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February 04, 2021


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I particularly liked your articulation of the "loyalty" aspect of how and why certain gurus behave and act
as they do. That is insightful and explains much, even if it remains controversial.

Excellent stuff, eye opening

Gurus hey...
GSD (parasite) & the (parasitic) RScult

Like a nasty infectious virus not wanting to go away,

GSD leeches onto his victim's, slowly manipulating the being into believing that hes on the right path and heading back to his heavenly abode.
The discipline constantly weaves the 5 satanic name mantra rigorously day and night to please the selfish so called guru, so he can in return be given a glimpse of his so called master. In the end not only losing his own identity but eventually himself in the process, to the one that they call Satan. Deceiving complete.

What a selfish one sided story, the winner is always the so called Baba (GSD). Take a look at the riches, lavish lifestyle and all the other disgraceful perks which come with the position of being top Banana Baba.

Have a little shame and pack in the game, GSD.

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