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February 23, 2021


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One of the great benefits of the global virus hysteria and lockdown narrative is the emergence of a new introspection within many folks of the civilized world. This may occur in an imperceptible way or a concrete and melodramatic way. Every grade of inward movement of consciousness, in between these extremes, has been seen since the early part of 2020. I believe this is a good thing, generally speaking. This post, Brian, shows the beauty and necessity of embracing one's current surroundings, home, family and basic needs. All too often the great escape is actually a diversion and distraction from life, itself. Pleasure seeking, socializing and overindulgence have been greatly curtailed in much of the civilized world. I have friends in the UK and NZ - they have been forced into a contracted world, to introspect and find a greater meaning in the basics of living, in very much a smaller space. Thanks for a superb article.

"Instead of getting free from our life, we get free around it and with it. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes this is ridiculously hard. We do it anyway."

Still exploring my 'new lifestyle' living in an Aged Care Home and watching my reactions especially when I start to think about how independent I have always been for so many years.

I tell myself to look at the good side of having so much help as I'm getting older. Also, I remind myself that I don't have to do the cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, only have one bill taken from my pension. This really perks me up and I remind myself to be grateful, especially when so many people are having such difficult times.

Very nice post from you Jen!
You are sweet and brave..
Take care

Hi S*, thanks for your lovely reply and also thanks to Manjit and Appreciative Reader for their kind replies.

I've been very interested in the Staff Members where I am now, they are lovely people and because I am interested in the countries where they come from I ask them and have a chat and make notes on my iPhone and I'm enjoying the multicultural environment...

Four people from Nepal, one from Eritrea, one from Phillipines, also one from Qingdao China, one from Congo, another from Zimbabwe, and also one from New Deli, India.

Hi Jen,

I have to say it has been a genuine delight and joy reading your last few posts, thanks for sharing :)

I can only hope & pray I am able to show the same courage, positivity and good-humour to life's uncertainties that you embody here.

It sounds like you have a fascinating new social surroundings - personally I love variety, multi-culturalism, the good and the bad.....life would be so boring if we were all the same wouldn't it? ;)

PS - re your OBE, how interesting! What was you doing on the day and time it happened? If you wished, you could try and do it again using some simple techniques, you know....

Much love,


If you must follow someone else's instructions on what to think and feel in order to feel better, that's ok. It's like reading poetry and escaping into someone else's thoughts for a while. And that's a fine way to feel better.

But it's all in you. Become your own poet. Find the poet inside you.

He's your Master. Give everything to Him, starting with your complaint. He will return peace and happiness.

In the heart of every difficulty is paradise

Because every tiny space of this creation carries the infinite. We lost connection for a moment, that is all.

And contemplation of that empty space, is that spirit, of that fullness of life reconnects us. And Life continues its thing flowing through us with all wisdom and compassion. We don't make it. It already is. We are each fragmented reflections of life from our fragment in this place. Reconnect with the whole that is actually alive.

The power is on all the time, 24x7.

Hi Manjit,

About the OBE, how it happened was unexpected and the fact that I felt so very calm and at peace looking down at my body and then waking up it felt so comforting in many ways. It also reminded me that being the 'observer' is a good way to keep one's balance when in difficult situations. Now, after my experience I think that the observer mode is actually one's own inner being, call it spirit or soul.

Hi Spence,

Lovely comment...
"Because every tiny space of this creation carries the infinite. We lost connection for a moment, that is all.
And contemplation of that empty space, is that spirit, of that fullness of life reconnects us. And Life continues its thing flowing through us with all wisdom and compassion."

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