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January 24, 2021


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@ I think your best bet is to surrender to yourself -- hand your problems over to a part of you
@ that will say, "No need to worry; just deal with your problems without worrying about them."

Excellent advice. For those whose worries linger, you could try a path of
mindfulness too. Many, if not most worries, disappear when awareness
registers their presence within. That's more likely when mindful. It reduces
the "duh" count induced by chaotic thought. Has other health benefits as

But, others may find a guru and a mantra helpful. An external prop can be
enormously advantageous. You can even disagree with, curse, revile,
blame one's own shortcomings on that "damned phony, money-grubbing"
fake guru. A love- hate object. Ironically, the true mystics don't object to
that at all. It's part of growth. You're identifying your field of grievances at
least and can always move on to a hipper path too if a guru wears out his

Ultimately, the mystic says you realize the stage actor guru was in fact a
prop but an essential one for most in the beginning. Don't get it? I don't
see it either. But, it doesn't matter what you believe really. It's the
experiences and satisfaction you get by following the practice that matter.
Not words carved in stone. Or even speeches delivered from a dais.

a galton board explains what mystics say .... hahahaha

No need to believe in a God or a guru. If we become the watcher, looking down on this body from a higher self, without judgment, simply observing in a quiet and balanced manner, life becomes more peaceful and effortless. Its almost like we find a different perspective of ourself and life and are more sensitive and at the same time more calm because we have some kind of balance when we are simply the observer.

Surrender, now where did that idea come from?. Ahhh I know where, a fake guru clown. I remember it clearly in a satsang, (the so called fake company of truth) that you should surrender everything to the guru - your wealth, you mind, body, soul. You sacrifice your life, your relations with your family, and put this guru and his seva ( slavery) as top priority. Now, do you think GSD surrendered everything to charan? Looking at the evidence he did the complete opposite, as he rapped Charans grandsons of every penny they had and they took the fall, while the real mole is Scott free. This is what you get for surrendering to a narcissist. This is what you get with RSSB, which is hell bent on power and expansion at the expense of truth.

@ No need to believe in a God or a guru. If we become the watcher,...

Many agree. But it's easier to go astray too without some
nominal guidance. Mindfulness is easy to grasp but difficult
to practice correctly. Just consider the multitudes of the
RSSB initiates who complain of no progress after decades.

(Of course, for many of the long suffering jihadists on the
CofC blog, the reason is fraudulence and the answer is
always "Lock him up". )

Surrender that's GSDs favorite line. LOL

Ask the Singh brothers who surrendered they're loyalty to this criminal Baba and lost it all

If GSD had it his way we would all be broke!

Its another name for a parasitic religious leech like GSD to suck you up dry.

Ask GSD to surrender something and he will tell you where to go.

And so should we all.

Get Lost GSD you creep!!!

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