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February 01, 2021


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The mischief started in British lands to create a false education system for British Hegemony which is perverted form of Christian Unconscious Mind with no Christ in it. Countries that adopted that education system became victims of Unconscious Mind. Osho Rajneesh warned mankind from this dangerous mischief all his life. David C Lane couldn't see this dangerous mischief of Britishers that Osho could see.

>> Religious nationalism, though, adds a fantasy -- the unproven belief that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, or some other religion is rooted in a supernatural realm that truly exists even though there is no demonstrable evidence of it<<

As far as I know, the testimony of just one person is and can be accepted before court, isn't it?

If you relate a dream to your wife, will she accept your testimonby?

If you report a feeling in your body to a medic, will he hear upon what you have to say?

If so ....all religions are based upon hearsay of something witnessed by people called mystics.

The demand op repetition etc is only a demand in science for science to work and make progress as the field work on is accessible to ALL with senses.

What is inside you, and with you with every single living creature, is only accessibel to you.

Almost all things that makes live worthfull to humans is not repeatable, individual.

For the rest its alright what you write about what people do with their hearsay of mystics ... although that too, is just ONE of the many aspects.

I no longer follow a guru and have moved away from Sant Mat but still follow the diet and morals etc but don't meditate any more. I've even been considering that we might not even have a soul.

My most interesting experience was recently while sleeping and then coming out of deep sleep and found myself looking down at my body whilst hovering above. I then thought wow, that was an out of body experience and I'm hoping I might have more of this type of experience which they call astral travelling. It made me feel quite happy because that me that was hovering and looking down at my body has given me hope that there is such a thing as a soul which will survive after death.

Dennis Prager says she's a hateful bigot and a liar.

Dennis Prager is wrong to say that Rachel S. Mikva is a liar, bigot and hates Christians. What she writes against in the opinion piece is the misappropriation of religion. She concludes with "Whatever one’s spiritual life stance, we are choosing in every moment whether its power will be wielded for harm or for blessing."

At first glance I guessed that she was anti-religion. Quite the opposite, she's a religious scholar, professor, author and rabbi! See her interviewed here, and ask yourself, between Rabbi Dr Mikva and Conservative Radio Host & Grad School Dropout Mr Prager, who has the agenda?

@I no longer follow a guru and have moved away from Sant Mat but still follow the diet and morals etc but don't meditate any more.

Well done Jen, you managed to see the true enlightenment which is that the journey described by these sickly satanic cults , RSSB, has being setting you to a fake enlightenment to lucifer/ devil. Repeating the names of kaal, was definitely holding you down. Looks like you are having better progress now that you are not following a path and a guru. Keep it up, and stay away from cults and religions. Be aware that you will have RSSB leeches , and even thought impulses to go back to RSSB. Keep your awarness up. I wish you good luck back to source .

@ Truth warior

>>I wish you good luck back to source .<<

What source?
What path to take towards that source?

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