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April 11, 2021


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Over the past years I have met several people that were facing the same problems. I always warned them not to turn their back upon Sant Mat for whatever reason outside themselves because if they would do that, they would never get over it.

The reason is simple, the motivation for being attracted to spirituality in general and specific teacher and teaching are to be found inside the mind of a person and not outside.

If one loses appetite on apple pie, it suffice not to eat it but if one starts find fault with the recipe, the bakery, the baker and god knows what more for taking such an decision one will forever be attached and bound without coming to a final conclusion.

The answers to whatever was brought forward in the email, can be found in the teachings. Games, narratives, teachings, concepts are all closed, all inclusive, systems.

Only if they do not longer serve the need of the people, they will be left behind.

Reading history tells us about the many "christianities" the many "Sant mats" the many sainst, prophets, guru's of those days ...now all forgotten.

And ... If I go into a church, as I love to do in summer months, to escape the hustle bustle and heat of the city, there are always some people in the darker corners of the curch on their knees. Their body language speaks of devout people turning to the divine for the welfare of themselves, others, the world or whatever. These people have nothing to do with the clergy that are guilty of sexual abuse, or the establishment of the church, that organized almost all crimes imaginable over time in history ... all in gods name like ISIS is doing now.

A devout heart is all what matters. and the miss behavior of the clergy, the organisation can never be an excuse for the absence of that devotion ... if it is not there it is just not there, no reason to feel miserable or make others feel the same.

>> The answers to whatever was brought forward in the email, can be found in the teachings.<<

From within the teachings it is impossible to know if these teachings are correct or whether a guru is real or not. ..

Given these teachings, there is no way, to conclude that there is something wrong with how things have changed ever since 1990. Nor, can it be said that things before 1990 were good, better or whatever.

I'm a big fan of the website. Always fun to see what's happening in the world of RSSB. I admit that the vitriol of some of the comments posted here seem a little extreme though. I guess I'm just not that bothered by everything that's happened in the RSSB world. Sure it's ridiculous and hypocritical for a guru to amass such an obscene and, likely, criminal amount of wealth while touting the need to be free from greed, but since I've never given the Dera any of my money (other than through purchasing books at their ultra cheap prices) I don't have any personal grudge against GSD or the sycophants who follow him with blind faith. He never advertised or asked me to get initiated. That was all me. Maybe being in America insulates us Westerners from being too emotionally involved when disillusionment sets in. Probably more accurately, in my case, I drifted away before GSD got mega rich. I imagine that I would've felt absolutely betrayed if such news had come out while I was meditating my heart out back in the mid-nineties.

What surprises me is that now with RSSB and GSD posting videos on a regular basis on YouTube, finally opening GSD's teachings to public scrutiny, there hasn't been anyone on here really dissecting those talks. I've only watched a little bit to see what GSD says these days. Let's bust this discussion open. The little bit of video I've watched surprised me with how often GSD refers to himself as the guru in a way that Charan Singh and the other gurus didn't do. They seemed to want to avoid sounding like they were a master, even though everything they said implied that they were THE master. It was a nice touch, sounded humble.

I've wondered if such recordings had been circulating back then how I would've accepted them. Would I still be on the path? Would I have left sooner? I still dig meditation. RSSB didn't corner the market on meditation, so why should I give it up? But 2.5 hours of it? I don't know how I managed to keep my butt on a meditation cushion for so long back in the day. Fortunately I've found a more efficient method for myself, but to each his own, y'know? Regarding the Q&A videos with GSD, I have the same reaction now that I did back when I would listen to Charan Singh recordings where people were so overly emotional while asking their questions. That wasn't for me, crying and sobbing their way through questions that were either common sense or answered in the books. I remember being in Palm Springs for a GSD visit when, after satsang, an uninitiated friend acted as though she had swooned and felt some cosmic force travel through her while listening to GSD. I admit it was kind of a jerk move on my part to question her like I did regarding her experience, but I didn't buy it. Too skeptical on my part, I suppose. Maybe it's because I had been reading Robert Anton Wilson books at the time. Still enjoyed Palm Springs though.

If anyone has recently left RSSB and is wondering about moving on, it happens much quicker than expected. The teachings color your perception of things for a little while until you realize that you're free to make your own choices. It's a type of freedom that petrifies the faithful of RSSB because freedom means personal responsibility, something some people want nothing to do with. Being told what to eat, how to use your time, with whom to spend time, what to read, and how to view sex life is a warm blanket you can wrap yourself in until you realize that it's cutting off all of your circulation. And, yes, doing simran eventually disappears as well. Very liberating.

