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March 18, 2021


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That parallel, absolutely, it's unmistakable.

I'd say that of the two, the religious are, in comparison, a lesser breed of crazy.

I mean, might there have been the two-in-one (god cum man) son, born millennia ago, of some weird three-in-one (trinity) god, who did these things with water like walking on it and turning it into wine -- a talent no doubt inherited from his weirdo father who in turn did charming things with water like playing around with it and killing people like ants not because of any fault of those people but because their leader happened to piss him off ... anyway, whatever.

Or for that matter the whole weird RSSB/GSD story.

I mean, it's all weird, it's all crazy, and there's zero evidence supporting any of this weirdness, but hey, if your thinking is not quite ...tight, then one can see how there might be some ...in, some space, for some such superstition to seep in, as a perhaps-maybe supposition if not certainty, as long as you don't examine it too closely.

But this QAnon madness? This whole Trump craziness? You've got to be plumb crazy to believe that crap. You've got to have the wiring in your head totally messed up to go in for that kind of bull.

If there's an Olympic Games of craziness, then the QAnon-Trump cultist-types win gold hands down, leaving Jesus cultists and GSD cultits way way way behind.

In our family, from early age, we were taught in a very simple way, certain things that William James elaborated on in his essay "The will to believe".

IF you want apples
IF you are told that they are to be found in a basket behind a door
THAN, you can stand up, walk to that door, open it and see if the called apples are there and doing so, prove to yourself that it is correct what you earlier accepted in good faith.

A believe that cannot be proved to one selves and/or one for which one has no desire to prove it ... a believe just to be talked about, is empty and worthless.

And ... many people that go to see a psychologist, to get rid of something that causes them harm, of ten don't have that desire at all ... yes they want to get rid of the negative aspects of something .... but otherwise they would continue.

And ... in the same way many that say that they believe or did so in the past, never had on true introspection a real heartfelt desire for "apples" or the believe that they could be found behind "that door".

Honesty is a rare found virtue

RSSB, GSD are the only conspiracy path I know. GSD rather like David icke, claims hes the son of god when hes a fake and a fraud, and a total hypocrite to his own teachings. His mishmash rebranded teachings of sikhism, christianity, Hinduism etc is total baloney and in serious copyright infringement. GSD claim of being part of sant mat is like Hitler claiming that hes the second coming of christ. Beware this conspiracy, you may just start believing GSD is god and here to save you, 5million people already do !!!

We can point the finger of blame at others, but we must deal with the fact that a lot of people believe in these things that objectively are false. Even confronted with the facts, people cling to their beliefs. You can call that human nature. So many people, perhaps billions, select false disproven opinions over proven facts.

The only hope is in education, and efforts to enlighten, to sensitize each other, and raise the value of objectivity over one's own beliefs.

But this starts with an understanding that factual, objective truth is the reward for an honest, open mind willing to learn and to change as facts begin to emerge into our awareness. Facts others may not yet understand, or even oppose.

Surrounded by the descendents of slave owners, how will slavery end? It still exists right here in America. Today. Both physically and mentally.

Slavery is illegal. But it exists in America. When that is so, all information is slanted, all view points are set to an extreme imbalance on a fulcrum far from the center. And that is why so much weight of change and disruption may be needed to bring that balance back, and that fulcrum back to center.

"It is the hallmark of every adult to change their opinion and behavior when facts prove otherwise"

It starts with education and values.

@ Likewise, every world religion makes other sorts of absurd claims. And billions of people believe those
@ claims -- such as that Jesus was born of a virgin birth and Muhammed had the Koran dictated to him
@ by an angel.

Hm, aren't there cases of pregnancy with nary a sperm donor in sight though :) Not that
I'm inclined to believe in the angelic variety either. Just sayin'...

Now the Koran dictated by an angel might make sense. There may well be inner
"angels" buried in our subconscious. Who knows... after all, we attribute bad things
to our demons, usually, to that much maligned evil one that "made me do it". It seems
only fitting that the odd angel or two roams inside. If nothing else, they patrol the halls
to cuff the demons when they start to go too far.

So, a conspiracy theory may make a bit of sense even in the hallowed halls of science
and logic. To quote that masterful sleuth of yesteryear: "Only the Shadow (mystic)

I want to believe Joseph Smith was a real live prophet of God right in the USA, but there are a few things.




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