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February 18, 2021


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>> In short, going without electricity changes one's focus to immediate needs.>That didn't matter, because coping with an electrical outage provides the common ground that politics lacks. >Sometimes it seems like what divides us is stronger than what unites us.<<

If we are not in situations that "threaten" the welfare of the body when it is difficult or impossible even to see other things, it is a matter of persanal and free choice were to look.

Yesterday someone living on a farm far away from the hustle and bustle in the cities told me that the conversations by phone with her family in law center more and more around Covid 19 and nothing else what makes these conversations more and more miserable. For her, covid 19 is just one of the many things of life a farmer has to face and that can only be done if he remains calm and serene inside and does not get lost in opinions on the same, opinions that do not change the facts of life.

Difficult times...

Short video... Australia goes from brutal bushfires to flash floods | DW News
Jan 17, 2020 (1:57)



Do you believe in free will? Just curious because you said, “it is a matter of personal and free choice where to look”.

Anyway, I appreciate your comment... just found the perspective interesting. :)

@ S

That post appeared in an other way than it was intended. I do not understand why.
Phrases were are mixed up.

To answer your question.
Free will should like love, never be discussed in the first place, as there is to much difference with regard to the content of the concept.

Having said that .... the idea of having free will crumbles down, if one start to realize that the field in which that free will should operate is totally beyond our control, or will.

To give a simple example.

If one drives a car, everything in that car, the car itself, the roads to drive on, are all made by others. One can use them only "AS THE ARE". We have to put the key, in a lock, turn it , open the door, sit behind the wheel etc etc. and all these things, their form, their use are beyond our will, we are "forced" to use them as they are.

Realizing that, what remains is free choice.

You have to live with the body that is given to you and what we call character or personality as it is all laid down in genes etc. You are so to say a "guest" in the house of a friend. You are free to use everything.

But even that free choice, as long as it is related to past and future, is to be questioned as really free. That are to complicate things for me ti really figure out.

In everyday live I consider my self as having free choice in using the things that are not mine.Not in form neither in content, content that is often obscure.

And ... that i have to face the consequences of these choices as they appear in reaction to that world, bounce back so to say, beyond my grasp and understanding. So much so that most of the times the reaction of the world is different than i expected,, thought off and hoped for.

I hope this clears up the point of view

Innocent customers are Innocent because govt gives them money to buy electricity produced by govt. Innocent parasitism created by false values will bring the fruit , in present or in future.


Based on your logic it sounds like we’re all guilty. I’m not sure what solution you’re proposing here.

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