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January 12, 2021


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"t isn't necessary -- or advisable -- to choose stillness and then do nothing. Mindfulness isn't about becoming passive. What you're trying to do is see your life clearly so you can take better care of it.

" At some point action is necessary and wise, but you're unlikely to be able to know the best time to act or the best thing to do unless you take some time to rest in stillness first. This turns down the noise in your body-mind and opens up the doors of perception.

"It's important to realize that stillness is not ultimately useless; it's only apparently useless at the moment."

With discipline stillness and action become the same. You can be the dispassionate observer in all instances. Then your brain does its job of attending to the situation and solutions emerge for your consideration. And then, even the part of you that decides and acts becomes another part b of what you observe in stillness.

If you maintain your disciplined stillness and just continue observing, the whole process is One. Some say "you are in the groove" or you are "doing God's will," the culture bound metaphors aside, in this state there is no difference between thought and action, both take place as one smooth destiny, from a less distracted place, with no friction or indecision. The decision process becomes efficient, geared entirely to the situation. In that sense you are no longer making decisions. It isn't even a decision. It is just inevitable and natural movement from a fixed and imoveable center. Life revolves around that center, and you'r consciousness now sits undisturbed and unmoving, observing, at that center. In this way you are still, and only observing / receiving wealth all the time.

>> Today I read her take on getting comfortable with stillness and silence.
This appealed to me, not only because I've been meditating every day for over 50 years, so I understand how difficult it can be to keep the mind and body more or less still and silent.<<

Maybe you never wanted to be still and silence, in the first place and enjoy your own company.

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