Good G-d I wrote a lot more than I had planned. My typing fingers are going to be sore tomorrow.

@ Brian in Texas

it was a pleasure Brian, reading this page of your "travel novel".

You write that you are still meditating "the old way" ... I wander what your motivation is to go on these days .

To stroll through the woods, can be a pleasure but to walk through the same wood on one's way to something one loves, is another thing.

Long ago I came to understand that:
attention => concentration
Concentration => attention

The first is an matter of the heart, natural and easy.
The second is a matter of effort what can become very tedious.

Walking on your way to a beloved girl friend must be different than walking the same distance collecting something you were asked or ordered to do

Any one of us who sees a different side of someone else is going to be a little unnerved. Their whole understanding of that person changes over night.

One tiny piece of information can change our understanding. And how we interpret that understanding, as we change, can also alter the picture we have.

The Guru is within. God is within. Whatever light, life or spirit there is must be an element within each of us. We are all nearly identical in construction.

And that should give anyone hope that if they were inspired to believe in something greater, that could only be a reflection of something greater within them.

And if they were disappointed and now distrust someone else, or even themselves, that must be a reflection of something within themselves.

The subconscious mind communicates with us in symbols. And the mind also attenuates what we see in this world, altering it to fit our own understanding, and sometimes to confirm our own opinions, "beliefs", prejudices.

We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.

And that means every change in view is a learning moment. And maybe reflects a change, for the better or the worse, within us.

Some are conditioned to search for Truth by eliminating what they see as false. But finding fault over and over to ever finer degrees may have little to do with recognizing an actual truth. The developing ability to discriminate to finery degrees and with greater insight something false does not in fact have anything to do with the truth that object or person was pointing to. Therefore learning to recognize their flaws doesn't help us understand truth. It only helps us better understand their flaws. The two are not actually related.

Others find the single Truth reflected all around us, in every flawed tree, sunset and personality, they see these as merely outer symbols of an inner perfection, the force of life within us all. They are seeking their truth within and using all the flaws elements in this world as road signs along the way. That the lettering is decaying, that the names are misspelled have zero concern for them. They are not distracted. Something inside, their gps, is pinging away that this is the correct exit regardless of all that dose, which is entirely irrelevant.

1. Everything points back to you.
2. Within you is the finest treasure and the greatest friendship you will ever find.
3. Everyone along the way who seduced you forward, who shoved you forward, who pulled you forward, even as you walk by them, served you.

@ ST

To understand better I had to have google translate your writing and correct the outcome.

Yet it is not so easy to grasp what it is you want to say.
If one drops the same stone in different caves it will produce different echoes.

Listening to the echo of my cave it says that if a house has just one window, irrespective of what and how one sees through that window, will not change the fact that the house has just one window.

So, no matter how the crow looks to and into the world and no matter how the crow is seen, he remains a crow; he is born that way, he lives that way and will die as such. He will never become an Nightingale or an eagle.

The 10.000 things old Lao Zi spoke of are all unique variations of the same. All these 10.000 things have that sameness in common and also that they are bound by their uniqueness. Whatever comes out of the unique form is by necessity composed of two things ... thge uniqueness and that sameness.

So, that uniqueness wiil by force always been hidden, never to be seen. So Lao Zi and the other friends of the "same" gave up trying to speak about it and only told to those who had ears to hear that the "sameness" existed and could be known. What else could these poor fellows say?

There is no way, no path that leads to the "same", yet it is there and yes it can be found. and when found, one will know it.

A path can be like the ferrow guide line on a "via ferrata" in the moutains. If one holds onto that line to strictly and to firmly the movement comes to an end.

Strange all these ideas coming from this cave, that has never seen a light inside

So, that uniqueness wiil by force always been hidden,

So, that sameness wiil by force always been hidden,

The QnA vids with GSD are amazing. Showcases the absolute braindead and gullible "sangat".
Love how every question ends "...and yea take care of my family too". Did these fools learn nothing, about how you have to detach yourself from your relationships??

