or bad.

I, me. mine etc are just markers of moments in time and space related to actions and are needed to inform and communicate with others.

Over time one can discover that these markers are not the doers of the action.
Humility and meekness are the fruits of that discovery; they cannot be created by effort and have nothing to do with acting itself nor with the appreciation of the outcome of acting..

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