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February 10, 2021


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Thank you, Brian, for sharing your personal blog example of the wisdom of seeking empirical evidence in support of a set of values, conclusions and/or beliefs.

If you look at science you see it has some how been inspired by off planet entities. Study how all these great philosophers got there inspiration. RSSB in particular GSD boasts that their path is a science from within -also called inner guru, or an off planet entity or alien. A science being a technique that gives 100% results. But have you ever asked where these results are taking you? and the method used? It starts with a mantra which you are told to constantly say and if you study the etomolgy of the mantra , in particular the first one , it is clearly referring to the light (jot) of the devil, ie the so called lord of the first region. The scientific results is that you are calling demonic entities to willingly enter your body and take full possession. It's like giving your own body and mind remote control to someone else to control. Why would you do that? Also why else do you see people shake uncontrollably in front of your eyes in satsang - I'm sure most have seen this and there is no explanation and it is brushed under the carpet. So this science is nothing but a path further into the devils web. You become enlightened to the way of lucifer/ satan. So GSD knowingly does this and himself is fully possessed with this entity.

Also have you ever asked yourself why does GSD insists on giving darshan ?and why you are indirectly encouraged to look into his eyes? why has no other paths such as Sikh gurus or saints never given so called darshan? GSD does a kind of hypnosis and spell with his eyes, ( the evil eye) which anchors the sangat to him, and it waters that seed in them so they become helpless puppets to this power. This makes GSD truly evil and worse than Hitler and a very dangerous subconscious manipulator.

"To defy the authority of empirical evidence is to disqualify oneself as someone worthy of critical engagement in a dialogue." ~ Dalai Lama

@ dragon slayer
>>If you look at science you see it has some how been inspired by off planet entities>Various new religious movements including some branches of theosophy, Scientology, Raëlism, and Heaven's Gate believe in ancient and present-day contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Many of these faiths see both ancient scriptures and recent revelations as connected with the action of aliens from other planetary systems. Psychologists have found that UFO religions have similarities which suggest that members of these groups consciously or subliminally associate enchantment with the memes of science fiction.[42<<

@Various new religious movements including some branches of theosophy, Scientology, Raëlism, and Heaven's Gate believe in ancient and present-day contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Im surprised you didn't add Shiva, vishnu, and brahma, the biggest Gods /aliens. Also bear in mind JAIMEL originated beas RSSB, and that he had never perssonnally met Soami ji in agra. So who did JAIMEL contact on the inside meditations - was it god or was it an alien or a cloaked demon that lead him astray. To figure it out just look at the results of RSSB today. The crazy unhealthy and obsessive expansion of RSSB by a self proclaimed god by contract, GSD, and his compulsive greed for money, power, and control. Also, have you ever wandered why GSD calls him self babaji , it is because Jaimal was known as Babaji by his disciples.
This naracist entity has completely possesed GSD at will, to enjoy the spoils he had sown many years ago - now you have a clearer picture. These demons always get incarnated into the same families so that the wealth and the power they accumulated always goes down through the blood line and be worshipped like gods on earth. Ever wandered why the RSSB gurudom stays more or less in the same family and why Shivinder, GSD nephew, was supposed to be the successor. My advise is stay away from this sickly satanic self serving cult. The spiders web of kaal

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