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February 03, 2021


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I really hope you post a picture of your library some day. I’m imagining ceiling to floor books on several walls.

I agree with your point, compassion isn’t in any of the material stuff of the universe. Compassion comes from within.

And, different words carry different energy depending on one’s own culture and values. So mantras aren’t magic words. They only have value if you value them. If not, then they’re just plain distracting.

Hello Brian,
Yes, Compassion is within s is one’s ability to become spiritually independent..Also all virtue and Love comes when one is within.
I wish you peace and good health within.
Our karma and destiny cannot be sidestepped in any way.
So here we are seeking the way to become one with Love for Gods love, you know.

We all need to take another look at karma. It’s not as cut and dry as people think it is. I’m beginning to believe proponents of the traditional karma theory are really, really, really bad at math.

Can you show compassion to a being that is a narcissist - here I'm specifically talking about GSD, and RSSB. Where such a man can sit on a stage and fool millions into believing he is either god on earth or even a messenger of god and not flinch or show any remorse. People have put their mind body and soul into him and his satanic religion, for nothing, only to suffer and sacrifice and trade their whole life for no benefit but that of the spider man. Do you show compassion for this monster so he keeps getting away with it or do you show compassion to the sangat and try equal the scales of justice and expose this monster. GSD has been hiding for too long and it's about time this demon in disguise faces his karma hes been hiding from for lifetimes. He need to stops shoveling karma and guilt down the sangats minds while he gets away with anything and everthing, while being treated as a god, a saviour figure. GSD your days are numbered you dirty old man.

Words are like buckets.... you can fill them with different things.

The same word spoken bij one does not have the same content as spoken by another.

Great opera singers etc. are not great because of their technical know how, as a one that has mastered solfège, but the energy they can transmit, call it charisma or whatever ...they reach out to every nook and corner of an hall.

The same holds for other artists and public speakers ... they give something. Needless to say that also negative energy can be transmitted ... has we can learn from history.

So if an mantra is not filled, it remains an empty form.

And ... maybe some just have nothing to give of themselves, or not always etc

I also like the directness and lack of metaphysics of Buddhism in general and Zen in particular. I was once pondering the Buddhist explanation of "Kalpa", explained in a text as, the time it takes a Celestial Maidens sheer garment to wear away a rock one cubit by one cubit. It puzzled me, why the hocus-pocus? When I next was at a Dai Sesshin, from out of no context Roshi said, "For those that know, a Kalpa is objectified time". It struck a chord and the meaning and depth became clear. Time is mind, and due to the cyclic process of the intellect it is eternal darkness with no way out without illumination. Zen is a mind only school.

"That's why I'm confident that the universe doesn't have compassion coursing through it"

"Compassion, like other good qualities, is in us, not the cosmos"

Ah, and here I was, silly old me, imaging that "us" was an intimate part and parcel of the "cosmos" or "universe", a particular manifestation of it.

I never realised we were of entirely separate ontological origins.

Eh, you live and learn I guess.

GSD your days are numbered you dirty old man.

Posted by: Uchit | February 06, 2021 at 03:30 PM

I wanted to address the subject of the thread. But I see this was approved with little to no reference to the Shin or Zen aspect of Buddhism.

"To bring about such a transformation is the sole purpose of.." -quote by Unno

As transformations don't happen in a day. Here's some interesting stuff on that Daiichi Sankyo Case where Fortis implied that the Daiichi Sankyo Group may just be mad they purchased a lemon from the Singh Bros. Go figure!


"..senior lawyer Harish Salve, appearing for Fortis, said that Daiichi had no claim over any assets of IHH Healthcare or Fortis Healthcare, as the arbitration award was passed against the Singh brothers, who no longer had any stake in either of the companies. Daiichi is just trying to obstruct the deal and trying to take out money.." -quoting article

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