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March 02, 2021


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Dear ________,

Your cousin, relatives and friends might be falling into QAnon without realizing. QAnon appeals to magical thinkers of all stripes and has begun to infect the yoga community.

Look for "YogAnon: a 2020 Timeline" nine or ten paragraphs in...
(Thanks to Agochar https://groups.io/g/RadhasoamiStudies/topic/81034173 at Radhasoami Studies)

Yoga and meditation seem to go hand in hand with mantra. But I say be careful what mantra you repeat , you will be calling spirits you no nothing about. RSSB and leader GSD want you to constantly repeat mantra, the so called 5 holy words, which are the name of the lords of various regions. These so called lords are dangerous counterfeits , and opposite to what you think and do not have your best interest at heart. You have been tricked by the lord of deception, aka Lucifer, and his puppet GSD and his institution RSSB. Think about it, if GSD is supposed to be enlightened by a science of the soul boasted by RSSB masters, how come he has so much lust for money , greed and control. The path leads to the belly of the beast, and your ignorance is not an excuse.

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