The relentless supply of RSSB videos on YouTube just indicates how GSD has become a desperate needy old man. It sucks of an attention seeking personality extending his claws onto the hearts and minds of the sangat throughout the world. GSD knows he is losing sangat, which gives him many sleepless nights. He needs slavery workers (branded sevadars) to keep his RSSB investments maintained. It's also interesting to know how his RSSB minions and agents have been fully activated on this sight and are operating full force. You know who you are, and your days and your masters days are numbered - your brand of truth are nothing but lies.
Well done to the guy that has freed himself from the trap of the devil - rise up. Don't fall for the rssb agents on this sight. They want you to seek entities on the inside, they are nothing but curved ball back to this hell hole. Remember, kaal never ever wants you to know that he is running the show here behind the scenes, the prince of lies, the one that needs your worship. The entities/demons/ aliens / Angel's/ gurus on the inside are all part of this trap. Enjoy YOUR life, time here is precious.

@ um

I'm definitely not meditating the old way. I think I had said that RSSB hadn't cornered the market on meditation so I've gone on, or rather, returned to meditation that isn't RSSB related. To be honest, I always found using the Five Hole Names a clunky way to meditate. It's far too long of a mantra to truly be effective. With such a long string of words the mind stays busy thinking about the words instead of settling into the beingness of being. (That makes me sound like I know what the heck I'm talking about. Hehe). Far more effective to just follow the breath as a meditation if someone wants to feel some sense of inner peace.

Unrelated: What gets me is that Soami Ji seems to have absolutely hated so many other religions (a point never discussed by RSSB) but specifically Vedanta. What was his beef with it? Vedanta teaches reaching a state of non-dual awareness, and yet Soami Ji acts like there's something beyond Oneness and then smashes it in favor of a dualistic system of faith. Oh, he also mentions merging into G-d but then rescinds such comments in favor of I and Thou instead of I Am Thou.

It's as if a soul rises on the inner planes to a level of Oneness then moves beyond Oneness to duality only to achieve Oneness again. What's that all about? There's either a non-dual state of existence or there isn't. There can't be a Oneness above and beyond some other "level" of Oneness. But I guess that sort of logical inconsistency is in keeping with the RSSB teaching that all religions teach Shabda yoga but for some reason suck at it so you have to go to a Sat Guru to get the real thing.

Sorry folks. Been visiting this site for a great many years and for some reason never really posted so it's all spilling out of me now like some crazed maniac who just discovered the internet.

The first part made me laugh and reminded me of putting these problems related to the kind of simran of 5 words before the new Guru in a private interview. Told ihim that it is almost impossible to get that simran going, it is like a wheel with a bump ... you should have seen his face, laughing from ear to ear, and than said something remarkable ... if I remember well ... that it had to be that we, that it was designed to have that effect. As always in those situations the questions that should be asked never do arise.

And in reaction to the "unrealted"stuff: I just had an lengthy phone call with someone in the family that is fond of the youtube videos of John Butler .... discussions about the absolute truth, reality, god, dualism and no-dualism, advaita etc ... all disappear from the consciousness if a person follows his own heart. If you love a person, there is no need to prove that he or she deserves it... you just love that person and enjoy the bliss thereoff.

So ... I consider researching teachings and teachers as an waste of time, and even as the very proof that there is no inner calling, or awareness of that calling. If ... IF there is something to be found, that is worth-full it can only be found inside ..... the first question would be what is it that i want ... forget about teachers and teachings, research your own mind and heart. ... that is the door.

RSSB is nothing but deception!

The slime ball who goes by the name of GSD has lied out his back end, until the cows have come home.

Many a people have lost and wasted they're precious lives stuck in this horrible rut, not being able to escape this malicious manipulating debilitating cult.

The 5 names of Satan given as simran, and the so called baba himself weaving his evil spell on stage as he gives Darshan enslaves the guilable disciple for good.
Which is nothing but pure evil glossed as a perfect path, just how Satan likes it.

Best to be aware and look into saintly goings on of GSDs proven lovely track record before embarking on this wild goose chase, of master & disciple.

A little weasel who goes threw life feeding of the innocent, please find the highest cliff, go on make everyones day.
One day you will pay the price theres no getting away with it. As you always say.

Sometimes something lost is gained, in the end
Freedom awaits.

Now you're free, Live & Love Life & don't look back.
The nightmares finally over.

Hahaha Manoj

The more often you repeat it "RSSB is nothing but deception!" and the stronger the language you use to express your self, the more I think that you are attracted to it.
You are more devout in a negative way than many an ardent follower of sant mat.

You are trying to convince yourself that it is a deception but it doesn't work very well for you.

