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March 11, 2021


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There are no religions or anything else cultural that have to power to make humans selectively feel "special".

... There are only people, individual humans, that consider themselves as "special" and do whatever they can to prove it to those around and themselves.

There are followers of religions or other cultural groups that nobody knows of and others have that have the need to tell others what they do, have, and can, ......... to show off.

The need to show of can have different psychological backgrounds. and expressions.

Those who climb a mountain, use an so called "via ferrata" for their safety. Both untrained people, and seasoned climbers, use it but all for different reasons. Longer practice offers a climber the insight what he can and what he cannot, and that insight is the source of his confidence, and that confidence will make him use the steel wire in a complete different way.

Some people stand mentally on their own feed and others lean on their companions in life, have that desire to be somebody in the eyes of others ...

I am an insignificant man without a scintilla of importance. That's the truth of "me", because the "me" that I believe is "me" is not the real "me". How can I possibly prove this axiom of truth?

I can't. So, there you have the reality of the fact that I don't count.

Ha! In any event, life can be fun, even with the charade and masquerade of a false "me". Thanks for the wonderful grist for many contemplative sessions, Brian!

@ The fact is, we take form for a while; then when conditions are appropriate, we fade out.

The same illusory state happens in dreams. Yet we wake up from
from dreams. Immersed in the dream we believed other dreamers
who asserted this is the only reality and any permanence we cling
to is merely an illusion. "It's like a fast moving video game" they say
and "tomorrow, may be a different outcome is all . You'll play a prince,
a pauper, or maybe just form as an eddy in the stream that will bubble
up, then evaporate."

But, after waking from a dream you know you haven't faded out. Only
the dream has. The other dreamers who, insisted they and objects
of the dream were real, were lying. You, the observer, created them.
A horde of dreamers may try to convince you differently but you won't
believe them. It was a nightmare but now you're awake in your bed.

So, that power of awareness, of consciousness itself, on awakening
is the only reality. All else is illusion.

Yes your spirit is suppose to fade in and fade back out, but so many souls fall victim to the lies of religion and the new age cults (RSSB and GSD) and they get trapped. life is meant to be simple, but in this duality universe, these demons disguised as gurus and gods, fool you, muddy your clear thinking, and lead you astray. You then stay in the spiders web for lifetimes. Each lifetime is miserable, you are made to live in shame, guilt and fear untill your life becomes unbearable where you make the ultimate sacrifice and take your life. So beware of the slithery snake they call Gurinder Singh Dhillan and his institution RSSB, they are the ultimate deception machine. They will hypnotize you into Love Love Love, to fool you so you stay in an emotional state that you never question the path, the guru, and you surrender everything to the beast.

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