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February 25, 2021


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[1] pick any apple besides the one you prefer
[2] explain why you do not prefer those apples
[3] why do you prefer apples at all

One who has an degree in logic, can give a name for this wrong logic :-)

um, I don't think you realize the difference between believing in a god and liking an apple. Here's where your analogy breaks down.

The point of the 3-step atheism process in this post is to show that believers in a particular god don't have any more reason to believe in their favored god than other people do in their favored god.

After all, what reasons could someone give for believing in a certain god, but not in other gods? There is no evidence for any god, since like you said in your comment, it comes down to preferences, not to evidence.

That works for apples, because applies are real. Different people can taste different apples and like a certain apple because the taste of that apple appeals more to them.

But that doesn't work for gods, since gods are invisible, lacking any evident reality. A belief in a god occurs entirely within a person's mind. There is no external standard as in the case of apples.

Sometimes grocery stores have a note by my favorite apple, Granny Smith, that says "tart." That's true. I like tartness. Next to that apple is a bin of other apples. We can see that the apples look different and taste different.

But with gods, there is nothing to see, because there is no evidence that gods even exist, much less that there are differences between these non-existing gods.

So that's the point of this post, of the image above. Whatever reason someone can give for not believing in someone else's god can be applied to their own god by that someone else. This is why there are thousands of religions in the world.

Everyone likes their own mental conception of a god, not a god itself, since again, there is no evidence that any god exists outside of a human mind.

@ Brian

>>Everyone likes their own mental conception of a god, not a god itself, since again, there is no evidence that any god exists outside of a human mind.<<

But ... is not everything you know and personal mental conception and as such an reality?

You cannot show your thoughts, emotions and dreams to others ... you can talk about them, but nobody can verify them in the sense as you speak of.

Again ... most of what belongs to CULTURE that makes life as humans as it is, can not be shown to others.

In nature there is no democracy, no home land not flag etc to kill and to die for.

They are all imaginable realities.

And ... one day, years ago for a moment I woke up from being lost in the "movie of life".
Something unexpected draw my attention out and I woke up in the theater.

There and then, I became detached from what I was looking at and for a while, just for fun, and making myself understood, I would call myself "the one and only atheist". .

These days believing and non believing, atheism etc are all things that others do to identify themselves but for me, they have lost their meaning and attraction.

So being a real atheist I would not name myself an atheist. Real, because turning my attention towards myself, overtime I discovered that there had never been a natural desire to search for the transcendent. Or to use the words of beloved Professor B.: "the pull must come from within" .... it had never been there. :-)

Being freed of that burden, with sympathy I can now see what others are doing with their believes, how it works for them ... some benifit and others suffer from the way how they deal with the matter.

Atheist to be or not to be?

Some religious cults and self proclaimed god men like the Perfect living master GSD make you, want to be an atheist.

The constant shoveling of lies and contradictions are enough to send anyone in to tizzy.
corruption, criminality, crookedness

Take a look at the ongoing drama of the Singh brothers and how it now takes new twists and turns into the ever growing saga of the corrupted twisted baba we all know as GSD.

A Date with the Delhi High Courts...again
Believe it or not, shamelessly shameful

Don't give up on the Real God
Just throw out the trash!


1. RSSB and GSD

2. GSD is a hypocrite and dirty old man; a fraudster and a billionaire baba, with zero compassion for people outside his rssb circle; his ego is bigger than madonna; he is more slippery than soap

3. Im afraid no other religion compares

=> it worked Brian, I'm a complete atheist.

Some followers of various religions are beginning to see that the ‘God’ of their religion is not in fact a ‘personal’ god, not a Mr God or a person.
Sikhism says their god is formless and beyond time and space.
This is something very different from a personal god.
They use words like ‘Nirgun’ which means ‘no attributes’ because from our perspective (matter, space, time) such a thing is non-existent

This doesn’t fit our normal argument about the existence of god.

It become a different question

Maybe there is a different way of viewing “real”
We live in the world of matter, space time
Is there a different view of reality ? That has no forms. Nothing changes because there is no time.
We can never know because all we know is matter, space and time.

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