Relax and have some coffee or tea

Chill, Manoj. Hehe.

It’s said that Kamsa achieved liberation by dwelling night and day on his hatred for Krishna. Sure, he was eventually liberated but what a miserable way to go about it.

Besides, invoking Satan’s name to disparage the RSSB group sounds as strange as buying the teachings hook-line-and-sinker. It just sounds like a different form of fundamentalism.

And getting people to give up meat and alcohol doesn’t really sound like any line of work that Satan would traffic in. I think Satan would probably go for something more outlandish like getting people to listen to free-jazz.

How to twerk with Satan...

Radha Soami, satsang beliebers, exers, seekers and critics!

"The QnA vids with GSD are amazing. Showcases the absolute braindead and gullible "sangat".
Love how every question ends "...and yea take care of my family too". Did these fools learn nothing, about how you have to detach yourself from your relationships??"

Posted by: Neon | April 13, 2021 at 11:58 AM


You make a good point. Even Ive witness brethren begging the Sat Guru for blessings for family, friends and pets. Know what? I even heard a legend from an older more experienced brother, who said, "If you reach far within your meditation, your whole family and generations will also be saved.."

I was like WOW. Never read that! Of course, here was a chance to improve upon my religious faith. With an added meditation to go with my wives I wanted to bring with me to Jannah as per the Noble Quran. But the books said that they also had to meditate, but the only catch is that I couldn't force them. But if they did meditate on Shabd there was a better chance on all of us reaching there. As an earned attainment.

Anyhow, those Legends people need to watch out for! I mean, people will loose their heart. When ain't no Guru ever said that legendary mess.


From the article:

“One thing i told my parents is that don't worry, study other things, if this is the true real master, then we have no worry, apparently he will fulfil his duty and come at death....”

He doesn’t claim to come at death. Nobody will come.
The teachings were that the “radiant form” will come at death and transport the soul to either Sach khand or an intermediate region where the soul can continue its meditation and ultimately reach Sach khand.
What the guru says is “the lord comes for everyone not just satsangis, but the question is : do we recognise him?”
He is not saying “guru comes”
He says “the lord” and qualifies it with “ will you recognise him” meaning: have you realised what “the lord” means? Since “the lord” has no form.

He has said so many times that there are no regions and no “person” called god so it is impossible to be taken to where the lord resides because such a place does not exist nor such a person

It is all oneness - no time - no space - no separate being called god - no region
This is also called “Nirgun” in the teachings and is considered to be the goal of Sant mat.

Harbouring ideas that “He” will still come at death is still holding on. You have not let go yet. “Let go” only happens where you realise there is nobody to save - there is no individual soul. Non-duality

“Paltu there is only the ONE - no other”
Claiming to be an individual soul is the “other”

>>He has said so many times that there are no regions and no “person” called god so it is impossible to be taken to where the lord resides because such a place does not exist nor such a person<<

What you write is in a strage contrast with the initiation protocol that speaks of 5 words related to 5 regions, 5 lords and 5 sounds.

Hear what Bahadu the Saint has to say:

Within are five great mansions, all five are brightly lit; what need have I for another lamp?

Five lords and tax collectors barricade my voyage within.

If you see Him within now, there is no question about the time of death. He is there at any time you give sincere attention, through the irreducible practice of meditation and inner worship he has provided. Because he is always there caring for you 24/7.If you do not see him, then your only assurance is faith that the desire to do the will of God, to know God, comes from God, as a natural desire. And that desire to know God, whether to dismiss the notion once and for all, or to choose faith and engage in practice, is all a miracle of the Lord, in evidence inside you.

Learn to listen to what is in you.

If one of my good friends or grandmother would speak these words, they were comforting but coming from religious and spiritual oriented people they are in a strange way painfull.

Hi Um
For some it is natural to trust a good friend or our grandmother. Or at least that they mean well, even if a little misguided occasionally.

And to distrust a stranger. How can their words mean anything to us?

For others it is quite different. Every flower is like a friend, every dawn the return of a favored Grandmother, and there are no strangers. We are all family.

These are just different personalities.

What Osho says about Babaji..
What Um says about technique..

Has bothered me for a long time ..
because it seems contradictional..

Thatś why I trust in ḿyself´..(;0))

I keep the good and leave the bad strange ideaś.

Differences in Oness..
It is mostly a difficult stage in here because lots of suffererings..
Also joyfull moments..
Itś a strange place to be on this planet any way anyhow..


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