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February 21, 2021


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What is being human; his natural habitat all about?
All things in the human have their place and function.
Without senses, life would like being in a submarine without its means to position.

The mind too has its place and function.
These functions are all related to stay alive as an individual and as a species.

Human have the additional freedom above other species, to recreated their habitat, with the shifting of circumstances to live in.

What is Culture?
Nothing but o a set of agreements among members of the same tribe to handle things in a particular way. Culture by that way has become like an artificial habitat, circumstances, like to live in the amazon is one.

In the amazon all sorts of plants and animals are there and also a climate ... in culture there are also animals, plants and a climate, in an abstract way.

Given that we are forced to stay alive from within, we will use the mind to do so in culture as it is in nature.

So we want to survive both in nature as in culture. Depending the circumstances the cultural survival can become as eminent as the natural.

And in the end, what deserves our attention, is a free choice, even for those who are convinced that the cause for what deserves their attention is, outside. .... the difference between man and a robot.

Lately an mathematician from an University in England, worked out and position on the chessboard, that no AI computer "taught" to play chess could solve ... smilingly he added, that the computer doesn't know what is a "game".

Viktor Frankl, wrote a book about how he survived, the concentration camps. In that book he describes how he used his mental powers to do so ... a matter of choice.

Books on mystic traditions, tell many of these tales, and how the fear to die is used to test their students, mastering their mental powers. Tibetan tradition also has these strategies.

There are very few people that really want to risk their lifes for an abstract cause. just out of loyalty to that cause.

The circumstances are not living the creatures ... they do not have that power.

External conditions and circumstances have a tremendous power over our own awareness. What you say about your intensely challenging experience is very important, Brian. If physical circumstances are continuously harsh it demands a great deal of attention to gain equilibrium - food, safety and basic necessities for oneself and family become paramount...NOT GOD, SPIRIT OR THE AFTER LIFE. We in America are habituated to a certain level of affluence and material comfort. This usually allows a seeker or the intellectually curious to wax and contemplate on "higher levels of awareness and being". Conversely, if one is hungry, sick, cold and impoverished such reveries and whims are secondary due to the pressing survival needs of the moment. "Never try to talk to a hungry man about God. Feed him first." To me, your experience was incredibly valuable. If the timeline is expanded, everyone's survival rate drops to zero. This, too, must be contemplated in silence and solitary honesty.

Survival surpasses all other concerns. We too often take for granted electricity, water and other necessities until we are without them.

7000 watt generator but there is no 7000 w Sun , Sun may have more than billion watts at any time instant without any man-made fuel in it .It seems neither David C Lane nor your British Masters taught you this fact.

Gosh, Brian, so sorry you and all your neighbors are going through this.

Can you imagine what it was like to live in the 1700s or before? No electricity? Even if you were wealthy, every day would have been my version of camping. 🙃

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