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February 08, 2021


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If you are not concerned about the afterlife, you are ignoring the very gift of human awareness. No other life form that we know of can introspect, question and view into this great "unknown" that is inevitable for everyone. Only humans get to "worry" about a life following this one. To feign contentment, especially when one is in the latter stage of human existence, is a great mistake. Of course, this query may lead to many beliefs and activities that may seem hypocritical or overly apprehensive. But the fact remains, Brian, that this existence is a mere 100 years at best. What about the time which will follow? You are perfectly correct in saying that cats, as well as every other animal, have no concept whatsoever of time's extension and the continuation of individual life after death. One must not confuse contentment with apathy, slovenliness and lassitude.

I just ordered this book 😸

Well... if there is an afterlife (and I think there is but I can’t prove it to anyone) then you’ll just move on to another form. For all those who don’t believe in free will, what does it matter. I believe in “free will” although it’s mostly misused. But I find the arguments of those who don’t believe in free will to be quite contradictory to their own beliefs. On one hand you say this, on the other hand you say that... and then when someone points out how it doesn’t add up, you say it’s beyond man’s comprehension. (In which case contemplating on an afterlife would be beyond wo/man’s comprehension.)

Looking at what can be learned from cats compared to what can be learned from GSD and RSSB ( the satanic religion) I say cats life is way more liberating and enlightening.

GSD wants you to stay in his will which mean: keeping the 4 vows, come to satsang atleast weekly, do seva, get darshan from him, give to charity (rssb ofcourse) , keep repeating the satanic mantra; dont have fun; run from your blood family; love your new brothers and sisters; have no interest in money; more surrender to GSD; dont think; dont critise RSSB or GSD; dont be judgemental, be a cult door mat; definatly fear the lord, have guilt and shame; dont disrespect GSD, no matter what bull he says; also marry into rssb; having no free will; believe their RSSB afterlife story; believe GSD is the living saviour (but in reality a counterfeit) and he will take you to heaven; and definitely believe that you have a heavy karmic dept and that only the master can take away this burden. All your decisions are based on how much more of a slave u can become and please the puppet master in return for guaranteed seat in heaven - absolute bull.

While cats just live there life, with plenty of sex, and go !!!!!!

I know what I would choose ;-)

Cats. Purrrrfect Masters.

“Purrrrfect Masters” says the Lion.

@ Purrrrfect Masters” says the Lion.

The smart cats will lionize them.

The good life is the life you already have...

You never appreciate what you've got, until it's gone

And sometimes we find that out the long, hard way, following some loopey looney, defo unpurfffect so called self proclaimed, selfish wanna be master
Rings a bell....GSD low life blood sucking leech.

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